Youth Baseball & Softball – Draft Well & Coach Up Your Late Round Picks!

Hi everybody from Coach Dom Costa! I got to get this one out because I’m in the middle of this current baseball season when this video is made. The most rewarding thing I’m seeing so far, as I mentioned in my book the links below, it’s all about the draft! Really it is! How successful a number of wins your team’s going to get. Did you get a couple of good pitchers, a couple of good hitters, but in terms of having a good season and watching the team grow, it’s really up to you the coach to build up those kids that you drafted five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve if you have that many on the team because if you have and you’ve worked with them and you continue to have practices, batting practice sessions, hitting off the tee, throwing and catching-what I’m seeing as an umpire is so rewarding! I’m seeing these young ones who at the beginning of the season always had bad at-bats, struck out, couldn’t make a play, all of a sudden are making plays and the parents and families that have been watching them are literally erupting with sheer joy watching that youngster get a line drive base hit! I saw sheer joy yesterday with a young man who finally hit the ball hard, he’s a big stout boy, he hit it hard-line drive to the shortstop! He was out but he was so ecstatic that he finally hit the ball because I’ve been back behind the plate and I’ve seen him whiff-strike out over and over and over just at the games that I had. So I want to tell you guys it’s all about the draft, and getting a good pairing of an assistant coach perhaps it has a good pitcher-batter-player but as a coach, it’s about working with young people. Please work with your lower draft picks! Continue to have practices because I tell you what, those are the moments when I coach my kids I would get tears in my eyes when that youngster would make that great catch or finally get that base hit and the joy on their face, acknowledging the crowd that that knew too their struggles! It’s the best stuff!!! Anyway like, share, subscribe, and comment! It’s all about the draft but you’ve got to coach up those kids in the middle to the lower part of your draft order! Thanks so much! Have a great one! Just wanted to get this out to you! Enjoy your kids and coach them up! Thank you so much!:-)

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