Was real it was not scripted. Yes, we were in that house, for 6-hours. I know a lot of people have been wondering. I’ll be needed on this second date. How, how is everybody. And this is your very long-awaited. How how to say that video. This is my recap on the 6-hour dating video. That I did. What’s up y’all – your boy Derrick
Henry from a 6-hour match. First I want to say shout out to everyone that watched it. It was one hell of an experience you know meeting someone and tweeting six hours with no phone not knowable was gonna be… A million gazillion questions. Follow up questions. About that episode. Thank you for the most questions. That was very petty there was it real was scripted. Did you know Derrick before the episode. And if I went on a second date. Was it real. Yes it was real. Nobody that we did not know each other. Um Nothing was scripted We we were in that house for 6-hours. We had no communication to the outside world. We had no way to be on our phones to check social media to even like to google each other or like you know trying to figure out if we didn’t know nothing we had no service web. Obviously, there were camera people there. Obviously, there was you know a crew to shoot the episode. So yes, we weren’t technically alone alone. But they didn’t talk to us we didn’t talk to them we really had no communication with anybody. but each other. Lucky for me was the ask me you know great personality. And a great person. There was a lot of fun. I’ve definitely enjoyed myself. I know a lot of people have been wondering. Are we dating? Did we ever go on that date we did not Thought everyone honestly can date. I did not I did it for many reasons. Um One of the main reasons was that I just really wasn’t interested. Ah Derek is a great dude. And I mean the episode was super fun. I love playing games with him. And you know just hanging out. And doing all that. But there was just no like follow-up feeling to what I was having. So I mean he would be a cool friend not that I’m friends outing him before the internet goes crazy. I didn’t see a spark between us. And I didn’t see us really going anywhere. So Now, we didn’t go on a second date. And no we didn’t keep in contact after that episode at all. And fine because I heard that he’s on every other day show anyway. So I’m sure he’s gonna find love no matter what. You know, we do remain close friends. Here and there we might talk. Check up on each other. But nothing serious. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Uh It was real. It was not scripted yes we were in that house for
6-hours. Yes we didn’t have any communication to the world. Um… We were fed. We that lunch was real that I got in and out. He got Chipotle. Over out. I had an amazing experience. I had so much fun. Just doing everything that was you know the challenges and everything and eating. I shouldn’t you the producers from one of the producer’s girlfriend that I met in LA. So, like I had a mutual friend with one of them. Then this happened and I was like oh cool. Uh so I was very excited. I would recommend doing the show. So if you guys were enjoying watching it. I think you would very much enjoy participating. in the sixth hour a date. I recommend hitting up the producers and seeing if you guys couldn’t be the next episode. Because… it’s super fun and who knows you might find the one. Goodnight Thank you for watching this. Thank you for watching the original video. The 6-hour date challenge. I’m so grateful and thankful for everyone. Who watched it and supported the channel was supported their their channel. And then came to me and followed me and supported me. So, that’s really great. Thank you guys so much. And just keep watching because they’re just gonna keep doing hilarious videos. And it’s gonna be really good content. Stay tuned though because They are coming back So. might got suprise for Y’all.


  1. Who’s lying?🤔 and why?: Yasmeen💁‍♀️ or Derrick🙋‍♂️ Let us know⬇️

    Yasmeen: we never spoke again!

    Derrick: We remain close friends and may checked up on her here and there…

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    Sorry I’m not a sado madochist .
    She’s definitely not my type and I’m not sure why Derrick was wipped on her .

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