Working sore muscles with a plastic baseball bat – Grab Your Junk Workout

[Music] Hey,
it’s Joey. And uh,
if you’re like me, when you go for a run,
sometimes it gets sore and your legs hurts and you know,
you find this little cramps. And I’ve been really,
really painful in my shins. It’s been brutal recently.
And so I looked around to the garage and see what sort of junk can I use to help
me out with my, my shins and my calves.
And this is what I found. I found my son’s plastic baseball bat.
And obviously you can use a foam roller for this and there’s a ton of ton of
great tutorials and all sorts of things on how to use a foam roller properly and
definitely recommend that. But if you don’t have a foam roller and
you want to use your junk in the garage, you can use a baseball bat.
It’s plastic. And I liked this because it has the
bigger kind of you diameter and you can rub it down your shin. Let’s see.
No, you can rub it down like that and you
can kind of work it out kind of in a broader sense.
And then you can get kind of in small in there and get really dig in there and
really work it and you know,
do it on both sides. And I just find it kind of helps,
you know, it just kind of works that stuff out
there. As you’re trying to get stronger as
you’re trained for something, you can also use it on your,
you know, your it bands.
They’re rolled out like this. And again,
foam rollers better. Um,
uh, and there’s better exercise for that.
But if you want to use your junk, that’s how you can use your plastic
baseball bat to help, help you stretch yourself out.
So anyway, motto is always go grab your junk and
have some fun. I’ll talk to you later.

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