Who REALLY Discovered Pappy Van Poodle?

19 thoughts on “Who REALLY Discovered Pappy Van Poodle?”

  1. thanks for watching! one quick note: the ABSOLUTE BEST way to experience this video is by watching it alongside the live chat replay from the premiere. head to 0:00, then scroll up to the top and click the "Show Chat Replay" button in the upper-right corner (or press the Live Chat button if you're on mobile) – it adds a lot to the experience.

    oh, also: the shirt link is here -> https://teespring.com/pappy-van-poodle-shirt don't forget to use the coupon code! enjoy!

  2. Dude you turned into a legend. You practically revived Pappy Van Poodle. You managed to turn a forgotten character into a fan favorite character

  3. Just bought the Pappy Accident t-shirt (first time I ever buy someone's merch)
    Today was the last day to get it lol

  4. Obviously Nick found this blog post and burnt down his apartment so he could stage the same circumstances and pretend to be the first person to discover Pappy van Poodle…duh

  5. btw chris might still have encountered pappy first cause you don't need to pay full price for the games you just need to avoid giving the items to rusty

  6. "…and MB, the guy who remembered about the miiverse post which kickstarted this whole journey, when I reached out to him to ask him how i should refer to him during the video…"
    "…told me his youtube name was…"
    mb… no… it can't be…
    fuck it is true
    "…tachioed bear"

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