Where to Start your Hands when Hitting

Hey, what’s up guys? I got a question on the
website today that I want to answer real quick and it’s from Jason Mitchell. Hey, can you
make a video on where to start your hands at bat. People tell me different stuff, but
I want to hear it from a pro. Thanks. Well that’s a great question. Ahh, and I don’t
really have an answer for you, I’m sorry. Because a lot of great hitters start in all
different spots. It does, there’s no perfect place to start your hands and no required
place to start your hands. Ok? It’s all a matter of timing. Ok? I think it’s part of
your load and your stride, to get your hands into a good position, but then again, I don’t
think it’s something that you need to practice as a position. You know it’s part of a whole
swing and the main part of that swing is going to be your timing. Ok? So, you’ll see great
hitters that, you know, start here and then they’ll drop their hands way down and come
back up but they’re, they get to a good spot on time to be able to hit that pitch. That’s
why they are great hitters. Ok? You’ve got other guys who start way high up here and
they’re able to crush balls like that. Because they’re able to have good timing with it and
get into a good spot and have a good swing plane when you get there. So, there’s no one
spot where you start your hands. Me, personally, I like being right here, right away from the
back shoulder, not too far, not too high, not too low, just right in here in a comfortable
spot. My elbow is more in the down and relaxed position, but you see guys like I said higher
with the elbow up. Um, and when you’re going, the main thing is that, when you do take your,
your load and your stride and you do get here, you do want to get some separation. Ok? A
little bit of separation here, you want to tilt that barrel, cock it in a little bit
and that’ll give you a perfect spot to release and then you come through on that good plane
to hit that ball. So, really, there is no answer on where to start your hands. You just
want to make sure that you can have good timing when you’re doing so and if you find that,
what worked for you, and gives you a lot of success, then it becomes your job to repeat
it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. Until it becomes muscle memory and then
you become a good hitter and then you’re on time for a lot of the balls you’re trying
to hit and that’s the main thing when it comes to hitting. Being on time and being balanced.
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4 thoughts on “Where to Start your Hands when Hitting”

  1. Did someone mention Ted? The hand pump or hitch…done in unison with the lifting of the front foot…is what guarantees that your hands will go back as you stride. Unfortunately kids today are taught to "Not Drop Their Hands", which in turn destroys their natural sequence and leads to them escorting their hands to the ball during the stride. Ted understood bio-mechanics and how the human body naturally works.  Most of the old timers were natural when they hit. They weren't robots. They knew how to get themselves moving correctly. Sadly, kids today get all their natural movements coached out of them by the time they reach HS.

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