What Happened To Mario Strikers & Mario Baseball?

The Mario Sports games are usually a fun way
to kick back and have a blast if Mario Kart or Party gets old at times. There’s a good amount to try between Mario
Golf, Tennis, Hoops 3-on-3, and others, but today I wanna talk about what the heck happened
to Mario Strikers and Mario Baseball??? Am I the only one that’s been begging for
both of these series to get sequels again? I know I’m not. And almost every other spin-off series has
been getting news games every few years this past decade. Yes, this past decade. Mario Strikers Charged was one of the first
Mario games on the Wii as it came out in 2007 with Mario Super Sluggers coming out in 2008. Both Strikers and the Baseball games have
a whopping total of 2 games in their entire series and both haven’t gotten a sequel
in over 10 years. You’d think maybe people didn’t like these
games that much since that’s the case, but hell no is that not the truth. For the longest time, Mario Strikers Charged
was THE best-selling Mario sports game. Among the different versions of Mario Tennis,
Power Tennis, Mario Golf, all the sequels, and every one of the other spinoffs singularly,
Strikers Charged was the most successful with sales, clocking over 2.6 million units. Now, Mario Tennis Aces surpassed that number
selling 2.75 million, but Strikers Charged for the past decade was at the top, along
with Mario Super Sluggers. Mario Super Sluggers is currently tied with
Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 as 3rd best-selling Mario Sports game, making 2.3 million copies
sold. While their GameCube predecessors can’t
boast the same numbers, Mario Super Strikers still did good and sold as good as many other
sports titles, Mario Superstar Baseball doing decently less so, both series have games within
the Top 3 most successful Mario Sports games, not to mention both series’ games have had
critical success gaining good reviews. So why the hell have they been on a decade-long
hiatus? And some of you may not know much about these
series to care enough so you may ask, “why is he making a video on it?” Wait I got a comment that reads, “we already
have a sequel to both that came out a few years ago on 3D-“oh. See, we don’t talk about this one. Not only did it sell bad & wasn’t as critically
successful as the series in question, each sport was a significantly lighter version
of any pre-existing Mario sports genre, completely missing the appeal & charm those genres had
in their own series. But otherwise, what happened and can we see
a sequel to Mario Baseball and Mario Strikers at all anytime soon? Let’s start with Strikers first. For further clarity, Mario Strikers is essentially
Mario soccer. The Mario cast is pitted in various soccer
fields with varying gimmicks and styles, but most of the time you’re surrounded by an
electric fence and you’re tackling other players into them, off stage, hurling as many
items at one another, while trying to shoot the ball into the goal, with the captains
gaining their own special abilities and can mega strike the ball for extra points but
at the expense of the goalie’s health. It is soccer fused with Mario and Mario elements,
but it also gives its own unique flavor. The art style of Strikers is very gritty,
dirty, aggressive, etc. and the humor and slapstick are more extreme than what most
Mario games do. This is the game Waluigi does his famous crotch
dance by the way. Like this game all around is much more brutal
and vulgar than most Mario games, it’s arguably the most “adulterated” looking at it if
that makes sense. Not to mention because you can tackle players
into electric fences, hurl a slew of items, mega strike, etc. it’s violent nature for
a Mario game makes it very fun. The Mario Strikers series is my favorite sports
spin off series hands down because of the style it possesses and how much fun the gameplay
is. What I’d give for a sequel to come on Switch. Next Level Games is the studio that works
on Mario Strikers, but they’ve also been hard at work on Punch-Out!! For the Wii and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
along with Luigi’s Mansion 3. Because they’re pressed on finishing Luigi’s
Mansion 3 at the moment, and Luigi’s Mansion 3’s also getting DLC, I don’t think we’ll
get a Mario Strikers anytime soon. There is a Mario Strikers Easter Egg in Luigi’s
Mansion 3 though, an art gallery has a painting of Strikers Mario performing a Mega Strike,
so Next Level hasn’t forgot about Mario Strikers thankfully. But it’s an Easter Egg, likely not indicative
of much. Assuming they do care about making a sequel,
then I’d imagine in 2-4 years from now we’d see one for Mario Strikers. Next Level Games or Nintendo, if any one of
you is watching this, there are plenty of people that would absolutely love a sequel
to Mario Strikers. Imagine us getting new playable characters
like Rosalina, Nabbit, Dixie Kong, King Boo or Pauline in Mario Strikers with new maps
and such. People would eat that up in a heartbeat, I
promise you. Mario Strikers would also just be a fantastic
fit on the Switch, between the varying control schemes, HD Rumble, having a console portable
Strikers and the install base being massive and very active and just getting bigger. Next Level Games has been pretty busy working
on new projects one after another since Mario Strikers, but let’s hope Next Level makes
another Mario Strikers when they’re done with Luigi’s Mansion 3 because Mario Strikers
is a fantastic game and I would love for them to make a brand-new game. Next up, let’s discuss Mario Baseball. If not for Mario Strikers, Mario Baseball
would’ve been my favorite Mario sports spinoff since it’s not just a great game, baseball’s
also my favorite sport. But it being my second favorite still means
I hold it to a high standard like Strikers. The Mario Baseball games are much more within
the confines of what you’d expect Mario games to look and play. It’s baseball with a Mario spin on things. Captains can execute special power swings
and pitches, characters have chemistry with one another, you play in various Mario character-themed
fields, each character has their own stats, and there’s a massive amount of Mario characters
to pick to join your team. They had various different color Yoshis, Toads
and Shy Guys but each color had slightly different stats from one another, you could play as
the Kremlings from Donkey Kong, King K. Rool, which was his last appearance before Smash
Ultimate, Tiny Kong and Funky Kong, Wiggler, King Boo, Petey Piranha, 5 different Baby
characters, along with the typical Mario cast: the princesses, Wario & Waluigi, Dry Bones,
Bowser & his son, etc. For 2008, this roster of playable Mario characters
was utterly astounding. And the total slew of Mario characters since
then has gotten bigger and bigger. Imagine if they made a new game and god knows
how many new characters we’d get. The Koopalings, Nabbit, Rosalina, a Luma,
Pauline, Cappy, a New Donker, the Broodals from Odyssey, Baby Rosalina, Peachette, Honey
Queen, King Bob-Omb, or now that Nintendo owns the rights to the original Mario & Luigi
new characters, we could get the likes of Fawful, Cackletta, Starlow, Prince Peasly,
Princess Shroob, Antasma or Midbus playable now, add more Donkey Kong characters like
Lanky Kong, Chunky Kong or Kiddy Kong, add Warioware characters like Mona or Ashley,
crossover with other Nintendo characters like Link, Kirby or Ness, there’s a bunch of
possibilities for the kinds of new characters they could toss into a new Mario Baseball
game if they made one. I’m also aware that Nintendo usually co-develops
these games with Bandai Namco, they helped make these Mario Baseball games and Bandai
Namco is usually busy working on various types of fighting and anime games. Going into next year, they have a new Dragon
Ball game to worry about, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, the new My Hero Academia game,
a One Punch Man game upon many others, not to mention they did lend a hand in helping
Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but Bandai Namco is a ginormous
company so if they’re not so spent on too many developers working on other games at
a certain time in 2020 or the near future, a new Mario Baseball game would do wonders
and gain plenty of popularity. You can make some of the hypothesized newcomers
captains too, you can add more fields for Rosalina or Pauline, upon other ideas. I can’t stop wondering what made them stop. It’s likely due to wanting to work & focus
on other projects. But it could also be due to Nintendo or the
other studios losing interest in making those games again, making safer bets on the other
series, but to go over a whole decade without a new Strikers or Baseball, especially when
both titles were well received and well sold, makes little sense to me, especially when
during the 3DS and Wii U era where Nintendo was in a bind with the Wii U, we got a new
Mario Tennis game, a new Mario golf, a mediocre Mario lite sports compilation, etc. Why neglect Strikers and Baseball? A new Mario Baseball game and a new Mario
Strikers game is something I’ve been wanting for a decade now and the Switch would be the
perfect system to revisit those series on. Mario Strikers is chaotic and brutal, but
highly replayable and always fun to play due to its competitive nature and grittiness. Mario Baseball is grand and charming and an
easy go-to game for a Mario multiplayer. I would love these 2 series to make a comeback
within the next couple years or so. Make it happen Nintendo and also maybe Next
Level Games and Bandai Namco. Y’all got talent and skill. It can easily go to making sequels for these
titles. Do any of you agree? Do you disagree? Should we ask Nintendo to consider Strikers
and Baseball making a new game again alongside Next Level Games and Bandai Namco? Thank you for watching and stay tuned for
more Mario content and other discussions. Stay super.

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