War Thunder – 2020 Custom DS4 PS4 XBOX Controls for Air AB/RB (Part 1 Planes)

hey everyone welcome back to the channel
today’s video I’m going to be going over my latest custom controls I’m using to play war thunder on the PlayStation 4 controller and how it’s all sets up in
the menu screens the last video I did on this was around June last year and I just
made so many changes to the controls since then so I just wanted to update
everybody on what I’m now running for 2020 there will be a follow up tutorial
to this video on how to use these controls in depth for now I just want to
get this video up for you guys because I know a lot of you have been patiently
waiting for this one for a while but before we get into the video just a few
things I want to mention here to kind of clear up so firstly I just want to point
out these controls are going to be focused on air realistic and tank
realistic using Mouse aim on the controller the controls will work fine
in arcade so tank arcade and air arcade but if you happen to be a sim
player watching this these controls are not going to be for you and for anybody
wondering I do play with just the PlayStation 4 controller as of January
2020 I’m using back paddles so I just picked some of those up honestly they
don’t add a whole lot of experience to war thunder but if you’re kinda of on the
fence about getting some of these paddles I would say go for it they do help a lot I
may even do a video on the paddles that I picked up because they are somewhat
unique in that they have four paddles instead of the usual two you get so
that’s possibly a future video also I do have a wireless keyboard in front of me
several of you we’re asking about that in the chat I only do use it for the
actual chatting game and the rare occasion I’m flying out bombers I
actually have it set so far my bombs and the drop series things like that
otherwise I’m just playing on a normal PlayStation 4 controller additionally I
just want to say I won’t be covering boats or helicopters in this controls video
and I know a lot of you will be disappointed to hear that and I did have
a bit of a play around with them but I personally feel those vehicles aren’t
quite finished yet it feels like gaijin just haven’t developed them enough yet I
just can’t see any way to fit them into the control scheme currently so we’ll see
where gaijin go with those for now and maybe revisit them at some point
now that that’s all out the way let’s get into what you guys are really here
for so to begin with I’m gonna be going through this from a new player
perspective I did have a few complaints about this in the last video new players
watching they didn’t really have a clue what they were doing or how to get to
the advanced controls so I will be rectifying that with this video when I
do apologize for that so from a new player perspective from the hangar
screen you’re just gonna want to come up here select controls and you’re going to
see something that looks like this so you get into the advanced controls
you’re then going to want to press square are you playing on xbox that will
be X I then recommend clearing the default controls by pushing the left
stick in this will go ahead and wipe everything out so all the default
controls will be gone and this just gives it a clean slate to work with you
know avoids any potential problems with control conflicts later on because
war thunder does have a terrible habit of having issues with the controls so
just go ahead save yourself the trouble here and make sure you clear everything
and when you have everything cleared just make sure you in the mouse aim tab
like I have selected here and I’m now going to go ahead and load
my saved configuration back up just to make this easier to show you guys and
explain if you are you watching this all you really need to do is copy everything
down I have here pay close attention to what I have to say because a lot of this
is going to be optional you know some of this is advanced techniques and there
are going to be various ways of setting this up depending on your
playstyle so the first section we’re really
interested in here is weaponry now a lot of you are going to be used to firing
with r2 either from experience in other games you know first-person shooters
whatever you guys have played in the past are just from playing with the
default Walton the controls and to be honest even playing with my custom
controls because I did run my guns on r2 for a long while and it’s not
something to be overly concerned about but I just feel like I need to mention
this so I’ve done a fair bit of testing recently and I personally feel that the
default r2 axis for guns is adding some delay particularly when
trying to find machine guns with a light press and then moving to the full press
for cannons I’m convinced there is some delay there and it cost me a fair
few kills so my recommendation is just to run cannons and machines guns on
seperate buttons and get rid of the axis it’s nothing but trouble in my opinion so I
have mine set upon r1 and r2 here r1 fires my machine guns and r2 fires
both machine guns and cannons together now alternatively if you prefer to use
your r2 for something else such as you know the zoom or tracking you can
go ahead and assign your machine guns to the right stick pressed in and just have
your cannons on r1 so again you get rid of the axis but you still have your zoom
available moving on we have bombs and rockets so
you guys can probably tell you know I’m not really posted any bomber gameplay
and I’m really not a bomber player myself but yeah this is something that’s
always requested I get asked this a lot in the comments and if I’m being
completely open with you guys bombs and rockets just really doesn’t
fit in to my control scheme very well you have to bear in
mind this control scheme was purely built for playing fighters you know like
I said at the beginning of the video the rare occasion that I do actually end up
taking a bomber out I have a wireless keyboard in front of me so I
personally just opt to bind the bombs to that just to make it simpler but you
know for those of you that don’t have a keyboard maybe you don’t have a desk for
whatever reasons I’m guessing you’re gonna want to have these bound anyway so
on the controller you can go ahead and bind bombs to square and you Rockets on
circle just as an example the only problem here is that Square and circle
also happens to be the your left and right as well so if you accidentally
you’re to the left for instance when you put the bombs equipped you’re gonna go
ahead and drop your bombs which is unfortunate and it can be annoying and
you could perhaps temporarily unbind your yaw you play bombers but again
it’s gonna be in your mind to actually press square to yaw so you can’t really
win either way honestly guys I would just pick up a keyboard you know you’re
gonna get tons more bindings remember every single key on the
keyboard opens up a potential binding so you get so much more even if it’s one of
those rubbish keyboards they’re the wireless bluetooth keyboards that plugs
into the bottom of your controller it’s better than not at all not to mention
having the keyboard will allow you to respond
in chat and you’re gonna be able to communicate with friendlies so a
keyboard is highly recommended next we have rocket salvos air-to-ground
missiles air-to-air missiles and I’m just gonna skip over this because it’s
Jets you know I’m guessing if you made it as far as the Jets you at least have
some knowledge of the game so you know you should be able to set this up on
your own without too much trouble I just feel it would need too much
tweaking to get these controls yet friendly if I was gonna set this up I
would probably go back to using r2 for the machine guns and cannons on the
axis just to free up extra buttons and you could then use r1 for the
missiles or as a a kind of a shift key again you also have the option of
unbinding your yaw I don’t believe it’s used as much in jets so there’s definitely
some workaround you can use then if you happen to be a jet player but for now
I’m going to leave that to you guys and hope you’ve got the experience to
actually set this up yourself radar controls so this is something I actually
covered very recently in a video the good news is since I did that video the
radar has seen a massive overhaul in the game they fixed a lot of bugs and it
works much better now I believe the radar now enables when you
spawn in so you no longer have to actually enable it every time you spawn
in with a vehicle and as a result you can probably get away with just ignoring
this whole section it pretty much just works out of the box now but yeah if you
want the fully functional radar so the option to turn it on and off for just a
range a lot stuff this is what I’m personally running and as far as I know
it works perfectly fine I did take the p-61 out
recently I didn’t have any issues to note there so this should be fine real
old guns not much really nice thing about this I have this assigned to X
plus d-pad left and that goes ahead and riedel’s the guns in arcade I have you
on the runway in realistic that’s gonna go ahead and reload you as well moving
on to the main control axis I have throttle assigned to the right stick up
and down this is mostly gonna be default behavior the only adjustment I’ve made
here is maxing out the dead zone to prevents any accidental adjustments
because I happen to use my right stick for role as well so just go ahead and
copy all this down make sure you have the relative control enabled the
multiplier should be set to one and of course you want the axis assigned to the
right stick up and down at the top right here when you have copied all that down
go ahead and press ok you will then get asked about adding or replacing bindings
just make sure you press add hold for war emergency power this one is entirely
up to you depends how you play and what your preferences are so I have mine sets
you know and this basically means I can throttle at once let go of the stick and
that is going to maintain max speed with war emergency power enabled all the time rule axis we have this set up on the
right stick left and right again this is mostly default behavior the only change
that’s worth mentioning here is the multiplier so I’ve got the multiplier
here set to 2 and by doing this I’ve essentially doubled
the sensitivity of the rule rate and the max rule rates input is going to be
reached much sooner so you know I’ve essentially doubled that like I see and
as original I don’t necessarily have to move the stick so far
so again just go ahead and add that when you’re asked next up we have the picture
axis and this is really the whole point to these controls
you know without these Max and min values you’re pretty much just going to
be cannon fodder like the rest of the players so I have my Max and min value
sets u l1 and l2 the main reason have changed this is again through extensive
testing I found moving the pitch controls to one side of the controller
you actually gain more control you’re essentially dedicating the control
surfaces to one hand and as a result you’re gonna have faster response times
and you can just transition between picture up and pitch down that much
quicker I’ll be going over the picture mechanics in future videos but the basic
idea of the max pitch is you press and hold l1 so your pitch to plane up you
keep holding this and you’re then going through a loop and as long as you’re
holding l1 so you’re in this loop your left stick can then be used to look
around and the plane will not follow so long as you don’t let go of l1 and this
is essentially how I play the game you know as soon as I go into any defensive
maneuvers I’m holding l1 and then really just controlling the direction of the
plane with the right stick so we’ll go into all that into more detail in the
next video I’ll – now let’s just move on so next up we have the yaw axis and this
is getting fairly complicated now so we’re just like a hard with the pitch
I have standard Max and min values here for your left and right
it’s that squaring circle where it gets somewhat complicated to this I now have
my you’re assigned to the right stick left and right as well and if you’ve
been paying attention you might realize this also happens to be where the rule
is assigned so I essentially have rule on you’re on the same axis here and this
is something I’ve only really introduced recently to these controls it’s somewhat
of an advanced technique it’s primarily to help with the angle fighting so the
small amount of Rudy here helps to just speed up the rule rate and I can switch
angles more efficiently if you do end up copying this down just bear in mind the
non-linearity and the multiplier here are acting as a kind of dampener so if
we take up hit a look up here on the logical axis only around 30% input range
from the you’re on the right stick is actually being used this is just a
dampener here so this is just really to prevent the plane from going into a flat
spin because if we have the full range from you’re here combined with the rule
rate it would be extremely difficult so you control so you want this very subtle
effects from the rudder here just to aid you in the rule and that’s literally all
it’s far moving on to mechanization we have
ignite boosters again this is primarily going to be a jet mechanic although I do
believe this activates the boosters on the wyvern as well so I’ve just gone
ahead and set this up on X plus square so I press both of those in and those
going to activate the boosters on the Jets or the wyvern toggle flaps so this
one is where a lot of players actually fall short with their controls so toggle
flaps will generally only allow you to transition from raised to combat flaps
if we go back to this instructor thing it’s going to be very much speed and
instructor controlled so if you think about that computer-controlled
instructor it’s actually you’re controlling your flaps as well with this
option and unless you’re going slow enough for the instructor to deem safe
enough it’s actually going to prevent you from bringing out your takeoff our
landing flaps and this is going to put you at somewhat of a disadvantage
especially in close dogfights where takeoff flaps can make a massive
difference remember flaps generate extra lift so you’re able
to slow down and momentarily turn more efficiently by bringing out takeoff laps
or landing flaps for instance so personally I highly recommend setting up
individual flap controls for raising and lowering the flaps
I know it’s two bindings whereas with the toggle flaps you’re only using the
one but believe me is well worth it so I have mine set to d-pad left to lower
them and d-pad right to raise them and I find that works perfectly fine for me now I’ve also gone ahead and moved the
air brake to d-pad up just so it flows that much better with the flaps as well
and it’s now easier to access you know I figured how often do I really use the
landing gear in a game maybe once or twice generally when you take it off and
when you’re coming into land so it made sense to have that on the toggle with X
plus d-pad left rather than waste it on it on a proper binding like just d-pad
up so it just made sense to change that the way I’ve got it there just bear in
mind if you are playing arcade when you hit reload so again reload is going to
be X plus left obviously this also is now the gear so it can activate the gear
at the same time so when you reload you need to remember the tap it twice
otherwise your gear is going to be left out so just bear that in mind next up we
have the Gunners so this is going to be your Gunners on the Bombers and the odd
attacker that gets a rear gunner now to set this one up we momentarily need to
switch to realistic controls so I’m going to go up here and I’m just going
to switch over to realistic this will allow us to set the X and the y axis for
the gunner reaming you know gadget in their wisdom they for some reason did
not include this in the mouth ain’t up who knows how Gajan thinks but yeah
anyway open up the corresponding X and y axis for the Gunners and set this up
appropriately as I have additionally you may want to go ahead and adjust the
sensitivities here and possibly set the gun of you to inverted so your movements
with the gunner actually match what you’re doing with the joystick on-screen you and once you’ve got that set just switch
back to the mouse named Maude again and we’ll proceed to the camera control
section so there are a few things to bear in mind here
toggle view is going to switch from a third-person view to the actual cockpit
view and first-person cockpit view playing air realistic you’re going to be
using this one a lot particularly at the beginning of the max you’re going to be
switching into a virtual cockpit to set your climbing angle and once you get
into any action you’re then going to be generally switching back to your third
person so I recommend getting familiar with this one it’s going to be used a
lot tracking camera so this is the one that looks at your selected target it’s
not something I use very often but it does help just to keep the situational
awareness now and again and I just have this set to the touch path so I can tap
and hold to look where my selected tag is aiming mold this is the one I tend to
use more than anything really and this is actually the default else.you
behavior with that you get with a stock wall from the controls and basically it
will automatically move your cursor over your target roughly so even if you lose
sight of your target you can essentially find them with this option here a lot of
players make the mistake of using this for aiming so bear in mind that default
controls come sets up with this on the l2 trigger and I think it’s a mistake
you know it can work to some extent being mainly in the head-ons
but the camera angle you get with this is very awkward
making any kind of precise aiming extremely difficult the only time I
really advising using this over the actual manual aiming
is when you’re forced into a head-on situation and there’s just no other way
out get out of it otherwise I just tap this option very briefly if anything
just to keep my target in my feel of you so I can watch what they’re doing and
react to that accordingly look back so this is something I’ve introduced to the
controls recently again and it just allows me to do a full 180 degree turn
with the camera so I can just look behind at that much quicker zoom axis so
we have a few options to consider here lately I prefer to have mine on an
actual button press rather than the axis like I was saying with the guns it
removes any potential for delay so I’m using the max value here on my right
stick Preston and that is essentially going to toggle my Mac zoom
alternatively if you do prefer to have your zoom on one of the back triggers or
the arts you access for instance or the l2 axis you can’t go ahead and set this
up here everything’s prefilled all you need to do is copy this down and assign
the axis and that is pretty much it for the camera bear in mind I don’t use any
of you out six options here since I’m running the mouse lock activation on the
X button which we’ll get into towards the end of the video because that is on
to the common tab so moving on to miscellaneous this is entirely optional
I have the aerobatic smoke set 2x plus doubt on the d-pad and I really only use
this when I’m in a really bad position maybe I’m outnumbered or someone just
has a massive energy advantage over me I may just pop the smoke
to kind of lure them into making a mistake and hoping that I can you know
make use of that mistake to my advantage otherwise it’s kind of a useless binding instructor so this section is very
important I recommend setting all these suno so in war thunder we have what’s
known as the instructor and this instructor will attempt to Hart or
correct all of our inputs so for instance also control of the airplane
near the ground this will actually restrict your movements when you get to
around 200 pizzas the idea I guess is so you prevent you from crashing but once
you get the basic feel for the game you’re more than capable of manually
corrects in 90% of these crashes having this set to one is really only going to
hinder your turning ability a performance since you will be constantly
fighting against it so my advice just set all of these to no aiming again end
of the extremely important section this is essentially the option that
configures your stick as the maozim so I have mine set up on the left stick and
that allows me to move the cursor around on screen if we open up the access
options I’ve adjusted my dead zone to zero so I’m just getting the maximum
response time out of my joystick now depending how census while you on your
joystick is you may need to increase this to prevent any unwanted movement
the same can be said if you have twitchy hands maybe you’ve had too much coffee
you know your hands are shaky just go ahead set a slight dead zone here and it
will generally help otherwise just really on the lowest setting you are
comfortable with Mouse smoothing so this is one I really can’t decide whether
it’s doing anything for us playing on a controller if there is any effects I am
just not seeing it so you can pretty much just ignore that one just make sure
you set it to no because honestly if it is actually doing anything all the last
thing we want is our inputs being smooth out because it’s just another instructor
kind of thing moving on to the sensitivity settings we
have three options here and these are generally again I’m going to be down to
your personal preference what you prefer I’ll just give you a quick rundown of
the options here so you get the basic idea so an acceleration is going to be a
kind of aim assist it slows down the inputs so the moment you press the stick
at the moment you move the stick the inputs are going to slowly be sped up
and i’ve known as the acceleration side the only thing worth noting is the
acceleration is going to be time-based so any input you make on the joystick
you have around 20 milliseconds before it’s sped up and the acceleration delay
is essentially how you can’t control that delay there so the time-based
acceleration is controlled with the acceleration delay
I believe 50% is around 20 milliseconds and you can just either higher or lower
depending on your preference and then we have controller camera sensitivity so
this one is your overall game sensitivity I like to run either 75 or
100 percent anywhere in between that is generally going to be fine you just
don’t want to go too low obviously if you go too low you’re gonna be it really
gonna be too slow to actually do anything so my recommendation don’t go
any lower than 75% if you do have trouble keeping your cursor stable one
set up I used to run was 75% acceleration 85% delay and 100% over all
came control sensitivity so that may help yeah I’m burning 25 10 and 75
percent currently moving on to the common tab so go ahead
and switch over to the comments up here there are just a few more bindings to go
through here for the plane controls and we’re gonna be finished then so we have
the tactical mapped on the d-pad down button this one is very important that
you assign it is something that’s gonna be easy to access and so you’re gonna be
constantly checking the mapping game likewise with the statistics again this
is something you need to be checking very often in game since it will tell
you how many players are going to be left in the game how many players you’re
potentially facing so you need to be aware of that and constantly checking it
I have minus signs u X plus d-pad right it’s not necessarily easy to access but
it’s why I’m used to leave the vehicle not something you would like to be using
very often but it can be useful for the endgame let’s say you’re the lust well
let’s say the last player on the enemy team is a bomber
you know they’ve climbed literally to the moon more or less through 20,000
feet something ridiculous you know there’s no chance you’re gonna get up to
them and the best thing you can do in this situation
provided you have a plane that can equip bombs is just head back to the base land
repair bailout and provided you have this leave the vehicle option bound here
you can then bail out the plane and you’re able to respawn back in with a
bomb equipped again provided your plane can actually carry bombs and you can
then use this to your advantage you know you can go ahead drop it on a base take
out some vehicles and that can actually make the difference in the tickets and
on the rare occasion it will also force the bomber down because you know they’re
up there trying to win the game and if you’re starting to train the tickets
they may just come down and you may be able to get the win from now
surprisingly the bailiffs on the room way is not something a lot of players
know about so you may have also learned something there so again I have mine on
X plus left on the d-pad show the states of the vehicle modules again it’s not
something you’re going to be using very often but it can be handy in certain
situations so when you take a hit to the engine for instance you can go ahead
press this and you’ll actually be able to see any damage it gives you an
indication of the kind of damage you’re taken and use this to assess assess
whether you need to return to base and repair so I have this on d-pad left I’ll
just hold that down and it shows me the damaged lock target so this one is
extremely important playing on the controller if we think back to the
target camera and the aim assist on the earlier page the one way it looked at
the plane both of these options rely on an actual target being pre-selected so
it’s crucial you get into the hobby of selecting targets and again you really
need something you need this on something that’s very easy to access I
have mine bounced to the left stick Preston that’s why I used 2 a.m. so he
just makes a lot of sense to me personally chat so this is how I type on
the keyboard again like I’ve still have beginning this is something that you
guys have asked me before now so I use the keyboard I just press ENTER on the
keyboard or ctrl + Enter and that’s going to allow me to start typing a
message on the chat and I can then send off by pressing the enter key on the
keyboard bear in mind you will also need a switch
a key bound so that you can switch from team chat to arch up so if you want to
speak to the team or the enemy team or everybody at once you can just go ahead
and toggle that I have this bouncy tab on the keyboard push-to-talk so if you
happen to be using the in-game chat the voice chat when you squat it up you’re
probably going to want to have push-to-talk enable so the voice isn’t
being constantly transmitted personally I’ll just use the PSN cha so I can kind
of disregard this the peer PSN chat is actually very good the quality is great
in there so it’s not so much of an issue if you use the chat in PSN but yeah if
you have in a situation where you are forced to use the game chat maybe PSN
choice down something like that you can just bear this option it might in mind artillery strike on tactical maps we
have call for artillery strike toggle artillery aiming modes and cancel the
artillery aiming and this is gonna be tanks I was hoping to actually combine
planes on tanks in this single video well it’s getting ridiculous along so
I’m now thinking there is gonna be a part two to this video so I’m just gonna
color planes in this video today and I’ll be doing tanks in a separate video
so if we just move on for now to the view controls we have zoom camera now
obviously we’re using the zoom camera axis so on the previous page we was
using the max value for that so this one can be left blank and it goes ignore it
Maslak activation very important again if we go back to that previous page we
are not using a view axis so we have our camera assigned on X here and this is
the camera look activation again we also have X plus triangle so if we remember X
and triangle is look behind and that’s means we can move the camera with that
as well so X and X plus triangle activates the camera look so that’s
going to be our free look camera aim sensitivity so this option actually
controls how sensitive your touchpad is honestly that touchpad is is useless so
you may as well just forget it ever existed just set this value here to the
lowest you can and just be done with it like I say forget that even exists it’s
only really useful for navigating the menus but Dai is about it camera mouse
look speed supposedly this one controls how fast your mouse look cameras or the
camera on the Left stick when we hold X this option is supposed to control how
fast that one moves and how sensitive the camera is but it’s currently bugged
I have opened the book report numerous times on this but he’s never been fixed
I’ve kind of lost hope on that being ever fixed but yeah if it does ever work
you generally would want to set this to the highest sensitivity just so you get
the most speed out of your camera and so you can just pan around as fast as
possible camera smoothness just controls how smoothy camera moves so you don’t to
be just three or anything I to suggest setting gear 0% sensitivity and zoom
controls how sensitive your aiming is when you actually zoomed in so I’m using
the right stick so when I’m holding the right stick that is going to be my zoom
and this will control how sensitive that the cursor is I recommend keeping it 100
percent just so you and the same aiming that you get without you zoom in I know
some of you will prefer to actually reduce this but honestly if you keep the
hundred percent you will eventually build muscle memory and you’ll be able
to pull off snapshots when you’re in the zoom radio messages bar team so this is
your radial menu which displays all the quick chapman’s and I have actually
assigned my reassign my stat menus of the pause menu I’ve reassigned that 2x
plus stop which kind of frees up this options button here
more important binding so I just hold start and that’s going to bring up my
radial menu with the chat commands you can also go ahead and sell these
quick radio messages so we have ten quick radio messages here and that it’s
unfortunately gonna bring us to the end of the video if you’ve managed to make
it to the end congratulations you should now hopefully have a fully
working control configuration for the planes at least and it should match
exactly what I’m playing with go ahead and save everything test it allowing
test flight make sure everything is working and also I highly recommend you
actually save this as a preset I’m not sure the Xbox have this at the moment
but if you’re on PlayStation 4 you can go ahead and save this and then you can
load it up any time now if something doesn’t quite seem it seem quite right
after you go ahead and test this please review the video chances are that you
just missed something if you’re still unsure feel free to ask for help in the
comments so I’ll do my best to help out other than that thanks for watching
I truly hope this video is helps in some way and more importantly I hope you’ve
actually enjoyed watching it I’ll probably cover the tank controls in the
next video just to get all these controls out of the way
so yeah until next time Cheers

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  1. Sorry im a bit late on this vid but anyway.

    I see ur doing another controlls video. ppl will or do probaby love this type of video, so far has 82 views and i like how this time you reset your controls and bind them as ur going through the video.

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  2. Damn death you couldve told me it was gonna reset all my other controls too like tank and ship, all good tho.

  3. First of all, nobody should complain about what you’re trying to achieve here. Secondly, I’m migrating to your configuration but it’s a REAL challenge. As I learn these controls I’m just getting killed over and over. It’s real difficult to move to an alternative set-up. But having said that; I don’t want to sound negative. You make a fantastic contribution to us PS4 players

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