8 thoughts on “Visually impaired girl explains why her ‘bat mitzvah feels so much better’”

  1. It's cool and nice of that guy to do that. But it was still a complete waste of everyone's time. God is not real. Sorry you just found that out. Enjoy your dirt nap this is the only life we get.

  2. Can someone please help me to reach out to Danny Sadinoff to assist others, or is the Jewish Braille Institute alreadyimplementing his system for other Jewish students, Rabbi Dov 610-921-0624

  3. Now she is an Adult and can get married and start having children.
    She is definitely not the messiah, Not special. Amen.
    Jews are not special. mcg-truth

  4. Beautiful story! Mazaltov! Congratulations to this family for finding a creative way for Batya to fully live out the congregation's expectations, and it is clear that she feels empowered by the experience. I am so impressed and delighted for her!

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