Visual Storytelling Demonstration Aesop’s Fable – “The Crow and the Pitcher”

The next story is very very old. It was first told by a
wise man named Aesop who lived many many many years ago. Aesop usually told
told stories that helped his listeners learn lessons
about themselves and about the world around them they were called the morals of the stories. See if you can figure out the moral or the lesson of this story before the end. I also want you to watch very
carefully because I think he knew will be able to tell
this story together at home for people in your family who
like it telling stories together helps build or
language and narrative skills knowing that story
had be you mean and and middle and will help you understand how stories and pulled when
you begin to read them for yourself to tell the story I am going to you several game and going to show you
right now first Obama im going to youth week if Paul yes it why here do you think it’s real wider eat real water PsyD is in picture picture withholding the wider and if picture
handle on I all still and not going to use be to tell this story wouldn’t be trite iraq do you think they’re real rock get be I have wine morning intentionally here I’m Keith if not real gave if the public 50 think role puppet would you go ahead with a Hello how ok role papeete he is the main character in this story this story is called the kroll and picture and story is by Heath up if story called flank one there with kroll who wealth thirsty come now part he had not had water for a long time he was so thirsty he packed he couldn’t
get wider soon he might how rally rally need why I know you well he had look are around in the forest the
rivers had dried up prime had dried up but just then on the fourth pack lo and behold he came a pine out picture are wider cream hold keep wire why why and the crow was so
excited heat blew up to take a drink up that
wider huh while and he reached down with his
beak but out now I’m no huh peekskill row here can’t be home new menu plaque he can’t no matter how
he pushed Cooktown in take that picture he could not reach
the wider get picture with to nearly at the neck and he speak with two why could he do if the crow had hand hams pic like we do he could pick it up n drunk to walk can you do that with
your tween no he couldn’t if he do you you have a stronger he how
distraught he could put a striking the wider and I’m second out of this trial but you don’t have a strat you can your I need me can’t think of them will the
crow was a clever kroll and heat pad any that and he pack have laughed to have an idea hot and how keen kroll having idea he flew over to went to the powells approx
it was nearby and he picked up wine aptos racks any beak and he dropped it into the picture of why me one rock he flew over and gone and now
they’re back because when he could find and he
trapped by in actor one comes to he flew over and
got and not iraq trap getting have 22 comet creamy little over and picked ap and math iraq and tracked
in the picture a wider opted to me comes baller he’s over and picked up get the one more rack and dropped it in after four
come fame and kroll lulac and took had many doing wire and he will I need from the picture he how’d PQ out they drop in racks into the wider would take the plate after why here and bake the wider
riley’s ap in that picture so did he could drink has much path he whiny and kid you for neglecting you geek hockey when my drink I you tell them what did you think retail I little have track bath be wire thank you

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  1. A lovely use of the puppet in the story. Very visual and I can see how it would appeal to younger audiences. Thank you.

  2. Puppet show you the most beautiful girl I love it and it was the best of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the first half was the best of the best way home from work

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