Vampire? Captured a Giant Bat in Peru Monstrous monster Bats Chiroptera

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100 thoughts on “Vampire? Captured a Giant Bat in Peru Monstrous monster Bats Chiroptera”

  1. Your uncle david sounds like a cool dude…and when i need some cocaine uncle david is just a phone call away

  2. Calm down. He didn't know it was already dead. There was nothing to indicate it. Telling someone to kill themselves over an easy mistake like that is a tad bit over the top.

  3. umm do hear that? that is him sayng *let me go* but instead you find it *good news * that they are simply putting that poor animal prisoner

  4. How could they have found it dead, when it says "captured" in this video, and one can see it also very much alive?

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  6. Flying Foxes (large bat in the movie) are strict vegetarians. The Vampire bat is a much smaller carnivorous animal that feeds on blood.  

  7. why cant people leave nature alone? do you think its time to end all of this? i think in 30 years time there wont be any living natuaul annimal in the wild and nebiru will raptur you all sick fucks 

  8. Mark my words floods famine disease the phillipeans gets whats coming to them inky god of water will flood you all ha ha  spend your days drowned animal abusers

  9. For those who think this is cruel just have to remember how much of a cruel world we all live in and what is coming our way. God and the bible tells many things. Neburi The Raptor a new begining a new world where annimals are saved abducted to preserve the planet by the gamekeepers of the universe. It is man that will end an experiment gone wrong hades you will all go

  10. Most probably a hoax since we do not see any actual filming of what is in this photo, even here in YouTube, only the photo is shown

  11. FALSE this is a Philippine Flying Fox and it is the largest bat in the world and this was not taken in peru it was actually taken in the philippines.. do your research!

  12. i can tell you that i would not be hanging around this mutha.  It's a big as a small child……AND CAN FLY!!!   no thanks. 

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  14. are u kiding me that uniform soldier is from indonesia,, that not peru…  search on wiki

  15. This happened in Indonesia, they were Indonesian Armed Forces just look at their costumes,it was AHOOL BAT

  16. This bat was thought to be extinct by scientists until 2012. They eat mainy fruit but also attack mammals as large as monkeys! They also have taken children from villages.

  17. it is real because I was there when they was filming it so shut up Chad smith so whose telling lies now you hahahahahahahahahah 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

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