Upstate Baseball vs. Lafayette: 03/21/2016

Jason Patterson: “We await a 1-2 pitch with
two down in the ninth and the tying run at 2nd, to Alex Woinski and here is Lacell’s
delivery. Swung on and missed, strike three and Upstate, with the use of a three run,
two out rally aided by a couple of costly Lafayette errors in the bottom of the eighth
inning will secure an 8-7 victory…” Jason: Matt Fincher and the Upstate Spartans get
back in the win column. A three run bottom half of the eighth inning propels the club
to victory tonight and coach, this one was a bit of a nailbiter, a back and forth affair
but in the end, your team did enough. Matt Fincher: They did, I mean that was an interesting
eighth inning there when we scored the three runs but I’m real proud of the guys. They
had opportunities maybe to back off, especially the way we’ve played here of late but they
stayed in it. That was a really good game and a good win for us. I’m really impressed
with Lafayette. They have, I really like their starting pitcher and they clearly have a very
good team so that’s a good win for us. Jason: You talk about their pitching but Blake Whitney
keeping you in it early and then Richie Lacell to close it down. Bullpen very good in the
middle as well. Your staff doing enough also. Matt: Yeah we feel like our pitching is better
this year. I felt Blake was better than he’d been previously which is what was important
to me and I know he was upset he gave up two runs later in his outing but he held us in
the game, he gave us an opportunity to win which is really the starting pitcher’s job.
So he did what we need him to do and we had a couple guys in Hickey and Willingham come
out there and do what we needed them to do. We got Lacell into the game finally and he
fulfilled his role so that was an excellent role by our pitching staff, certainly. Jason:
Coach, it was a night where we saw a freshman pick up his first collegiate hit, score his
first collegiate run, and then we saw your more experienced players when it counted in
the end really step up. You have to be pleased with that mix. Matt: Yeah at some point early
in the game I was thinking about the number of either freshman or first year players we
had in the lineup tonight and some of these guys are going to have to play and we are
trying to rotate around and play different guys and give guys an opportunity so in the
end, you want your older guys to lead the way, show the way but it’s always a lot easier
when you have numbers of guys contributing. Jason: This is the beginning of that end of
home games that you have here, that run in non-conference before you go on the road,
and especially go on the road at the start of conference play. How important was it to
have this type of game to carry some momentum into this last stretch. Matt: I think it was
important to have this kind of game so we needed a win. We haven’t been performing too
well and we won this game and that’s good and now we got to play The Citadel tomorrow
and I know they’ll be ready for us because we beat them down there so they’re going to
come ready to go and we’re going to have to be ready to go so I think where we are right
now, Jason, is we’re just taking it one at a time and we’re trying to win every game
we can and in the end that’s what we’re trying to do. Jason: Congratulations on a victory
tonight coach. Matt: Alright, thank you. Jason: Matt Fincher taking them any way he can get
them and tonight, it’s a late rally by his team with two outs in the bottom of the eighth.
A three run frame that propels them to an 8-7 victory over the Lafayette Leopards.

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