Upstate Baseball vs. Furman: 04-19-2016

Jason Patterson: …have to factor in the
double play for Hathaway. Hathaway has come on, he has retired the rest and as I mentioned,
with those two pitchers splitting it almost right down the middle. A solid defensive play
closes it down and Upstate will pick up an 8-2 victory over the Furman Paladins to sweep
the season series with Furman, their rivals from just across the way in Greenville, South
Carolina and Phil, on this night, you have to tip your cap to USC Upstate for that pitching
effort of those two young men, a zero up on the scoreboard in the errors column after
a weekend in which they were plagued by a number of errors throughout all three games
and ten hits pounded out, with consistent offense resulting in eight runs. And the result
is what you see on your screen, high fives all around. Jason: Brian Hathaway picks up
his first win of 2016, goes over half the game. A couple of big double plays in the
contest and in the end, enough outs to secure your team the victory. Talk about how you
felt out there on the mound. Brian Hathaway: I felt real good. The slider was working most
of the game, I missed mostly down and a couple of the high pitches just kind of just swung
right through it. Jason: Brian you look back at this one, it’s kind of a result of the
way you pitched over the weekend. Talk about your appearance over the weekend and how that
helped you earn this opportunity tonight. Brian: That was really my first outing of
the year. It kind of helped me get rid of my nerves. The first couple innings kind of
just helped me settle down for this appearance. Jason: When they’re putting up the type of
runs this team did tonight, it certainly helps out there on the mound to have that kind of
breathing room. Brian: Yeah you don’t really have any trouble just kind of holding the
runs down because you know your team’s going to provide. Jason: What about getting the
double play to start things? You come in, it’s a tough situation, Furman just scored
their first two runs of the game, they’re poised for more. Walk us through that sequence.
Brian: I was just trying to get a ground ball because that’s pretty much what my fastballs
try to do. I was just trying to get a ground ball, keep the runs to a minimum and help
save Blake with his runs. Jason: What does it mean to this team to come away with a victory
like the one you guys secured tonight? Brian: It’s a real big confidence booster after this
weekend. Hopefully we can take this one into tomorrow and the weekend. Jason: Thanks and
congratulations on your first win of the year. Brian: Thank you. Jason: Matt Fincher and
the Upstate Spartans sweep the season series with the Furman Paladins. They do so with
an 8-2 victory here at Harley Park tonight and coach, this has to be one of the more
complete wins your team has had all around all season. Matt Fincher: I would agree with
that, Jason. I mean, we needed that. We didn’t play very clean over the weekend against Kennesaw
and they came out here tonight and were ready to go and had good pitching from both Whitney
and Hathaway and we got some timely hits. We executed a little bit and played real well
I thought. Jason: It’s not too many night you go just two hours and a half and you have
a couple of guys split the outs almost right down the middle the ways those two guys did.
Matt: Yeah, yeah we like the two and a half hours, don’t we. I thought Whitney pitched
a little better tonight, certainly better than he did against Kennesaw and he needed
that. He’s got some work to do and he was out there trying to make the adjustment and
Hathaway was outstanding, I mean excellent. He just threw strikes and he had a slider
to go with his fastball and they struggled to hit it and we just let him out there and
let him run and that was good to see. That’s fun for him I know, you know, he hasn’t gotten
the opportunities a lot of other guys have and he made the best of that one tonight.
Jason: Coach, your offense scored pretty consistently over the weekend, so that was really nothing
new. But you have to be pleased with the way up and down the lineup they were producing
tonight. Matt: Yeah, if we’re going right we should be able to share the wealth, so
to speak, and that’s important. I think any coach would tell you that you got to have
production out of both the top, middle and bottom of the order to be a decent offensive
team and so when we get that, we should be able to score some runs so hopefully that’s
the kind of thing that’ll continue. Jason: Charlie Carpenter came up a triple short of
the cycle. What can you say about his performance? Matt: Well, Charlie’s a good hitter. I still
don’t believe Charlie understands how good a hitter he really is so hopefully that’ll
come to him before he leaves here, but certainly had a great night tonight and I like to see
him hit the ball up the middle, the other way. I think that’s where his strength is
and anybody can hit a ball out in right field as a right-handed hitter the way he can, we’ve
seen him do that more than once. It’s an interesting problem for the opponent so hopefully he’ll
keep doing that kind of thing. Jason: After a night like tonight, you have any hesitation
of turning right around and playing right back here tomorrow? Matt: No. I mean you play
like that, you’re ready to go the next day. Let’s hope, I mean we’ll find out tomorrow
but I would hope, ya, know, Charleston Southern beat us down there so we got to find a way
to compete with them and see if we can win. Jason: Congratulations coach on a great night
all the way around. Matt: Alright, thanks Jason. Jason: Matt Fincher and his team doing
everything right. No errors tonight, the pitching staff exceptional as he said, and enough offense
for an 8-2 win over the Furman Paladins.

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