Umpires-Coaches Don’t Whine About Balls & Strikes!

Hi from Coach Dom Costa! In this episode I’m going to tell you, don’t grind the umpire over balls and strikes! Let me tell you why. This is one of the easiest things I do when I’m umpiring the past decade. I can call balls and strikes. For you to you know, it’s the one thing as a coach to bark “Hey that was high; Hey that was low!” I get it, but when you’re bemoaning that fact all along and next thing you know your pitcher’s making dirty looks at me! It’s real easy if I didn’t have any integrity to call the next 23 pitches in a row balls no matter where they are! It’s just not a good way to do it! That’s uh you know it’s okay you can be competitive, bark, give a little comment about a ball-strike, let it go! Go to the next play but if you’re humming about the whole time, I’m probably going to run you! Gonna get you out of the park, you’re not going to be able to watch that game from your current location so you’d be out of there!!! Plus I don’t like what it teaches the kids! You’re teaching the kids to blame someone else for their lack of performance and the best thing about baseball is it teaches kids for me anyway, it’s a lot lot it’s a lot like life, if a bad thing happens okay pick up the ball, go to the next pitch, go to the next pitch, go to the next play, go to the next at-bat, go to the next opportunity! You fix it, you get better, go on to the next thing! You got to flush it and let it go! That’s the best thing that I think life lesson that sports teaches. So don’t grind that umpire about balls and strikes! Last one as an end in this, before I ask you to comment, subscribe, and hit the links below for my book, is this: do not come up to an umpire that you’ve never had before, this is so moronic, it’s stupid! I’ve had coaches come up to you before games, “so where’s the strike zone today?” Are you freaking kidding me? Are you just trying to enrage somebody, or are you just not that sharp? Because I don’t get that enraged! I just you know make a mental note! Listen the strike zone is listed in the rulebook for that age and division. If it is a delineation at that park or that field, if it’s not we’re going straight by baseball rules-look it up! That’s the balls and strikes! If I judge that it touched any part of that plate, it’s a strike within the height of that young person that’s at bat. That’s it! Anyway just a little gripe! Just a little venting of it! I love doing what I do! I appreciate the opportunity to help make these games run smooth for kids! Please like, share, comment, all that good stuff and subscribe and check out the links below. I appreciate you guys watching these and leave the umpire alone would you?!?!? Let him do his job! If you’re going to bark a little, do it respectfully! Don’t get run out of the park because I will run you out of the park! Have a great day, stick around and watch your kids play the whole game! They grow up too fast anyway! Don’t get kicked out for being an egomaniac dad living through his kid or mom, mostly dads! Have a good day!:-)

5 thoughts on “Umpires-Coaches Don’t Whine About Balls & Strikes!”

  1. My dad umpires 10 games a weekend (he played college baseball and knows his stuff) and he always gets coaches and fans arguing calls that are easy ball and strike calls for him. He's tossed many people haha.

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My best/worst one is "We haven't played by that (rule) all season long." Well, we are today – it's in the book (or league rules) and let's move along and let the kids play ball.

  3. You know funny thingn catcher who was 13-14 year old apoglize for her coaching be loud. he wanted me to check with my parnter play at home i didn't i WAS RIGHT THERE. i did have to however check with him if the batter running to first got touch by ball as my view was sadly block in it…

  4. You sound like a ump thar holds grudges you are held to a higher standard dont ump if coaches hurt your feelings that easy you have a good day

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