Everyone right 21 turn tighten TRX for Landrover. Here we go. 3 2 1 fog That was just bad luck That was worth it great driving You can’t he’s done wonderful show great job We’re ready mud bog Beautiful candy getting dirty nice job moving forward New and forward Yeah q2 – come on up Morris is helping us in the background skier the truck. Yeah Do it keep going keep going Look at this Good boy Morris I’m tired on the wheel Your phone’s gonna blow it forward Oh, okay see Westerners They floated there goes there goes On the rear Tim is ready to get his white truck nice and dirty Here we go Missed it in the obstacle course Thank you Nice ride there’s smoke right there Actually moon of the entire Oh There it is, that’s a happy mud truck if I’ve ever seen one great – 100 the rear wheel – oh the hardest time. Whoa, I Could have gone in that would have made good Joe That’s a bummer Great three two one bug. Oh That was limp, yeah brother rip it there we go. Oh What’s happen that is just a big cleanup Robbed I’m missing one back tire boy Tires out of poor backing up. This will not work very okay as long as you get back Yeah Bull racing tires day. Yeah hustler, there’s one nine one nine. They’re great tire Okay, I’m gonna back up away all that So one side is pushing me my unflagging my other Yeah, hold on hold on I only have one box out there Okay one I have one backup left, that’s right I’m backing up Do a circle back in bacon that way as I’m cooking on one side more than the other Thank you appreciate that I have a feeling if I would’ve been running all tires. I might have done You ready three two one bug oh He’s in the thick getting in the soup That’s right, he’s got it moving look up The bottom of that truck holdin it down beat you trying to claw his way back and forth Yes, it is stopped Nah boys Inchon kinda Yeah, he’s done that’s all The TCC mud bog the event we all look forward to every year Land Rover TRX for getting in there getting straight into the bog Man you need wheel speed in here. He’s got it look at that. Come on, Casey Nice and clean but getting dirty Oh number one Very nice, very nice Good good a great show. Thank you Let them go again That’s the motor that is a stinky motor yes it is Good good job. Was it worth it? Definitely nice. That’s what we like to see in here Ok Scott There we go, good luck Three two one bug Over one gay Oh Such a beefy truck Did you put gas in the tank today methanol in there What motor is in there Scott 27 turns any brand in particular The axial axial wasn’t worth smoking the truck. Just have fun Here we go next contender giving his scorecard up And three two one mud bog oh I tried to get tires wet and then give her power as he entered. Oh, no. Oh no. Oh Dirt in the motor and it just didn’t like it won’t won’t won’t Mean Jeanne coming up with the green and black race Great boggers on there Repping the YYC Three two one mud bog Yeah, we got some power going on need a hookah, oh yeah back and forth here we go It’s crunchy, but he’s moving Very good Ghost Rider. Look at that snow driver. He’s operating it by radio control. That’s amazing Nothing yeah, just a bit of smoke Oh, I can see a smoke motor coming up there Cody Eliot And three two one Bogg, oh Nice Oh flipper, right Away, oh man, that’s not good for them. This is a real life of what happens to motors That doesn’t sound good Definitely could have used a pair of the end of some nylon lady’s nylons To help protect it or an outerwear is cover But you know what that was a true real life of what happens to these trucks when they get in there Great job. Good attempt was there worth it. Always see there you go. People will say why do you do this? And because it’s fun, that’s why There we go coming in with the big orange Three two one bug Beauty Oh twenty-seven turn again Brushed motors you’ve gotta have wheel speed when you come in here But I’ve seen brush Motors make it very far as long as they know what to do when they’re wheeling and they got a bit of luck and He knows what he’s doing He’s wiggling back and forth giving it as much throttle as it needs and that might be the max throttle at this point It is there you go. Oh He’s definitely gonna have some motor issues here. He’s pushing too much mud got suction underneath the chassis Very nice good try This truck is barely moving forward. He doesn’t get his forward progress soon. Oh He’s wiggling. No, he’s Right under there. Oh he is very close here coming to the quiz Oh, he’s on fire now, he’s working it they’re working it. I Think he’s still working it though Yeah, look at he’s giving a great show great show here getting into it Good man – he’s got a little bit of a hot motor and his progress is done. Now you’re there great job that is Whoa, that’s wise man. Thanks guys Here we go. He’s in he’s bargain Very good good. Keep going. Keep going. You’re getting it. Good job. Good job. He’s making it guys. He’s doing it straight through I Love it. The wheels are mucky That’s real mud hey Morris What do you think? Yeah Boy, if I was judging this competition on your excitement, I would say it’s a 10 There we go Yeah forward progress He’s trying getting somewhere No mud on the interior not even on the floor mat that is impressive after all this mud flying around perfectly clean interior I’m stopping it is done Here we go another Jeep with mud socks it’s about as redneck as it gets here Yeah, 3 2 1 bog oh nice nice power Get them – I’ll get it for Everybody you need to move forward. There it is Pure power Back up Nice good job. She left the course though Keep her going buddy Keep going keep her going. You got it. He’s gonna make it out No, but it is Oh you lose Three to one mud bog. Oh nice wheel speed right off the hop there get in going deep Looks like he’s turning himself some ice cream. They’re working it back and forth. Oh That sounds like flipper Oh, oh here Keep her going keep wiggling There you go. There you go Very nice Very nice. Oh He’s going a little bit sideways there. He’s gonna be dragging Well, there you go back it up that’s right it would be stinky Yeah He’s making it though he’s making it he is done he is stuck on that berm Here we go One two All right Mr. Morris. Are you ready? Sir? Your first mud bog in three two, one my BOB Keeper gone. Oh you can back up three times. There you go. One forward That to s power there that’s what’s going on. That’s your second. Oh My gosh up there go up there look at that you got one more back up back There you go, he’s trying that is some sticky mud he is Pressing not very much That is going on our core good for him. Oh, I think you’re done bud You did beat us that’s right You’re done Morris. Good job, son. Good job. Good try Guys I think this is great, let’s see if you can do it You’ve made it far this so far Dirk here. He goes into the second part Exhibition purposes only let’s flip him back There you go, yeah It’s cursed there you go good enough. Yeah Wow a little bit of extra show for the viewers here, but he went for a swim. Oh Yeah, almost saved it yeah Dirk you left your window open bro What a great mud bog Show awesome event, bro. The mud bog was epic. Everybody loved you guys. Have a good time at the mud bog Ttc 2018 and the rude boys RC crew thank you so much for coming out and thank all of you. Yeah Volunteers drivers viewers fasting we’re all family. Thanks boys. Do you know what? Are you yeah, I think you might be one of the youngest TTC people Hey even exhibition wise out of tree and though you would just about be the youngest competitor. We’ve had foreign, huh? Good job, even I’m a little degree Here we are back at camp Everybody’s getting lined up I’m gonna find out who the winner is of the TTC 2018 There’s Pat and it’s the official scores Everybody had a great time My judges can you guys all stand up if you’re not stand already? They worked all day long up and down the hill through the water So don’t come up right away Until the first place guys is announced and we’ll start going back down the list So we’re gonna start at fifth and work our way up fifth position Newcomer Ryland nice fifth position, bro. Nice job. Awesome Jared Wow nice job Brandon Kiki winner Great job man Congrats Congrats man Great job everybody. We can’t do it without you all Yeah until next year I’m not sure because I just want to the cards with a 1 a 2 2 so a lot

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