Trump Gets Booed at the World Series

-I feel the love.
I feel the love. I feel the complete opposite
of Trump at last night’s World Series. I do.
[ Laughter ] Did you see what happened
last night? President Trump
and the First Lady went to the World Series
in Washington. And when they showed them
on the jumbotron, the crowd didn’t seem thrilled. [ Crowd booing ] Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Then Trump turned to Melania, and was like, “Wow, they
really don’t like you.” [ Laughter ] -The best. -Now Trump is doing everything
he can to spin it. At first, he was like,
“They weren’t booing. They were chanting
Ruuu-dy Giuliani.” [ Laughter ] And today Trump said —
[ Applause ] “Actually, they were chanting
Uuuu-kraine call was perfect.” [ Laughter ] “Ukraine call was perfect.” After all the booing,
things got real ugly. At one point, fans started
chanting, “Lock him up.” Check it out. [ Crowd chanting “Lock him up” ] -Yeah, some people thought heckling Trump
was disrespectful, then every outfielder who’s ever played in New York,
Boston or Philly was like, “Toughen up, buttercup.”
[ Laughter ] “I’m getting hit with D-cell
batteries for nine innings.” [ Laughter ] Meanwhile, in the upper deck, fans hung a giant banner
that said, “Impeach Trump.” Finally enough security
showed up and they were able to take down
the banner and remove Hillary
from the stadium. And so that was it.
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] It was a whirlwind day
for Trump. At 9:00 a.m., he announced we
took out the leader of Isis. By 9:00 p.m., he announced we were taking out the guy
in charge of the jumbotron. [ Laughter ] Some 2020 news
over on CBS last night — Joe Biden appeared on
“60 minutes” for a sit-down interview
with Norah O’Donnell. It was a good interview. At one point though, Biden said
that the reason President Obama hasn’t endorsed him is because
Biden asked him not to. Yeah, right.
[ Laughter ] It’s like a middle schooler
saying, “I do have a girlfriend. I just asked her not to come
to the dance with me.” [ Laughter ] “She lives in Canada.”
[ Laughter ] Business news here — I heard
that Lyft is offering people free rides if they’re going to
a job interview. That way you can text
your interviewer, “I’ll be there in five minutes.
Wait, six. Sorry, 15. I got to reschedule.” [ Laughter ] I saw that
for the 2020 Olympics, Toyota is launching
new driverless taxis, but they still will have
a driver inside the car. [ Laughter ] Perfect for anyone
who wants their driver to solely focus on
forced conversation. [ Laughter ] And finally a new study found
that White Claw gets you drunk faster
than any other drink and leaves less of a hangover. The study was done by
a team of researchers known as “The Real Housewives.” [ Laughter ]
We have a great show.

100 thoughts on “Trump Gets Booed at the World Series”

  1. keep it up little gayboy jimmy, you are ASSURING ANOTHER TRUMP VICTORY. can't wait to see again all the crying demorat LOSERS ahaha

  2. That sounded like a combination of expressions. Booing is a deeper tone.
    I do recall Trump being laughed at when a comedian said "Trump running for president is a joke"… Little people just love to pick on big people.

  3. I’m sure your obsessed with Trump. You literally have him in every video. So much for ‘liberal’. This doesn’t matter tho because your brainwashed fans don’t care and just orange man bad.


  5. Monsters !!!! In Sept. 2019, Mississauga Canada, 5 teens were injured and one dead by 6 hooded shooters. 136 shells were found on the ground. Happened during a "Rap video" outside apartment buildings. You guys are defending the wrong people, and "The View" looks like a bunch of "Enablers".

  6. Welfare turds hate Trump so I love him. Trump is responsible for making DEMORATS cry for thousands of hours. That's more good news.

  7. "I get only the best Booing. The clearest, loudest, most mealniodic. Losers like Moosefart, Biatch, and Beetheaver are jealous – just burn all their failed noise"

    While the chanters of "Lock him up" weren't wrong-

    they didn't think the opportunity through
    It should have been 2 phrases:
    Lock him up
    Send her back

    now we're talking

  8. Get a grip America and jimmy gallon is the unfunniest guys I have seen on telly. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 loves maga. Like the fake laughs in crowd jimmy you idiot.

  9. Wish Trump, the ultimate troll, would have joined in the "lock him up" chant. Snow would have been falling from Berkeley to Long Island. Pretty obvious this little Lib bottom craves penis.

  10. Trump has invited the team to the White House.
    Please join millions of baseball fans urging the Nationals to maintain their honor and refuse the invitation.

  11. and the left continues to loose as fallons ratings continue to fall. trump will continue to win and you all will cry. im smiling all the way

  12. If I had a dollar for all the times

    Trump has said "fake news"

    I'd gladly give my millions away

    to hear him say "FAKE BOOS"

  13. You leftists are so intolerant, disrespectful; and full of hate!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for tearing down our Republic and creating a hostile society! I thought you were the side of civility and tolerance and understanding , what happened to “be for something not against something “? It’s really sad 😔

  14. Ola!
    The world American as it gets. Weather you like the President or not. He is the Commander in Chief of thee baddest snot slinging beer drinking virgin converter fighting men in the world. Thank God for thee American fighting man!! Even a whole stadium of ungrateful mother fukkers can show their ass to the world while enjoying pop corn and sodas.. I don't give a fukk who is in office. YOU…behave accordingly. The man is there with his family and you fukk with him??
    The next time somebody fukks with you in public in front of your family?? It's gonna burn!!

  15. Why are there no right wing late night tv talk show hosts. Half the country is right leaning but get no representation in the type of programs that are available to them. Tv networks are truly the devil’s spawn. One day they will pay

  16. Pee pee man put his penis in a porn star and all of his people went to prison… Pelosi is proud. All the people are proud!


  18. It was Washington DC where the deep state swamp hates him and only 4% voted for him I mean .. what would you expect? 😂😂😂

  19. A president who’s leadership gets rid of the number one leader of ISIS and you little snowflakes can’t even take a hate break to appreciate that fact. Let alone all the great things he has done without help from the Democrats. He is fighting for YOU, you little bitches, you don’t deserve him. You’re not worthy of him.

  20. AMERICANS… Lets face some truths Trump was installed by a HOSTILE Foreign Government an 80 year Enemy that swore he would see America implode and No One would be there to HELP her, because he believes USA is responsible for Soviet Union's Collapse….Do yo think after Trumps 5 bankruptcies, Putin (A MASTER Requiter for the KGB) couldn't see TRUMP in all his DESPERATION coming a 10,000 miles away? It as come out in Drips and Drabs that Russia got into the voting systems in ALL 50 States… to do what? Just to look around??

    If TRUMP Wins 2020 That will be the end of our REPUBLIC…. Our Democracy……If Nothing about this country is worth fighting for and if You and Your Fellow Trumpanzees hate your fellow AMERICANS more than you LOVE America… Putin will Win and you will be happy because Hey at least you got to "OWN the LIBs"


  21. More than 80 % of USA wants him impeached.its like the citizens voices aren't being heard.its the political idiots making the decision in DC not us.we want him out n locked up

  22. The Final solution for America , Civil War, like all previous Republics , like Rome time to eradicate the present system and start afresh. They started burning California already. Don’t come to Texas, you will meet a wall of fire from the Patriots. So California burns and Hollywood Jokes.

  23. The footage of him choking back tears is actually kind of heart breaking. Would feel bad for him if he weren't a monster.

  24. First off Jimmy Fallon , you're not really funny, second of all I bet you wouldn't like it if a bunch of people boo'ed you one night. See how funny you are when Trump is re-elected in 2020

  25. Big news for these idiots. They can’t see a good thing no matter what he does That’s a shame. Well when he gets RE-ELECTED IN 2020 DEMOCRATS WILL BE CRYING AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN.

  26. Boo bitches are people who have no individual thoughts of their own. Their lives are driven by peer pressure forcing them to conform.

  27. Ya know, the blasting of Trump by actors and media, as well as trying to scream impeachment, is just handing him a 2nd term on a silver platter. It's making most voters between the coasts pretty mad. 2020 will be a landslide.

  28. Hey you PEDO looks like your time is up, starting tomorrow it all unravels. See you soon in a light amigo!! You shouldn't fuck the fruit before it's ripe scumbag

  29. You know Jimmy, I always watched your show religiously. Not anymore. You are just like the rest of these puppets. And it's sad bc you are hilarious

  30. go and look up the real footage because the people cheered and love presidential wivh proves to you that the media is fake news

  31. Best. Moment. EVER!!! Trump & lemmings: FAKE NEWS Normal decent people: End the nightmare! The world: Thank god America has some decency left…

  32. Trump booed when he showed his face at the World Series, and the GOPer he supported in Kentucky was defeated. Nuff said?

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