#träumweiter 0049 – In Style: ModedesignerInnen mögen München

Hello, I’m Cathy, hi, I’m Thomas, and that’s Iggy. We are streetwear designers and today we’re looking for inspiration in Munich. Nullkommasiebenprozent is our fashion label. We design sustainable streetwear with a focus on self-drawn motifs, which we then screen print onto T-shirts. What probably makes us special is that we really do everything ourselves. Everything is done by hand, from the illustration and drawing, to printing the design onto the T-shirt. We went on our first journey together as a couple 14 years ago with Interrail. I think that journey was mainly about becoming grown-ups, as we were travelling on our own for the very first time. Iggy is our 3 year-old French bulldog. We saw this photo, and took the decision to drive to Salzburg to pick her up. It was love at first sight. So when we travel, we naturally look at other shops, other designers, and museums. We really love strolling through cities. We visited the English Garden once a couple of years ago. It is really beautiful, and I liked it a lot. I think the Pinakothek is very interesting architecturally speaking. By which I mean it is very impressive when you enter it and see the large dome above and the exhibitions. There are all sorts of very different things there. It’s a museum where you never get bored and where you always get different impressions, which means you can take a lot in. For me, the Werksviertel is a place where different creative minds come together. There’s lots going on, you can discover so much and I think it’s simply great to walk through it because there’s something new happening on every corner. It’s very inspiring, mainly because it’s simply so colourful. The workshop of Geradi is very imposing. You enter it and simply think “Wow!” Geradi is someone who obviously does what he likes doing and combines work and pleasure. There’s no problem at all striking up a conversation with him and he spoke very openly about his works and was also very interested in what we do. I found the Hi-Sky very interesting because it gave us a good overview of Munich. Well, I don’t know Munich from above, and it was nice to see. We’d like to visit Munich again because I think we’d like to spend a bit more time in the Pinakothek. We saw one artwork in the Pinakothek that we really liked for its stylistic elements, which we can take away with us and convert into a really cool print.

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