Toronto Blue Jays sign Ryu Hyun-jin on 4-year US$ 80 million contract

now good news for baseball fans
especially here in South Korea because South Korean pitcher Ryu hyun-jin will
be donning a new MLB uniform next year putting pen to paper on a 4-year deal
worth a t-80 million u.s. dollars with the Toronto Blue Jays the monster deal
makes through you the highest-paid South Korean pitcher in history
Eason Jae with the details Christmas came a few days early for Green Monster
you and Ginny on Monday the lefty signed a monster deal to pitch for the Toronto
Blue Jays for the next four years the deal gives you 80 million u.s. dollars
over four years for an annual salary of twenty million dollars since there’s no
opt-out clause in the contract the full 80 million dollars is virtually fully
guaranteed having joined the LA Dodgers in 2013 on a 6-year 36 million dollar
contract the salary has more than tripled his 20 million dollar annual
salary makes him the 41st highest-paid player for the upcoming 2020 season and
the 15th highest-paid pitcher in the majors it also makes view the fourth
highest-paid among Asian players in the majors behind New York Yankees pitcher
Masahiro Tanaka at 23 million u Darvish of the Chicago Cubs at 22 million and
fellow South Korean shooshing sue of the Texas Rangers at 21 million leaves
4-year deal with the Blue Jays also makes him the highest-paid South Korean
pitcher of all time as he shatters the five years 65 million dollar deal Park
chan-ho signed in 2002 to play for the Texas Rangers however the hefty paycheck
comes the burden of living up to the hype Ryu will have to pitch in a much
more hitter friendlier league and compete against the American League East
the AL East has long been one of the toughest divisions in the majors as the
Blue Jays compete against teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox
as well as the scrappy Tampa Bay Rays while it may take some time to judge
to his new surroundings for the time being view has 80 million reasons to
smile this Christmas Eason J Arirang news

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