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Hello Titans and welcome back to Titan
Sports the platform that brings you the best coverage on all Cal State Fullerton
athletics and I’m Brandy Flores and I’m Alyssa Freyder now it is March and that
means March Madness is finally here. Men’s basketball hosted their final
regular season game against Hawaii. A win would mean they would clinch the
second seed and a loss could result in a potential tiebreaker against UC Santa
Barbara now let’s head over to Titan Gym it was the last home game for the
seniors on the team and they were honored before the tip-off before Senior
Night. Cal State Fullerton comes out of the gates quick on a 7-0 run
senior Khalil Ahmad was leaking on the fast break to get an open dunk to cap
off the run halfway through the first half and Devon Clare cuts to the hoop
and finds an open Jackson Rowe under the rim for an easy deuce Fullerton leads 14-12
Now in the final seconds of the first half Hawaii’s Drew Buggs brings the
ball up the court and drains the running 3-pointer at the buzzer to cut
Fullerton’s lead to one Titans led the Rainbow Warriors 34-33 at halftime.
Jackson Rowe would finish the night with a team-high 16 points the Titans would
trail by one after Rowe hits the fadeaway jumper however Hawaii didn’t look back
in the second half and would spoil Fullerton’s Senior Night winning 71-59
here’s what Fullerton’s coach Taylor had to say about the loss. “I got to be a
better coach I got to be a better coach I got to find a way to motivate my guys
at this time of year such a special night I’ve got to find a way to you
know be more responsible for our you know our energy and competitive spirit when we
come out of the locker room and during, throughout the course of the game I’ve
got to be better in that particular area.” after conference play finished UCI takes
the top spot and ended with the record of 15-1 Santa Barbara was in the 2
spot and because Cal State Fullerton did lose to Hawaii they end up taking the
number 3 spot now heading into tournament play this week UCI will take
on 8th seed UCR. UCI will take number 7 Cal State Northridge and the
Titans will take on UC Davis first at 2:30 p.m. this Thursday the tournament
will be broadcasted on ESPN and as always it will be a single game
elimination process. Women’s basketball came off a major win against rivals Long
Beach State last Thursday the game came down to the wire but Fullerton won 50-47
the team played their final regular season matchup against UC Riverside over
the weekend in a game that was neck-and-neck until the very end let’s
take a look at that highlight the sixth ranked Titans look to beat the 3rd
ranked Highlanders on senior night in their final game before the Big West
Tournament.Titans had no trouble scoring early on, out scoring Riverside 23-12
at the end of the first quarter freshman Amiee Book put in a solid
performance scoring 14 points on the night and shooting 4 for 6 from 3 Raina
Perez would also get in on the action with a killer crossover and she steps
back to make the 2 point jumper despite a solid offensive effort from the Titans
in the first quarter Riverside was able to get their way back into the game the
Titans would turn the ball over 21 times by the end of the game and allow
Riverside to make the comeback turnovers and open threes were the source spot for
the Titans Riverside’s Malou De Kergret seen here scoring from three De Kergret
scored 4 of Riverside’s 9 3-point shots and would ultimately
help defeat the Titans 75 to 67 on Senior Night now let’s talk about the
Big West standings for women’s basketball UC Davis is sitting in first
place and Cal State Fullerton is currently in 6th place with a record of
6-10 the Titans will take on Long Beach State again on Tuesday at 8:30
p.m. for the first round of the Big West Tournament. Speaking
of the Big West Tournament let’s send it over to Kush and Nathan for their
predictions of the tournament guys thank you Brandy and welcome to this edition
of Inside The Basket I’m your host Kush Parikh with my
co-host Nathan McHugh. Nathan it is my favorite time of the month March Madness
Big West Tournament right around the corner let’s start with women’s
basketball there six and ten in the Big West Conference 14 and 15 overall what
his coach Harada done to turn this program around into a successful one
well they’ve been able to two of the the best players on the team stayed when
they could have left two years ago and he’s also done really well recruiting I
mean Amiee Book a freshman she’s one of the best players in the conference one
of the best three-point shooters one of the best in field goal percentage so I
think that’s why they’ve taken the step from ninth in the Big West last year to
six and yeah they’re already in the Big West Tournament in two years after you
know only seven wins combined the last two seasons prior to coach Harada’s
arrival yeah and you mentioned about Daeja Smith,
Jade Vega Raina Perez they’re averaging all double figures Daeja
Smith leading the Big West Conference in field goal percentage and you have Jade
Vega and Raina Perez at the top of the conference in assists per game so all
that this season they finished out six and ten which is good enough to give
them the six seed in the Big West Tournament they’ll be taking on Long
Beach State on Tuesday night tell me what you think about that I mean I think
it’s a great matchup I mean the first two games they got off to really slow
starts, so I think if they need to get off to a much better start and then I think
one of the the players to watch for Cal State Fullerton to me would be Carolyn
Gill because even though she didn’t score any points in the the game against
Long Beach she to me it was one of the one of the best players on the court I
mean rebounds assists steals you know showing how much you can affect the game
without scoring and she was the one that inbounded the ball to Raina Perez for
the the game-winning three I’m looking forward to this Long Beach State game
as regards to the Big West Tournament who do you think is gonna come out on
top well I think that I mean CSUN is the defending champions but I think UC Davis, Morgan Bertsch she’s going to be really difficult to to stop I don’t I
think it’s pretty even so I’ll say I’ll say UC Davis wins this year yeah it’s a
bold pick let’s go into men’s basketball now they’re 10 and 6 in the Big West
Conference as we know they had a rough preseason schedule turned it around in
conference season but they have lost three of their last four games what has
been going on with the men’s basketball team well for the most part they’ve
gotten off to slow starts I mean the game against Hawaii wasn’t that way they
actually got up 7-0 as opposed to down six or seven nothing but they just
haven’t sustained it and you know they haven’t been able to build on the
momentum and I think with the Hawaii game they were up by seven with under
you know 30 or 40 seconds to go before the half and they give up a three
then they turn the ball over when the shot clock was off and give up another
three and they never really recovered from you know
giving up those six points and once Hawaii took the lead early in
the second half they never relinquished it so I think they just
need to you know if they get behind or you know things start going the other
way they just need to get the momentum back, or do something change up their
offense or defense and try to find a spark that way if need be I think
they’ve had a lack of energy these last couple games and losses as well in that
winning streak that they were having before during conference play a lot of
their bench players were coming off the bench and producing and helping them
with that big energy off the bench I think in the last four games they’ve
lost a lot of that and right now with the Big West Tournament right around the
corner it is not a good time to be losing energy I think coach Taylor needs
to light a spark underneath this team and hopefully they will be
defending their Big West championship and repeat which is the first time in
program history, right. So they play UC Davis in the quarterfinals on Thursday
at the Honda Center what do you think the outcome will be I think Cal State
Fullerton will win they they split in the regular season
each team winning at home but I think you know in some ways a loss at the end
of the season at home can kind of can kind of spark them I mean it did they
lost to Hawaii at home in the same position last year and then they were
able to go on the run and win the Big West Tournament so I think that
they’ll win but I think again it’s gonna be right down to the wire it’ll probably be
a, it seems like every time well the two times they played in the Big West
Tournament previous it’s been a 2 or 3 point game and I don’t expect it to be
any different yeah and from a stats perspective
Fullerton is second in the Big West in field goal percentage but they’re dead
last in three-point percentage and three points attempted running a three guard
lineup as they do a small ball lineup you’d expect them to take more threes
but I think taking it inside the paint and not having the size to take it in
the paint I think it’s making them really one-dimensional which may be why
teams are adjusting their game plans to the team so hopefully coach Taylor can
do something different because guys like Wayne Arnold, Josh Pitts and Jamal Smith
who actually has been stepping it up during this losing streak
I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him shooting the threes being more
aggressive taking it to the rack dishing it out to open players that type of
stuff but on the defensive end they are sorry on the offensive end they are
still turning the ball over why is that well I think because they’re just not
they don’t seem to have a definitive point guard I mean sometimes they have
Austin play point or Khalil or Kyle but you know they’re just not getting the
the production from the bench and then one thing that surprising is how
inconsistent Josh Pitts minutes have been I mean he didn’t play at all
against Hawaii I think that they could have really used him especially in that
second half when they you know Hawaii had all the
momentum I don’t really understand why your best you know low post
center or big doesn’t play at all in a crucial game that determines
seeding. yeah and looking on I agree with that
and looking on to the defensive side of things on the stat sheet
they are third in the Big West in defensive field goal percentage and
second in three-point percentage giving opponents three-point percentage so
their defense is there but they’re still allowing the sixth most points in
conference why is that I think because they they take too many chances and you
know their their guards get beat off the dribble too much Kyle and Khalil you
know sometimes they don’t play I mean they have the ability to play very good
defense but at times they they just don’t have the I guess the energy or the
play with the kind of effort defensively that they need to so I I mean I just
think that they they just can’t really sustain momentum Oh lately now last
thing what is your prediction for the Big West Tournament who is taking it all Well, I still think Cal State Fullerton will will win the Big West Tournament I do
but you know in order for that to happen they’re gonna need to you know get
production from their bench but also they’re gonna need to play Josh Pitts
you know meaningful minutes I mean maybe even start in one game I
think they they need to control the paint and then that’ll lead to more open
threes and they need to be not as passive when they get open threes and
not look to drive maybe look to pump fake or look to just shoot more threes
and they have the ability to to be a very good three-point shooting team they
just don’t take a lot of them yes so the Big West Tournament for men’s starts on
Thursday this is where names are made Kyle Allman jr. made his name for
himself last season in the Big West Tournament winning the MVP putting
himself on the national map with the Lou Henson
all that stuff so we’ll we’ll see how this season pans out but that is it for
this edition of Inside The Basket we’ll send it back to Brandy and Alyssa at the
desk take it away ladies the Titan baseball team traveled to Albuquerque
for their first three-game series away from Goodwin Field their opponent would
be New Mexico who ended up taking the first two games of the series first six
to four and then 18 to 11 so now let’s go back to Albuquerque where the Titans
were trying to avoid the sweep in the final game bottom of the first scoreless
game Daniel Cope goes up the middle to score Hank LoForte and Sahid Valenzuela Titans
will lead 2-0 top of the sixth, Fullerton down one Jake Pavletich
almost hits it over the fence but would drive in two runs instead Titans are now
up 6 to 5 the rally would continue Jason Brandow lifts one down the right-field
line and Tanner Baker can’t make the play so a run would score Titans lead 7
to 5 bottom of the sixth the Lobos respond
Connor Mang hits a double play ball but the throw by Valenzuela is off the mark
one run scores and we’re tied at 7 top of the 7th Isaiah Garcia with a runner
on sends a two run shot to the parking lot in left field and the Titans
wouldn’t look back from their Fullerton takes game 3, 13 to 7 last week baseball
hosted a two game series against undefeated Arizona State at home their
first faceoff on Tuesday the Sun Devils scored all six earned runs early in the
second and third innings meanwhile the Titans were scoreless until the 8th
inning where they fought back pretty hard to score four runs although it was
just too little too late and they would drop the series opener six to four
however the Titans were not able to get the redemption in the second game
because it was cancelled due to the heavy rain we had here in Southern
California Hank LoForte was able to continue his
on-base streak with a walk he earned in the 6th inning he is currently leading
the country having been on base 55 straight games
his current on-base percentage is 386 and he is hitting 333 Titan softball
headed north this past weekend for the Silicon Valley Classic the highly
anticipated game against San Jose State ended up being canceled due
to weather conditions. On Friday the Titans faced a doubleheader losing 5 to
0 to Nevada but they came back strong against Weber State winning 1-0 Cal
State Fullerton kept their momentum going for Saturday’s double-header
they took two W’S taking a 3-0 win over Northern Kentucky and an 8 to 1 win over
the Santa Clara Broncos Fullerton closed their weekend with a bang
junior right-handed pitcher Sophie Frost threw a complete game shutout throughout
the game against Northern Kentucky she only allowed five hits while striking
out six. Junior catcher, Julia Valenzuela took the charge of the
offense against the Broncos and went a perfect three for three with a double
and a walk now let’s get you guys caught up with In Case You Missed It.
Thanks guys I’m Cory Johnson keeping you up to date In Case You Missed It, swinging
to the golf course the men’s golf team finished in first place at the
Sacramento State Invitational Fullerton set a tournament record shooting 17
under par 847 4 Titans finished in the top 20 including the individual winner
Jack Dyer meanwhile on the court the women’s tennis team had a dominant
performance against Hawaii winning 6-1 the Titans would then defeat rivals Long
Beach State 4-3 and showed no love whatsoever for Youngstown State and a 7-0 victory these wins would push their record to 7 and 2 overall and now we
race over to the finish line as the track and field team hosted their
Ben Brown Invitational Fullerton won six of the events led by personal bests from
Charles Kelly in the men’s 110 meter hurdles and Samantha Huerta in the
women’s one-mile run putting over towards golf, the women’s team recently
competed in the Gold Rush Invitational on February 26.
They finished overall in 14th place with 57 over par now let’s head over to Titan
Timeline for a preview of this week’s upcoming games. Thanks Cory what’s up guys I’m Curtis
Redmond and let’s check out some of the upcoming games with this week’s edition
of Titan Timeline starting off on the diamond the baseball team will give
begin a four game homestand against USC on Tuesday and then finish the week with
the three-game series against James Madison swinging on over to the fairways
the golf team will travel up to San Francisco to take place in the two-day
Olympic Club Intercollegiate throwing it back to the circle the softball team is
back at home as they look to keep their three game win streak alive against
Houston they will then play four games in four days as they host the Easton
Invitational Tournament where they will play Boston University, Harvard, DePaul
and then finish off with the College of Charleston serving it over to tennis
they look to build on their five-game win streak as they host the University
of Pacific on Wednesday they will then travel to Cal State Northridge where they
will continue conference play as they currently sit him first in the Big West
finishing strong with track and field the team will be ready to race down to
Irvine where they are set to compete in the UC Irvine Collegiate Classic now
that this week’s agenda is booked back to you guys at the desk well folks
that’s all we have time for today thank you for tuning in for today’s episode
you can watch our past episodes and game highlight packages on our youtube
channel so make sure you like, comment and subscribe , and don’t forget to follow us
on twitter and instagram at CSUF Titan Sports and like us on facebook to stay
connected now on behalf of all of us here at Titan Sports I’m Brandy Flores
and I’m Alyssa Freyder remember to keep those Tusks Up Titans and we’ll see you
next time.

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