Theresa May says she wants changes to backstop, not removal

Well, I’m not proposing
to persuade people to accept a deal that doesn’t
contain that insurance policy for the future. What parliament has said
is that they believe there should be changes
made to the backstop and it is in that vein,
in that light, that we are working with politicians across
Westminster, of course, across the House of Commons.
But also, we’ll be working with others – with the Irish government
and with the EU – to find a way that enables us to maintain
our commitments that we have set, very clearly, for no hard border,
but to do it in a way that provides a withdrawal agreement
and political declaration for the future than can command
support across the House of Commons and, therefore, that we will be
able to ratify with the European Union such that we leave on 29 March
with a deal.

23 thoughts on “Theresa May says she wants changes to backstop, not removal”

  1. The issue of Northern Ireland is seen as a way of locking the UK into the EU Customs Union and Single Market, negating Brexit altogether.

    The first sign of this politicisation came when the EU dismissed border technology and alternative handling arrangements as ‘magical thinking’. This suited Remainers on both sides of the channel who wanted to keep the UK in the CUSM…

  2. So Little England is now reduced to talking to itself about something that will never happen. She is day dreaming while flying kites in her own yard in the hope the EU give a toss anymore.

  3. liar..get this brexit the UK can dissolve as soon as possible..Ireland and Scotland are good with out the UK or what is left from it

  4. How dumb can this person be, saying one thing in NI and another in the commons does she not know the DUP hear about everything in the members bar!

  5. So technology sitting it unprotected on the side of the road acting as a boarder crossing isn’t going to be a constant target for vandalism?

  6. Theresa May: I won't put seamless border in Northern Ireland at risk ►

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