The Tragic History Of Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael Osbourne, or as the world knows
him better, Ozzy Osbourne. A music legend with a tragic backstory. Today we will be
discussing just a small fraction of what Ozzy has done and been through. When Ozzy started school in the mid 50’s,
he learned early on that he was dyslexic. Back then, the protocol was to ignore these
things and hopefully they will just correct themselves. As we know today, that is not
the case. But since Ozzy had no support, it made school that much harder. Not only could
Ozzy not read well, but he was also severely bullied, beginning at the age of 11. 2 bullies
in particular would make Ozzy pull down his pants and then abuse him in ways that Ozzy
will only sum up as “terrible”. All of this took a severe toll on him, like it would
any child and at the age of 14, Ozzy tried to severely harm himself. His father discovered
him immediately afterwards and proceeded to beat him. At the age of 15, Ozzy had, had
enough and dropped out of school. He would then spend the next couple of years holding
down low paying jobs and petty crime. When he was 17, he was locked up for 2 months on
burglary charges. As many people know, once he was released,
Ozzy would eventually place an ad in the local newspaper, stating “Ozzy Zig, Vocalist,
requires band, owns own pa”. This was the first step in what would become Black Sabbath.
In February of 1970, Black Sabbath would release their first album and spend the next 8 years
recording albums and touring. Many would think that these would be some of the best years!
You’re in a successful band, touring the world. You meet a girl, get married and have
2 children. Most would think it’s happily ever after. But it was during these years
that Ozzy would become heavily involved with substance abuse and affairs. Because of Ozzy’s self destructive behavior,
Black Sabbath ended up firing Ozzy in 1979, which would only help fuel his substance.
Ozzy would go on to be a solo artist, after meeting the great Randy Rhoads in 1979. Ozzy and company would release his first solo
album The Blizzard of Ozz on Sept 12th 1980. In March of 1981, Ozzy had a meeting with
CBS. Right before the meeting, Ozzy had polished off a bottle of brandy. During the meeting
something very bizarre happened….Ozzy bit the heads of off 2 live doves. He has been
quoted as saying , “I just remember this PR woman going on and on at me. In the end,
I said, ‘Do you like animals?’ Then I pulled out one of these doves and bit its
f—ing head off. Just to shut her up. Then I did it again with the next dove, spitting
the head out on the table, and [the woman] fell on the floor screaming. That’s when
they threw me out. They said I’d never work for CBS again.” Nov 7th, 1981, Ozzy would release his second
album, Diary of a Madman. It was during this tour that the infamous bat incident took place.
On January 20th, 1982 in Des Moines, IA, a fan threw what appeared to be a dead bat onto
the stage. Ozzy thought it was a rubber bat and proceeded to bite the head off. He immediately
realized his mistake when he realized it was “crunchy”. After the concert, he was immediately
rushed to the hospital where he received rabies shots. To commemorate the 37 year anniversary
of this incident, an official Ozzy bat plush doll was made. And yes it came with a detachable
head! It was also on the Diary of a Madman tour,
that Randy Rhoads had, had enough of Ozzy’s self destructive behavior. Randy was going
to leave Ozzy’s band and focus on becoming a classical guitarist, once he had wrapped
up the Diary of a Madman tour. But that was not meant to be. On March 19th, 1982 at approximately
9am, Randy Rhoads, make up artist Rachel Youngblood and tour bus driver/pilot Andrew Aycock, would
pass away in an airplane crash. Ozzy would later go on to admit that the Aycock, the
pilot had been doing (cocaine) all night prior to the crash. Ozzy has said that day was the absolute worst
day of his life. Randy Rhoads was only 25 years old at the time of his death. The news
that day would go on to shock the world as it had just lost one of the greatest guitar
players of all time. In his book I Am Ozzy, Osbourne said “Randy
[Rhoads] was laid to rest at a place called Mountain View Cemetery, where his grandparents
were buried. I made a vow there and then to honour his death every year by sending flowers.
Unlike most of my vows, I kept it. But I’ve never been back to his graveside. I’d like
to go there again one day, before I finally join him on the other side.” Also in 1982, Ozzy would finalize his divorce
with his first wife Thelma Riley. He has since stated that his marriage was a terrible mistake.
He admitted to having countless affairs while being on tour. “I put that woman through hell. I should
have never married her. “She didn’t deserve it: she wasn’t a
bad person, and she wasn’t a bad wife. “But I was a f*****g nightmare.” Later on in that same year, he would go on
to marry Sharon Arden, daughter of Black Sabbath’s manager Don Arden, who he had been seeing
since 1980. You know her better as, Sharon Osbourne. Ozzy would release 3 more solo albums prior
to the end of the 80s, with Bark At The Moon, The Ultimate Sin and No Rest For The Wicked.
While his career was continuing to flourish, he continued his heavy use of substances. During this same time frame, Ozzy would also
face some legal battles. 2 different families tried to sue Ozzy, stating that his music
was the cause of their kids deaths. They claimed that their children were perfectly ordinary
and well adjusted, prior to listening to Blizzard of Ozz. These lawsuits were dismissed. The court said
it was not possible for someone to harm themselves for listening to a record. While Ozzy was
very sympathetic to the families involved, he wanted everyone to know, the song in question
was about the dangers of alcohol addiction. In 1989, while in one of his stupors, Ozzy
approached Sharon and said “we’ve made a decision…you’ve got to die” and tried
to strangle Sharon to death. Luckily, they were not alone in
the room and Ozzy was stopped in the act. Sharon recalled in an interview that if she
had, had a gun with her that night, she would have shot Ozzy in self defense. It was a very
scary situation. In 2007, Ozzy did an interview with the Evening
Standard, where he recalled the events of that night and realized his fear of blacking
out and waking up, only to find out that he did something terrible, had become a dark
reality. He recalled coming to and realizing he was in a small cell, the stench was horrendous
as the walls were covered in human feces and an officer had to tell him that he attempted
to kill Sharon. The court ordered them to be separated and
that Ozzy must enter rehab. While this helped in the interim, it would not be Ozzy’s last
rehab visit. Ozzy and Sharon’s marriage hasn’t just
been plagued by substance abuse. Sharon has gone on record with People magazine, stating
that she knows of at least 6 different women that Ozzy has had affairs with. From teenage
groupies, to masseuses, to their own household staff. Channel 24, detailed an account of
where Ozzy accidentally texted Sharon, when he was meaning to send it to one of his “other
women”. One time Sharon even gave Ozzy more sleeping pills than he should have taken,
in an attempt to get him to tell her the truth. She was afraid that had she not done that,
the lies would have continued and she would have never found out. Through out the course of his life, Ozzy has
abused multiple substances. All while drinking massive amounts of alcohol. How he survived
is actually a thing of science. It has been discovered that Ozzy has a generic mutation,
making him more prone to addiction as well as the ability for him to be able to survive
the amount of abuse he has put his body through. Addiction also runs in the Osbourne family
with Jack and Kelly also becoming addicted to pain and anxiety meds at the age of 13.
Over the years they have gone to rehab and are both now sober! However, it has to make
one wonder if they were also born with the same gene that makes them more susceptible
to addiction. Tragedy struck again in 2003. Ozzy was riding
his ATV, around his London estate, when he crashed and flipped his ATV. Luckily for Ozzy,
his bodyguard was nearby and was able to resuscitate him a couple of times before an ambulance
arrived. Jack Osbourne had said that Ozzy suffered a “broken collarbone, eight fractured
ribs that were pinching crucial blood vessels, and a damaged vertebrae in his neck.” Ozzy
then spent the next 8 days in a coma. It was revealed that while Ozzy was not drinking,
he was on a 42 pill a day regimen, that included anti-psychotics and tranquilizers. Which also
helped to explain Ozzys odd behavior and muttering on The Osbournes. Needless to say Ozzy parted
ways with that Dr. 2019, has been described by Ozzy as being
the most painful year of his life. Which after everything he’s been thru and done to his
body, really says something. Between a bad fall, that dislodged the metal rods he had
placed in his vertebrae from the ATV accident, an infection and nerve pain issues, he was
forced to cancel many tour dates. The rumor mill began stating that Ozzy was on his deathbed.
Luckily, that was not the case, however Ozzy was diagnosed with PRKN 2, a form of Parkinson’s
disease. Ozzy said in an interview with CNN, that this diagnosis felt like a weight had
been lifted. While this is not something that will put him on his deathbed, Sharon has said
“It’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination, but it does affect certain
nerves in your body. It’s like you have a good day, a good day and then a really bad
day.” Ozzy has been a recovering addict since 2006.
He seems to have made amends with his family and those that he’s hurt with his actions. With everything that Ozzy has endured over
the course of his life, from his rough upbringing to his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis and
everything in between, he is still standing! Will we ever see him back on tour? It’s
hard to say, but at the age of 71 he deserves a bit of rest. After everything that he has
given us fans in the last 50 years, I wish him nothing but the best! Thank you for watching and please be sure
to hit that like button and subscribe so you get all of Rock Feed’s latest news, rock
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49 thoughts on “The Tragic History Of Ozzy Osbourne”

  1. Don’t leave us Ozzy

    My favorite songs by Ozzy are “Crazy Train,” “No More Tears,” “Life Won’t Wait,” and the one he did with Post Malone off of Ordinary Man

  2. My favorite Ozzy song and album is Bark At The Moon. That album changed my life when I first listened to it over thirty years ago at nine years old. Ever since I have been a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan and Black Sabbath. Ozzy and Black Sabbath will always be LEGENDS!!!!

  3. narrations a bit better. I think he just needs a different mic, sounds tinny or "canny". good vid tho!

  4. NIB is the best song.

    Can you do Days of the New next. I actually saw Travis Meeks live in Nashville and he sounds amazing still.

  5. Ozzy is now paying the price for his past. The decades of drug and alcohol abuse, the cocaine binges; especially during the 70s and 80s, is the main reason he is in the situation he is in today. Watch the video of where Tommy Lee talks about Motley Crue being on tour with Ozzy in ‘84-‘85. It all has finally caught up to him and you can tell now that he is regretful about abusing himself in his youth

  6. Ozzy has lived a rock star life and is 71 yrs old. I think he has done some dumb shit but hell I doubt most people would still be kicking ass after all the shit he has done like he is. My mother and Ozzy are about the same age and she never did the things he has and she is in worse shape than Ozzy. I am kinda shocked how well he has held up over the years.



  9. My favorite song from ozzy Osbourne is take what you want with post malone. By the way I'm surprized that you didn't mention him urinating on the Alamo

  10. Ozzy has had tragic moments in his life . It’s far from tragic. The drug use and everything else his life should’ve ended a long time ago. He’s lived a long life . He should be celebrating his incredible wife. The prince of darkness🤘! The man who started it all thank you

  11. Tragic? He’s had his fair share of hardships but his life has also been incredibly blessed. He lost Randy Rhoades, that was tragic. Other than that he could look back and be happy with his life and career

  12. Those people who sue musicians for the loss of their children are simply trying to avoid taking any responsibility for themselves…

  13. From what ive seen i believe ozzy is one of the few genuine good guys. All of his rock peers love him and no one has ever said anything bad about him. I hope its true

  14. "We've made a decision and you have to die"…. .Rhandy was the first sacrifice and Sharon was almost the second. Ozzy made one Hell of a deal in my opinion. Yes I get it. Idolizing people that makes cool songs but when he calls himself the Prince of darkness he isn't kidding. Biting doves heads off and don't even tell me he didn't know the difference between a rubber bat and a real one. Funny he is still alive, it only proves what a tool he is. I am no hypocrite and yes have loved many of his songs but now I have no care for them. Jason Momoa doing his video….times running out Oz. Music is very powerful and this man is gonna regret it all. He said We've made a decision…..never went to Randy's grave…..we are all the demons this man is full of and they will be with him foreaver and ever. I cannot idolize this person because he has done his evil job well. Don't hate him…maybe he could change but very doubtful.

  15. It does NOT get any better than that 1st. album. The raw, dark power, & the amazing continuity.
    It blew me away at age 7, later stole that album from my big brother & still have it.
    The next few records being just as good says a lot for it's 4 member's collaboration.

  16. According to Black Sabbath. The dark "satanic" lyrics of their songs came the inspiration of Ozzy of being fond with the occult. Ozzy had an occult book where they get their ideas in writing songs. & because of being fond of the occult, Ozzy claimed he was always followed by a black shadow figure at home & in the recording studio which he was the only one who can see it. 👻😄

  17. Ozzy must have a very healthy blood system after all the issues and injuries he's been through and how good he still looks for a 71 year old man

  18. Izzy looked like Diamond Dave at one point, then turned into Rod Stuart
    It’s a trip how many different faces He had throughout the years. Always morphing

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