The Pitcher – Serenity

IEC sRGB -HP cprt 3desc lwtpt bkpt rXYZ gXYZ bXYZ dmnd pdmdd vued view $lumi meas $tech
rTRC gTRC bTRC text Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company desc sRGB IEC61966-2.1 sRGB IEC61966-2.1
XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ desc IEC IEC desc .IEC 61966-2.1
Default RGB colour space – sRGB .IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space – sRGB desc ,Reference
Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 ,Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 view XYZ
meas sig CRT curv A l !H!u! “‘”U” #8#f# $M$|$ %8%h% &’&W& ‘I’z’ (?(q( )8)k) *5*h* +6+i+
,9,n, -A-v- /$/Z/ 050l0 2*2c2 4+4e4 676r6 7$7`7 :6:t: ;-;k;>`>?!?a?
@#@[email protected] A)AjA B0BrB C:C}C F”FgF G5G{G J7J}J L*LrL N%NnN P’PqP R1R|R U(UuU X/X}X ]’]x]
Photoshop 3.0 8BIM digiKam 1.4.0 16:10 dark girl 1920×1200 colorsplash scaleable created
by viper $.’ “,# (7),01444 ‘9=82<.342 jtt8 yks5 f9n2 mfyq ma6c ium kwr j5.m gao :-e _voc fk iau :4.z ltc z>X_
R1C=ks_N KhGt RYg[ YB^EMj %^Sr ZNjT [email protected]:}} Obx* mB2IV j-e’ :.t*m yMg> )C_i)w Bmytg- YuNj dHi4 -00qR^ LK&.
Jm3N Rx+* R-E| u}Q^ qN?f ]{-m %[Ip a/BD^z AJ LqjX=]L ]Ug UiE:s G9mu=>:[KIV %XZg GdTWB_v )-;* @4_v VQ_n sF5′ {_0#n^ mkR.KP]b GtNOU n_3E( 1y} [email protected]| /c 2 ‘,/b [email protected] 7F l -htE] *.;g’ 0_>O{ ekNr #;(/ qYS_ (QMw O95w %V|S 56Gv 4*Iq VU?3I Z]S_z8 ?)t.i
[}z’ 3o9S ?8ex Vh[:C( gi[F Z|*[ jd:s$B jiBNWCT=M ZQ$7 Yd(u’ +xe` sqGO ?93;j ]rTjU sR~/H :]J) [Y]U 8″W)6 %eJ3 8Ol}
wqzF GM[Y SY5G u5Iy J/vA s,K suE;w ~:b# NYt*f? W.>m _]rC%m P]N’S YGs_m {wu5 N!Q? gyGS
sJX7E (6suOLxc9 +Z[) myEtF ZW}~” G1=+, +vRV yaym ]][7 acuCX ZLiU rM&[I_j NY-i kZn>!kEf gSSwWU -v}R X)-5 Q}R5=x% So>d GLGd ,?rN2i $V”8 #-yd cQbY6R R.)’ 5Z[*+/
.jto r}[=gokV ‘}_l? r_&e* Yf1D }rjpO !^N o_$t XYB0 q?2VC U)/#di 6o,% X&F+ ]MU 9t-$
I{|- B3Iu o)z3? $f5% 3FQ02 O_P={N*T OCS[% mk”2

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