The Dangers of the Backstop Jargon at Baseball or Softball Games (Blog)

alright guys coach Santiago here with the another video blog for you guys and the subject man I want to cover today is the backstop this is kind of where everybody kind of congregates as they’re watching their players most of what you hear behind the backstop our emotional thoughts irrational thoughts either good or bad and so the first thing I would tell you is that you need to make your own independent judgments of what you’re seeing hearing you’ve got to kind of understand you need to block out everything else the backstop is the number one source for just what’s what I call false information it’s no different than going to a party and thinking that everything that everybody says in a party is factual information or you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve walked up to a parents and hey her johnny is doing this or hey urge you guys joined this program or hey whatever and I said why did you guys do that well we heard you have to do this and do that you know it’s just one of those things that I always advise parents especially when it comes to your kids who you surround them with what you surround them in what you put in them is very very important at this at this particular time in their life and we should make those decisions based on a rumor or something somebody else said and it’s not really accurate information all right so point number two I want to make on the backstop isn’t all saying amongst people who are actually in the baseball and softball business and that’s saying is that ignorance is very profitable there are a lot of organizations out there that pump a lot of money into making sure that parents are saying certain things that you know they’re spending it with marketing dollars they’re doing that when I word of mouth so the first thing I would ask you guys to do is understand that information that you’re usually hearing needs to be re qualified by you doing your own investigation and educating yourself on who these people are that are involved in our space one of the things that really really concerns me is that are no barriers to entry you know and I’ve just heard of thousands upon thousands of emails that I’ve seen or conversations that I’ve had over the last 13 years where a parent has taken thousands of their hard-earned dollars and then at the end of that particular cycle they realize that somebody else is laughing all the way to the bank so this idea that ignorance lacks the educational platforms for parents to have can be very very profitable something to keep in mind a lot of us are out there allowing ourselves to make decisions just based on what’s popular and again that popularity is usually been painful by somebody or some company and it’s just important that we know that as you move forward all right so my last point is you need to really understand there is another level that you’re trying to get to there’s usually a reason driving you and your son or daughter and being involved in the sport I see a lot of parents making decisions based on what’s important to you as the parent and the player necessarily doesn’t get what he or she is looking for so spend that time around a dinner table really saying in developing some conversation around what’s important to us as a family think about baseball and softball industries and you’ve got these players and these parents all hopeful of something as and there’s no governance and there’s no policies holding people accountable to deliver services and if a person can just literally go from one sector of the country to another sector running the same program or the same quote unquote scam what we do have control over though is what our family mantra is what we believe in 2016-17 he may say that hey mom I’m really wanting to get myself out there against the best players of the country to showcase my talents and just challenge myself then make decisions based along that there’s an old thing I guess it’s all guys that I would advise on a college placement side hi there you’re going to make the decision or the decision is going to be made for you I feel the same way when advising parents if we don’t spend the time do that if we rushing through that process and you’ll just take the best deal in your mind is available to you I hope this stuff helps you guys as you’re preparing to sit behind many of backs up as you will as always you guys can call me at 407 7 9780 116 or email me directly at coach santiago the number 8 @ thank you for joining me today and hopefully you guys found this out you

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