Texas Rangers Fan Falls and Dies, Josh Hamilton ‘Distraught’

100 thoughts on “Texas Rangers Fan Falls and Dies, Josh Hamilton ‘Distraught’”

  1. All you peole saying shit are pathetic like saying "that's what you get" tf??? What's your problem his family can be reading these comment and common his little son saw the whole thing you huys are so fuckin rude

  2. what is wrong with you guys image if you die and your son witnessed it or if your dad died and you witnessed it how would you feel did you even see that poor boys face when his dad was falling to his death i guess not because you were to busy being a horrible human being it was really sad to watch so please stop writing rude comments and just imagine your self in that situation and having to witness your dads death and having to grow up without him so please stop writing rude comments

  3. Don't really know baseball from the UK , does he fall onto a walkway? Surely you could erect a net or something to aid safety?

  4. I hope I don't die like thus and someone puts it on YouTube because I don't want people saying that's what I deserve and also this is so sad that the son saw his dad die like in the lion king

  5. are you for real???? grow a fucking brain you moron. how about you go on your roof and swan dive off, and see if you live.idiot

  6. Does it not look like he let himself fall? The catch itself was made with both of his legs on one side of the railing. Pause at :12. notice the position of his legs. This guy let it happen, or it was simply his time to go… 🙁

  7. a blow to the head from a 4 foot fall is enough to kill you , he fell 20 foot head first , do the math and then ask yourself this question

  8. Classic how the newscaster gives a very stern, grim warning about how "graphic" this is, and then all it is is the guy falling out of view. No impact, no blood…

    I love how we're such fucking pussies in this country that we need to give warnings on such a nothing event. A man falling out of view is considered "graphic". Grow the fuck up, America.

  9. Youtube gives us the opportunity to show how ignorant, stupid, banal we can be in our comments. How would you react if your brother died or some other relative or friend? You tube is helping us to show our weaknesses but it's not helping us to cure them.

  10. LOL  If you think I'm trying to be a "badass" just because I said there's no reason this is a "graphic" video, you just proved the entire point of my comment, you jackass.

  11. Obviously those commenting without remorse are just children, who put no value on life. Those who believe in an afterlife as though their time spent here is irrelevant since theyll spend the rest of eternity in the heavens. And for his son, no matter how young, to have to watch his father die is unexplainably tragic. Then of course he will have to live through the distraught and misery kids his age will force against him for their own amusement. e.g. "At least my dad didnt die catching a bball".

  12. This is a reason Im a hermit, I literally have little to no respect for so many people I condemn myself from even tolerating their selfishness and feeling of self entitlement like the world revolves around them and because they say something through text, it carries no weight or meaning. Humans are truly cancerous to themselves….

  13. Second fatal fall at a MLB game that season? Clearly something needs to change.
    I know this wasn't the stadiums fault but I'm sure there are steps that can be taken to prevent this kind of thing.


    He wasn't trying to fucking get the ball first, this is Josh Hamilton. He requested for the player to throw the ball up, and in a conversation after he agreed, he asked his son who he wanted to catch it. "I can't catch it daddy, will you do it?" Was a quote heard in the nearby stands before his father agreed, and, seeing the requested ball being thrown, leaned over a bit to catch it. He slipped on a few napkins behind the stands, and tried to catch himself on the railing nearby.

    This caused it to be worse, as he instinctively knew he was falling and tried to hurl himself, on top of it, as it was his last option, but this made him go out even farther and, not having a very good grip, slipped and fell to his death, twenty feet below.


  15. feel bad for kid, but ball was not thrown to his father he reached over his kid to get in front of guy with glove that the ball was thrown to so if he stayed at his seat it would not have happened lesson learned for all 

  16. Tell you what, standing at the edge of any sheer drop fenced or not, I'm always gonna stand next to someone who can catch!!!

  17. people are fucking dicks. if the railing was a foot taller this man probably wouldn't have fallen over. this kid had to watch his father fall right through that other fans hands and bleed out on the ground in front of him. hes most likely out there right now missing the hell out of his dad and to make shit worse, instead of being encouraging to the kid like we humans should be, everyone is on youtube trying to one up each other for funniest comment. fuck all you douchebags.

  18. Why so many dislikes for this video? I'm sorry this happened, the kid will be traumatized for the rest of his life after seeing his own father die. But if you watch closely, dad had a chance to grab the lower railing with his right hand, if he let the ball go. This could have slowed the fall or turned him partially upright so as not to land on the head or neck.

  19. I jumped down from the upper deck level on to the field at Turner Field one time. Landed on my feet. Chipper Jones was at third base and had just caught a routine ground ball and tagged third to end the inning. I said.. Hey Chipper, toss me that ball please. He responded, " No"… Not even worth it.

  20. so sad, that guy next to him made such a pathetic attempt at saving him, seriously… it fucking looks like he just seizures in place… all he had to do was grab his legs!

  21. I think that happened he survived but he died because someone shot and he sleep in the hospital he died

  22. I feel Bad for The Son that had to see that happen. I know this is way late but my Prayers go out to the boy and his family. Wish them all nothing but the best

  23. he hit his head obviously on the fall .. so I was expecting to hear he died pretty much on impact which would make sense .. but he was alive and conscious afterwards ?? what eventually killed him ? brain swelling ?

  24. Okay, look…
    I was watching this game when this shit went down. It's still sad, to this day. This man was immortalized by a statue they placed at the ballpark…
    But, wtf. It's always been wtf. He catches the ball and holds onto it over attempting to grasp the rail to avert the fall. It's completely senseless and illogical. He's still holding the ball as he disappears past the wall!

  25. Why the fuck is there just a hole there? How much could it possibly cost the owners of this team to put a god damn net between the railing and the fence?

    People honestly should be outraged. This isn't something that takes a whole lot of thinking to figure out. People are going to go for catching baseballs. They may even reach over the railing, and they may lose their balance and fall. This was 100% preventable.

    I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often, and it should be unacceptable for any stadium to be built that doesn't have safety features like nets or higher railings.

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