‘Taking Away Their Styles’ Sneak Peek | Grudge Match

– I can’t wait to see what Cam
has his butt hurt about. – If it isn’t the old
one-trick Pon. You ready to finally nut up
or shut up, or you just gonna keep it up with the passive-aggressive
shit this time? – Ooh!
– [gasps] – I don’t know what I did that
got you so butt hurt, but… – The entire season,
constantly it was like, “Oh, he doesn’t even have
any talent. He shouldn’t even be here. He
[bleep] only does one thing.” It’s like, you’re telling me
I only do one thing? – If Cam got to challenge
everyone he had a grudge with, it would be
a group challenge for Cam. – You know, you say that I was
this lone wolf, didn’t want anything to do
with the team. You were a huge part of that. – I know you’re kind of butt
hurt that I gave you the sacred heart over the
geometric mandala thing. I could have sworn I handed you
a home run tattoo, and you went home on it,
so, like, I’m like, “I don’t know what he’s mad
at me about.” – You’re pretending to play
this whole, like, “Oh, I’m watching out
for you, man.” It’s like, you watched out for
me by giving me something that obviously ended up [bleep]
biting me in the butt rather than doing something that I would clearly knock
out of the park. I’m not gonna lie.
I [bleep] hated you. – I feel like he’s just
gonna punch Pon. – All right, let’s go.
I heard enough. Let’s go. – Yeah, man. – It’s hard to save someone
who doesn’t want to be saved. – I can handle my shit. – Let’s see if you can
handle it today. – Oh.
– Man, here we go. – Smells like hamburgers
up in here. So much beef. – Hey, guys.
I see you guys are still at it. – Any of you guys got
hemorrhoid cream? – Whoa.
– Hemorrhoid cream? – ‘Cause he’s butt hurt.
– Oh, boy. – How long you been
sitting on that? – Just now. It was good.
– No pun intended. – What’s the deal? We really want to know, why do
you guys not like each other? – I was trying to be, like,
a team player. You know, the whole point of
the thing was men versus women. It was like men, women,
Cam at one point. – I was just trying to play
the game. I’m not here to win
any popularity contests. I’m not here to kiss ass.
I’m not here to brown-nose. I came here to do tattoos, and I came here to do
the best work possible, and obviously that’s not really
all that high on your agenda, because it shows. – it shows that I made it
farther than you, dude. – Whoa, you guys don’t stop.
– Well, shit. – I want some tattoos
to start talking. – Put your money where
your mouth is, huh? – Yes!
– There’s money involved? – We’re gonna give you guys a
90-minute face-off tattoo to level the playing field, and we’re gonna pick what you
guys are gonna tattoo. – 90 minutes doesn’t scare me. – The winner of that 90-minute
face-off gets to pick the style
or subject of the six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – Whoever wins the grudge
match settles this for good. – Now, this 90-minute tattoo
has to be finished, right? – Ooh.
– It has to be good, right? – Oh! [laughing]
– Man. – We got to figure out what
they’re gonna do for this 90-minute tattoo. – And they’re so passionate,
obviously, about this beef. We got to think of something that’s gonna evoke
a little emotion, huh? – Clearly, they can’t
agree on anything. – Nothing.
– And it seems to me like there’s a bunch of knives
getting thrown in each other’s backs. How’s about a dagger?
– Ooh! Appropriate. – I’ll take it. – So we’re gonna do daggers,
any style. – 90 minutes.
– 90 minutes. – I’m down with that.
– Seems safe. – You guys got no time
to waste. Get to designing.
Let’s get to tattooing. – Got this.
– All right. Good luck, guys. – This is gonna be good. – What are you gonna
throw them at? – The same traditional shit.
I’m sticking with what I got. You know,
what are you gonna do– a [bleep] black and gray tattoo
with a female face in it? – If I could get that done
in 90 minutes, you’re goddamn right I would. – Got to play
to our strengths. Mine happens to be good
tattoos, and, you know, yours
is tattoos. [dramatic music] announcer:
In our second grudge, season 11’s self-proclaimed
master illustrator, Tim Stafford, butted heads
with the hotheaded technician, Kyle MacKenzie. – Mr. Versatility. – You did new school the
whole [bleep] time. – No, I didn’t. – Dude, you dropped the ball
on new-school day. – Here we go. announcer: Now they’ll put
their versatility to the test. – Show us the versatility
that you say you have at home. The second you do that,
I’ll shut my mouth – Kyle and Tim. Kyle was on my team
on season 11, and Tim was
on Christian’s team. Team Christian
always targeted Kyle because his tattoos
were so bold, so solid, and so fundamentally sound
that he did win quite a bit. Tim puts out there that he’s
the best illustrator and was always bagging on Kyle
for doing traditional tattoos, but then Tim would always do
new-school tattoos, but he’s a slow tattooer. – Mr. [bleep] traditional
skull outline. – What is the challenge, Tim? Is it traditional?
Is it new-school? It’s doing a [bleep]
galaxy, you idiot. – All I’m saying is you’re not really showing
much versatility, bro. – You do [bleep] new-school
every week. – Dude, I’m one
of the best composers in this [bleep] house. I’m like
[bleep] Mozart, bitch. – You’re a [bleep] idiot, dude. You walk around like your shit
doesn’t stink. – It don’t!
– I’m done with him. – It’s just funny, because,
you know, Kyle can’t really do
what Tim does, and Tim can’t really do
what Kyle does, and the two are angry
at each other for being good
at what they’re bad at. – Since season 11, I’ve opened up
my own private studio. I feel like my confidence and
my ambition towards the things that I want to do with my life
has changed. Really, really cool
to see you here and seeing all the things
that I’ve accomplished. – Dude, I’m so excited that, like, you’ve finally got
your own shop. This has been
a long time coming. – Yeah, man. I’m just happy. I’m coming back to give Kyle
a little bit of an ego check. He says that he’s versatile,
but the things that he produces doesn’t show the versatility
that he talks about. Kyle’s in need of a slice
of humble pie, and I’m here to serve it,
plain and simple. [rock music] – Come on. – Tim calls me
a one-trick pony just because I put a clean,
bold outline around my tattoos, and he calls it traditional. If you come
talking that bullshit, you got to be ready
to back it up. One, two, three! – Yay! This is fun! – When I’m around my kids, I’m
a completely different person. How was school, Elena? – It was good.
– I love school! – [laughs]
– Lila loves school. Going into this grudge match, I’m keeping
my kids close at heart, always in the back
of my mind. I got to stay cool, calm,
and collected, ’cause I’m doing
this for them. [dramatic music] – Oh, there’s my boy. – Crazy being back here, man, going up against this clown. – Here we go. – I can’t wait to put him
in his [bleep] place. – He’s gonna lose his shit. – Where is that anger
coming from? – He is an angry dude. Oh, here we go.
– Oh. – Look who it is. – Look who decided to show up.
– Mr. Versatility. – He was sitting on a beach
over in the Bahamas. – You’re calling me
“Mr. Versatility”? – Yeah, because you have
zero versatility. – Ooh. – I work
in a street shop, dude. I do everything that comes
through the [bleep] door. – So, if you do
so many good things, how come you didn’t bring those
skills to the table? – I did. – You brought trad here.
That was it. – You did new-school
the whole [bleep] time. – I didn’t–
– Dude, you dropped the ball– – That’s not the point. – He’s full of fire.
I’m telling you. – The fact is, I got further
than you taking risks, showing
way more versatility… – I played the game, man. I just did
what was asked of me. – My shit was just way more
artistically better… – That’s cool.
– Than yours. And you got so much
more praise for that shit. – The challenge is doing
a solid tattoo. – Let’s go break this up and get these guys
some tattoos to do. – I do tattoos that look
like tattoos, man. – New-school
looks like tattoos. – You can’t have new-school
without the old-school, bro. – Yeah. All right.
All right. All right. – Oh!
– Quiet down, guys. Time to put the machines
where the mouth is. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah, it is. – You guys were at it
like two wild animals. – I lived with these guys,
so I saw it firsthand. – I just felt like, yeah,
he can do clean tattoos, but you got to bring something
unique, something special, have some [bleep]
artistic ability, man. – I got rules in my style.
You don’t have rules. So you can do whatever
the [bleep] you want, and you’re just gonna
call it artsy. – Wow. Wow.
– I’m–you guys. – It is what it is, man. – You guys ready
to get into it? – Yeah. Let’s do it.
– Absolutely. – Right now
we’re gonna give you guys a 90-minute face-off tattoo, where we pick
what you’re gonna be tattooing. – The winner
of that face-off tattoo gets to choose the style or the subject for your
six-hour grudge match tattoo. – Sounds good. – Whoever wins the six-hour
grudge match tattoo ends this. – Are you gonna be
able to finish? – Why don’t you go ahead
and finish your tattoo fast as [bleep]? – What should we make them do? – That’s where
I’m up in the air. – Well, ’cause say we call out
a subject. He’s gonna do it traditional.
He’s gonna do it new-school. I would put the deed
to the ranch on that one. – It’s how you play the game.
– How’s about this? Kyle can do
anything but traditional, and Tim can do
anything but new-school. – Instead of giving them their
styles, we’re taking them. – Define “traditional,”
though, because there’s so many
sub-genres. American traditional?
Neo-traditional? – If you have to question what
we’re gonna think about it, go the opposite way. – Got ya.
– We want you guys to prove to us that you can do
a banging tattoo in a style
that’s obviously not your own. – Let’s do this, man.
– All right. – Absolutely.
– Get to work. – And step on the gas.
– No hitting. – The fact that the judges actually gave you
this challenge is the exact same reason
why I brought you here in the first place. – I do different shit all day,
every day, man. I’m a street shop tattooer. – Show us the versatility that
you say you have at home. The second you do that,
I shut my mouth. ♪ ♪ – All right, guys.
You ready for a fight? – Absolutely.
– You guys got 90 minutes to do dagger tattoos any way
you want. Your time starts…now. Get it!
– Let’s do it. – Good luck, guys.
– He’s gonna need it. Boom. – Perfect, man. – Get your ass up there.
Let’s go. – Are you good, man?
– Yep. [tattoo needle buzzing] – I already know
that my design is gonna blow Pon’s out
of the water. My tattoo is a very thin,
elegant dagger with a bee on the hilt. I want to include
all that soft shading that I’m known for,
very textured stippling. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot
more impressive to be pulling those long,
thin lines than just, like,
a regular fat one. This is my chance to shine,
really show what I could do. [dramatic rock music] ♪ ♪ – Half an hour down, guys.
You’ve got one hour left. – An hour left? I’m gonna
do another tattoo. – Don’t do that to him. He doesn’t need two
shitty tattoos. Just stick with the one.
– I hate grudges. I don’t like when people
don’t like me Cam likes to keep reminding me
that I did traditionals all throughout
our competition, so I’m picking
a traditional style so I can whup his ass
with it. – Look at that. – It’s a little homage to what
brought us here. So it’s gonna be a golden skull
with a dagger going through it, ’cause he says I stabbed him
in the back. I just wanted to make sure,
like, he remembered what beat him, you know? I’m picking
a traditional tattoo ’cause I’m playing it smart. Cam’s ego gets
in his way all the time, and if Cam’s history proves
itself again, he’s gonna shoot
himself in the foot. ♪ ♪ – Sorry. I have so many of these long,
thin lines within this tattoo, if this canvas doesn’t stop
moving, these lines are [bleep]. [dramatic rock music] ♪ ♪ – All right, guys.
Ready to duke it out? – I’m ready, man. – Tim, got the gloves on?
– Yes, sir. – Your 90-minute
face-off tattoo starts right now. – [bleep], yeah.
Let’s do it, man. That looks [bleep] sick. – Sweet. Want to check that
out in the mirror there? – Hey, Tim, you want to hear what a real machine
sounds like? – I can’t hear myself think. – My tattoo is a
neo-traditional skeleton hand holding an hourglass. All good?
– All good. Judges said I couldn’t do
American traditional. They didn’t say I couldn’t do
neo-traditional. I got this. Hey, Tim, step on the gas. – Step on the gas. My tattoo’s just a simple
illustrative tattoo– a little cluster of gems
with some leaves. My style consists of a lot of,
like, bells and whistles, and those are all the things
that I’m gonna have to take out in order to pull off this
90-minute tattoo. – That’s probably the fastest
I’ve ever seen you move. – I’m working, man.
– And you went home and did some studying
and some tuning or what?
– A little bit. The artistic side of me
is something that I’ve always had,
but speed, saturation, all those things can come
with time, and I’ve been working
on that, and I’m a much faster
tattooer now. So Kyle better bring it. I’m not even blinking,
so I’m tearing. [dramatic rock music] – 60 minutes left, guys.
60 minutes left. ♪ ♪ You better not be doing
any traditional tats over here. – No. Doing neo-trad, bro. – [sighs] – Neo-traditional is different
from American traditional, because you’re not restricted
to just four colors, you’re not restricted
to just one line weight. I’m using multiple line
weights, different colors, and different tricks
of shading and light source to show that it’s not just an
American traditional piece. – Just like old times
right now. – Yeah, baby. – Kyle, you’re not supposed
to be doing traditional! Your drawing
looks traditional. I mean, there’s nothing fancy or illustrative
about this drawing. He needs to really step up
his shading game and really make this thing have
some dimension, or otherwise, if it looks flat,
it’s gonna look traditional.
00:12:11,814 –>00:00:00,000
Get to work, ’cause you only
got 51 minutes left.

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