Super Easy, Super Clean Dugout Bat

Super Quick Super Clean… If you’ve ever
used a dugout you know how that bat gets clogged up. Here’s a dugout it has a space for cannabis
and your bat. Fits in your pocket, nice and neat. First we take a rolling paper and we tear off approximately a third, probably just a
bit more than I’m tearing off here. Take that piece and you want to fold it up and keep
folding it and keep folding it until it makes a little tight wad of paper that just barely
fits in the end of the mouthpiece end of the bat here. Shove that in… the tighter the
fit the better it will be, so… Take this piece of coat hanger wire that I’ve
cut and bent and slowly push that through… careful to keep all that resin away from your
fingers and on the paper only. THere it goes squirting out… bam, alright
grab it with the paper… clean off the end of that wire and you really need a safe place
to put that wire down, I usually use another rolling paper but I didn’t for this.
If you don’t have the wire you can use the q-tips, uh, take 2 q-tips and cut the ends
off of one of them and one end off of another. You see here I’m flattening the resin into
the paper… if I absolutely have to smoke it because I’m done with…I’m out of meds…Uh…
I’ll makes it a lot easier to slice it up into thin little bits.
And there you see the bat is clean… You can also like I said, use the q-tip…
press that in and then use the other end to push that through, it’ll push the paper through
just like that piece of bent coat hanger wire did.
And clean the end off… resin is nasty.

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