Strat-O-Matic Baseball for Windows – ’81 Cincinnati Reds @ ’81 Atlanta Braves – Games 2, 3, & 4

Welcome back to Walk-Off Walk everybody. This is JT. We are about to do a three-game series between the 1981
Reds and the 1981 Braves in Atlanta. What I have up on the screen now is the
standings as of the end of Opening Day. I see my Reds here in first place and the
Phillies 0-1 in the East. I mentioned that I was going to simulate
the American League alongside this so actually we’ll go ahead and do that
now. Opening Day was on the 8th of April. The American League didn’t have a game
on the 8th of April. They had a game on the 9th, they have, looks like four games
on the 9th. So we’ll go ahead and play this day. And then both leagues play on the 10th. So we’ll get the American League out of
the way here. Go to the National League. Looks like the Dodgers won.
The Giants won their game. Okay. We’ll pay a little more attention to the
National League West teams than the others. So here we are. We’ve got a
three-game series in Atlanta against the Braves. So we’ll go ahead and do that now. Set the Braves to computer and check out
the handedness of this pitcher. He’s right-handed. So this Tommy Boggs was
right-handed, had an abysmal year at 3-13. Alright. So right-handed guy. This is close to what I want I think. But it’s not quite what I want. Collins leading off is fine. Foster hitting fourth is fine. Let me just, Let me just check out one
thing here. Okay I think what we’ll do, Nolan can go
ahead and catch but the way I’m going to account for that or deal with that is I
want Oester hitting further up in the order than that. He can hit about
fifth. I’m gonna hold every I’m pretty much gonna hold every runner on base.
It’s how I’m gonna account for that. Alright. I’m not gonna play Bench against a
right-handed pitcher. Yeah this is better. This is better.
It’s not great. I’ll bat Knight before Driessen. Any of the other switches I think I’m at
might want to put in here. Householder looks alright. I mean let’s see here. I don’t want to play
him instead of Foster. I definitely want Mejias in center. I gotta have 1s and 2s up the middle.
That’s not negotiable. And I’m thinking of going with
Householder in right. No I take it back. Okay I want Concepción second Against a
right-hander I think I want Oester third, Foster fourth. No I take it back. Oester
second, Yes, something like this. However this catcher was a pretty good
hitter. How about, sorry about that. Here’s
what we’ll go with it. Sorry I didn’t set this up beforehand, guys. Yeah. Something like this ought to be
good enough for government work. And That showed Turner Field there, which is
the field that the Braves now play on. but this is definitely Fulton County
Stadium here. So they scared me for a second. So it’s Collins and Boggs. I’m swinging away. Collins flies out. Joe Nolan, my catcher, getson with a single. I don’t think that
he is going to be, no he will not be doing that. Does Ronnie Oester hit-and-run
very well? What’s his batting average? Let me check something out here. He hits .270.
I’m may, mmm no, his average goes down. So no, although he’s got a few [groundball] As on his card he doesn’t have as many as he could. so go ahead and swing away. [Groundball] (1b)X
Alright so they got my lead runner. George Foster can swing away I’m not
stealing with Oh sir he strikes out so it’s Mario sotto in there against
Brett Butler young Brett Butler relatively young Brett Butler 1981 I
didn’t check to see what they had Butler has in the field let me just check this
I’m curious about this okay they’ve got him as twos across the outfield he
improved to a one in center field in 1990 anytime you can get a one in center
field that’s valuable Davie concepción gobbles it up gets a second out
Washington strikes out Davey leads off the second flies to
Center Matias grounds to third great night singles comfortable going
eight nine one I don’t really want to go eight nine one in the third yeah don’t
do it I’m kind of a coward when it comes to base-stealing Driessen grounds out I
think this guy may have been something of a power hitter at least at some point
during his career I think this may be one of the 18 people in baseball history
who’ve hit four home runs in a game at 15 1981 I’ll pitch to him oh and he just hit it
out yeah all right all right all right yeah it’s my superpower so Chambliss oh well this is fun this Dale Murphy oh well great we could
get Jim Deshaies here fantastic okay now we struck him out that was a
reference to Jim deshays having given up three home runs in a row to the Reds in
1990 they were solo home runs these two were here so we’re still in it I’m gonna hold him on base because I’m
using a catcher who doesn’t have a very good arm all right so we got out of that
Soto leads off for us for us nine one two strikes out
Collins grounds out no one walks I have stairs out so back to Brett Butler he grounds to
third Ramirez Raphael Ramirez out is this the Washington I think it is
it is the Washington I think it is it to 91 he was a he wound up traded to the
Yankees and was their designated hitter for some time I think feel like he was
Foster and Dale Murphy’s a two-out centerfield
he makes the play on concepción G Hubbard a to a second base nice to play
on Mejias well with nobody on base I’m pitching to him grounds out Chambliss
what’s Chambliss his first name Chris that’s what I thought okay got him to
ground out Dale Murphy hit a bunch of home runs also struck out a bunch of
times I think grounded out so now ray Knight for us
grounds to second will get a ball through there eventually they’re
shortstops a four we can’t let them get away with that they’re shortstops of
4048 we can’t let them get away with that we have to make them pay for that
at some point during this game Driessen lines out Soto
somehow walks he works a walk well done that Collins also works a walk Nolan yeah what’s Soto’s powa number it’s
eight okay grounds to Davey this guy pops out and here’s the pitcher
somehow singles I’m not gonna bother holding him on base obviously the
pitcher poster is a left-handed batter he was better against right-handers yet
so he was better from the left side Oh for two so far strikes out Foster
ground ball concepción a shot here all right yes just strikes out for our troubles so
now Ramirez Washington’s over two singles is he
faster well yes I am gonna hold him on this we need to be ready for the steel
here now they didn’t do it they may do it here with two out it tried to get his
lead didn’t get it he’s down to a coin flip for the for the good lead for the
if he wants to go if he wants to run with the pitch anyway despite having not
got his good lead he has a coin flip his chance of being safe
there he goes I’m gonna throw for him I did not get him out so who’s making this
hole concepción making this hold go ahead and do it alright we’re out of the
inning so it’s Ray Knight strikes out Driessen the lefty he singles let me
have a look I think we’re to the stage in the game
I’m not going to attempt to steal but I think we’re to the stage in the game
where I can’t afford to give away outs exactly this is a tough call let me see
if I have a suitable relief pitcher they prefer to face lefties the guys
coming up here I prefer to face the lefties so we’ll be looking for a
right-hander Wow because I’m not used to using this team I think I’m just gonna keep Soto in and
this is just because I’m not I’m not familiar with the 81 team I’m just doing
this as practice so Soto gets a threesome to second two out in the
inning though we have to have a hit here okay I guess we don’t have to have a hit
to keep the inning alive Collins on base again behind a slower runner again just
out of interest yeah a pretty good base stealer so now Joe Nolan flies to Center
Murphy can’t make the play and Driessen scampers on in and on top of all that
their fellows tired this Tommy Boggs okay his powa team is the sixth
yeah we’ve walked twice and singled once so yeah well I’m gonna make I’m gonna do
the same thing I did on opening day which is that I’m going to a fake that
I’m stealing a base to get the computer to make a move okay so they brought in
Jeanne Garber pretty good record or not well not the
greatest record not a bad er eh that’s what I really meant to say there okay
well we got to keep this going somehow we don’t I don’t like to give away outs in
situations like this but because of my unfamiliarity with the team I didn’t see
much of a choice there all right so toes getting them out Devi makes the play Dave concepción has
34 errors on his card so even though he’s a 1 I kind of hold my breath a
little bit every time the ball goes to him on a fielding check come on George
hit a ball out let’s go walks no goodness these people I don’t know they
were much better base stealers back in the mid 70s than their than they gosh
time really did a number on him there in 77 78 they didn’t have all these
automatic outs back in the day 14% at the 10 and an 11 and to boot
we’ve got a bunch of ground ball a all kinds of these players have just ground
ball a after ground ball a after ground ball a I need somebody to come in here
and hit a ball making yes do I have any sort of left handers on the bench should
look at these batting average here the averages here a second
well there’s Griff can Griffin play Center he can okay I’m gonna take a risk
here and put Griffey into the game Verma he is this may be a mistake I may regret
this yeah yeah I sure looks like it
oh why alright so that was I mean I’m not a total debbie downer but I almost
want to say that was the game right there because now I have a four in
centerfield I have an abysmal fielding outfield Darbar do up goodness knows
what they’ll do okay they are bringing in someone else flew out to Collins Butler flew out to
griffey Ramirez strikes out well it’s gonna be those two home runs that do us
in do we have anything that we can do here gosh Jeepers Creepers even more Kennedy no I’d rather have
night play okay bench could that for Driessen maybe no
no that’ll never do against a righty yeah they’ve they’ve I’d rather have
Driessen bet he’d really hamstrung me here we got two more outs okay oops wrong team against a right-hander
who likes to bat against right-handers nobody in particular will this spell it
it’s to 13 oh my goodness you’re up John hit a ball let’s go nope
alright so they beat me with back-to-back home runs not really in the
mood to look at this box score SoDo 8 innings in the loss chalk that up to not
really knowing the team very well so ok 1 in 1 let’s see here
Wilson the American League first it’s the 11th yeah I want Pastore pitching yes there we go
who’s this Gaylord Perry now there was a time when he wasn’t a bad picture at all
he was he was pretty good there for a while I don’t know if 1981
was part of the time when he was when he was all that good he his his whip is
walks per innings pitched is just on the basis of the hits is not all that good
we may have a shot here right-handed pitcher though we’re not as good against
right-handers okay I do want foster of adding forth what’s Collins bad 272 but he’s a fast
runner when he gets on base I don’t want anyone out in front of him I say when he gets on base assuming he
does get on base I don’t want night batting in front of
Jason may even want to start batting in front of reason yeah I think I did well
yes I do it’s better batting left-handed yeah go with that try that man Pastore interesting okay
we’ll try this again that’s modern Turner Field stuff there
again so Collins to lead off that’s wrong
those that wasn’t a lefty versus a lefty the game did it wrong there so undo last
play switch hitter so you’re never gonna see
yeah same color it’s always gonna be
alternating colors with a switch hitter up there this is right for a lefty
better against a righty pitcher sometimes the game just does that let’s go I like those numbers let’s go
they did not throw they didn’t throw for Griffey as contra doesn’t have the best arm they’re holding goofy on a second oh all right it’s a foster with two out
strikes out so Pastore and Butler law del Washington Iowa so now back to us
Oster concepción and night yeah I think I like facing lefties better than I say that but it’s not just me it’s the
team oh I didn’t see a choice there what’s Davies hit and runs deep hit and
run writing yeah see that’s not good enough
I didn’t see a choice there we’re gonna run it we’re gonna do that a lot this
year because this team doesn’t give me the kind of options that the team that
I’m more used to using gives me analyst walks we will he’s got some
automatic outs but again I’m using my plus I’m using a plus to arm behind the
plate so whenever someone’s on like this I just go ahead and see he tried to get
his he tried to get his leave there didn’t get it five and a six that’s a
25% chance for a lead you didn’t get it alright so we’ll keep him held on Dale
Murphy walks flew out to left let me get through this
inning and then I will you guys will give me just a second I need to plug
this computer and sorry about that alright alright sorry about that Driessen Pastore Collins I don’t like
going 891 and that’s why alright so scoreless top a three and
they’re going nine one two Perry must have been an alright hitter
yeah it was out Brett Butler who was one of my favorite players back in the day grounds to second Ramirez is out as well
grounded to concepción okay Griffin out Nolan singles to center but
then doesn’t give me a lot of options its foster at the plate so we’ll see
what happens here he walks picture a yeah lots of a’s on these
cards that this team doesn’t give me a lot of options lots of ground ball a oh goody and that was why I didn’t this
is why I didn’t start Collins on opening day was yeah he has a deficiency in the
field out there made that catch so well done concepción Alps
night out consecutive groundball A’s Driessen gets on base but you know he’s
gonna have to steal his way around the bases I don’t want pest story leading
off leading off the sixth so I was gonna consider trying to take second with
Driessen but I don’t want to risk him being thrown out and having to start the
inning 9 9 1 2 Wow all right oh it’s just been
that’s been our luck here really so Dale Murphy grounds toaster hot bird is out in this cat
now hit the pitchers card home run but didn’t hit any homeruns in real life so
they reduced it to a single he has weak power against both handed misses am i
holding him on base he’s not going anywhere he was an awful base stealer he
was a catcher you can go if he wants but Driessen the two makes the play good job so now Griffey that strikes out again no
one he strikes out Foster strikes out Wow I looked like a bit of a fool saying
that I had no idea back during the opening day recording that I did I
looked like a bit of a fool saying that I didn’t know how on earth this team was
this good but eventually I mean if you know how to
read strat-o-matic cards and you make a generalization about a team based on
what you see eventually you will be shown to be right over over and over the
course of enough games here’s a flyball to griffey as a four he makes the play
over the course of enough games you will be shown to be right I’ve had fielding
checks on both of my outfielders sewer fours and they both caught the ball so that’s where you say getting over by the
way 0-0 that’s where you say you’re due eventually they’ll drop one eventually
or they’ll fail to get to one eventually or they’ll commit an error eventually
you just say well it happened that time but we’re do so Oh stir we need to get
something going here I’m really kind of lost against right-handed pitching I I
know a lot better what I’m doing against lefties then against righties this team
wasn’t set up to face varieties very well flies out to Center Chambliss twice to
left Murphy grounds tonight at third and it’s
the eighth neither team hitting very well there a
feeling check on that shortstop finally finally Driessen to 1st they
should not they should not be allowed to get away with this we should be
punishing them for this a lot more often than we are for e48 that’s abysmal at
Short you should not be allowed to have an interior infielder who fields that
poorly and get away with it ok I’m gonna bump with Pastore actually yes yes I but with Pastore and
he gets the job done he gets it down Driessen goes to second Hollins with one
out oh okay so that was two and out the the flyout is two out and I don’t want
to risk Driessen making the third out at third
so I’m gonna hold him there was one out at the start of the play
the pitcher Pastore sacrifice bunt this flyout was out number two so I’m holding
grease in a second walks mm-hmm all right that was annoying we
knocked on the door but didn’t get it what’s past stories inning number point
of weakness inning number it’s a six so they’re watching him they’re watching
Perry to I assume yeah yeah they are seven we’re in the
eighth so seven eight nine flies to Collins grounds the ball to Oh stir and
this is an interesting situation here I might consider a pinch-hitter here they
do not any singles okay interesting not a bad hitter Gaylord Perry but he
that off the pitchers card so Brett Butler strikes out all right foster do
something here no nothing which they’re singles now a runner is too valuable I can’t
risk can’t risk him getting thrown out zero to zero game in the ninth baby
lots of a on that card lots of ground ball a Davey singles all right
interesting they switch pictures
this is the guy who saved the previous day’s game I’m this team doesn’t give me the kind
of options that I would need in order to do something funny or try to do
something unexpected here they just I just don’t have the options with this
team that I have with some of the other teams I use so I’m just gonna swing away
with right night mmm all right Driessen one for three this is miserable just miserable as stories getting it done so far foul out – Nolan
do I want to pitch to this guy not really but I’m gonna make him earn it
out okay that story is tired on the basis of
having gone two innings past his powa I’m not mistaken he’s actually gone
three innings past as powa and I should have noticed that and double switched
him out but again like I said I don’t have the
Kaido have the sixth sense really you develop when you play with it using a
team a certain team for a long time you develop a sixth sense of sorts with
regard to that team I have not used this team nearly enough to have developed
that sixth sense with regard to this team just yet
so yes oh I lost another opportunity to double switch
there’s Landis toy there’s householder I’m gonna bring householder in to
pinch-hit lean off guy over for that that’s not
gonna get the job done I need my leadoff guy to do better than
over four he’s now over five griffey o4 too but at least he’s been on base twice
I know I put householder and right actually what I’m going to do is I’m
going to put a house holder in the center put Collins back in writing and put the picture in griffeys spot now
who should it be these guys like to face well the hitters coming up and the
hitters I need to worry about all prefer to face right-handers you should be there’s a Moscow
he’s longer leave Paul Mouse Scouts long and release let’s go with the long
reliever for now you can mow a few innings down maybe so everybody’s into their bullpen now
Chambliss out Dale Murphy this guy will hit the pitchers card home run oh stir
doesn’t reach it Murphy can steal bases you know what I’m gonna do put a berry
behind the plate no I’m not taking back oh no that’s interesting now what the hell I’ll throw up sorry
guys am i giving away the game here hold him
on base he tried to get his lead he didn’t get it
you may go anyway keep him held on out okay Nolan one for four out this is miserable
oh my gosh Rhett Butler o45 Ramirez over five somebody hit a ball here come on I want to steal this base but I don’t
want to that Runner is too valuable I have to just hope to not do that gosh
it’s a guess it’s just a guessing game sometimes you know the Driessen walks
see any better at stealing bases no he’s not household are singles okay we’re do here people my leadoff guys
over five we’re do come on now their fellow is tired so I’m going to attempt
to steal a base let’s see what they do okay they brought in this guy here Mont
defuse go John Rother Fusco almost flies out householders a three out there he makes
the play good job Horner oh boy that’s game
yeah I was bound to happen sometime I mean it it was just a matter of we had a
chance after chance after chance didn’t capitalize it’s just a matter of time
before the home team finally does it so another really kind of disappointing
loss for us I mean we’re already to the point where
I fear that my inability to manage this team and my Frank frankly my lack of
interest in this team is going to hurt the channel and if I feel like that has
reached a point where it it either it is hurting the channel or I’m just not
enjoying myself with it if I feel like I found my voice to the degree that that I
need to in order to make it an entertaining project for you all I’ll
scuttle this and start using the team I really want to use I’ll do that in a
second you know I’ll do that snapping fingers no goody Phil Niekro
another right hander goody
that’s just great no I want ones and twos up the middle if
possible I don’t want griffey and center
particularly I want him in right okay so we don’t have a choice oh no one further up the order than that all right yeah that looks about right sorry I
didn’t set this up beforehand guys I just forgot to all right trying to avoid the salute the
sweep here there any yeah yeah be ready
should work all right just see here Oh day game this also looks like it’s from a
slightly different angle looks like the camera is in a different spot columns
flies out Dale Murphy makes the play on Griffey you can probably hear the frustration in
my voice No we’ll just have to hope Foster does
something other than or with two outs there are two outs right now I think I’m
gonna send him the throws coming home send to the trail as well all right we’re scored yeah with two
outs I like to I like to be more aggressive on the bases the more outs
there are following a hit following a hit I like to be more aggressive on the
bases with two outs so well done there toaster is out sober
any really doesn’t like to face left-handers walks a lot of lefties so we’ll be on
the lookout for that that’s for sure his on-base well again you know I just don’t have
the options I don’t have the options I want okay not no it’s not okay it’s not okay
bye okay I meant understood it’s not okay there’s nothing okay about that
whatsoever so
go ahead therefore Driessen
single No let me look at something else here
No so we’ll just do okay so you put down a great bun gosh can’t
say I was expecting that but I’ll take it back up to the top for Collins oh all
right so we got to do something about third base ray Knight is out and he’s
gonna be out for a while Jr Kennedy can play third we’ll do that okay one-nothing Reds he’s getting him out Murphy walks it goes I’ll throw farm hold on one second base with hoster out
so griffey so that now and he flies out no one he’s a catcher yeah hit a ground ball be there wow
that’s a that’s a step in the evolutionary process there guys well
done I’m not gonna whereas making the third out without
giving poster a chance to hit the ball okay that’ll work Oh so it’s Negro the pitcher spot and
somehow we find a way to walk the pitcher for the second day in a row if you question the social
appropriateness some of these things that I’m saying ask yourself whether or
not Marty Brennaman would have gotten away with saying it and if your answer
is yes well I’m not saying that I’m not saying that I should be allowed to get
away with saying it too but just remember Marty I do what I can to
remember Marty now it’s not like he’s gone completely
but he’s around town everyone’s in all gosh this is really depressing I have to
say well we’re no hitting them actually you see what no no he can’t steal races
now I’m not willing to do that I’m just not willing to do that I’m sorry go
ahead and stay with the bun all right good job Oh pass the ball see what this
guy’s passed ball rating is actually I think they raided all catchers the same
at this time yeah 1981 they hadn’t yet rated catchers
for likelihood to do that everyone was just the same rating so it’s a run no
all right how many times have we done that in the last few days all right so
there’s their first hit there it goes safe there’s one out Chambliss shoot I meant to hold Washington on a
second oh my gosh they’re using my absent-mindedness against me here
you know after just game after their you know inning after inning of just
ineptitude you start to lose your focus I meant to hold Washington on base there
I’m not gonna take it back there’s two outs alright I’ll face this guy okay
got them forgiven for that mental lapse there but I’m not gonna be forgiven
every time that’s for sure – eh Nolan is out foster out see here first base X
okay we got the lead runner good job Jr Kennedy we’re tied you didn’t get to it
great night in the field I don’t even remember I think he’s a three as well at
second base so we’re tied this is miserable
or nor the third baseman makes the play as before you know what I’m gonna level
with you guys again I’ve watched the opening day video twice since I made it
I don’t think I see myself watching this one at all feel free to turn this off
it’ll count is of you and let me know unless you’re just really interested in
Major League Baseball in 1981 I won’t be offended if you turn this off if you’re an Atlanta Braves fan I mean
shoot foul means watch we got out of it what’s the seventh it’ll depend on what Driessen does out good against righties or just no good
against righties I’m not comfortable with any of this I don’t want
I’d rather bat the pitcher and save a reliever honestly I would do you guys
feel differently put it in the comments but he’s okay he walks he walks so all right so Collins on first base
finally with no runner in front of him is Lee do it down to the wire with the Braves again
okay we got we got a Negro out of the game gosh look at all those walks
against lefties he’s bound to hit one of those eventually okay want a fuse go again again with the right-handers all right as I tell you what just about
had it with this team so I think what I’m gonna do is I think I’ve found my
voice I’m not a very outgoing person anyway to the extent I found I did I’m
going to found my to find my voice I found it it’s here so but what I’m
telling you is I I’m not exactly enamored with this team to put it mildly
I don’t like them at all I don’t like them
they’re miserable I can’t stand playing with them they’re miserable
so what I’m going to do how to find an acceptable substitute at second base
first of all here we go now bring you know very to try throw
this guy out deep inhale what I’m saying is No got him out good job Davee doubles all right
it catches or and play hmm brought the infield in very soon I need you to get me a hit oh boy alright so I still don’t like
this team okay that Driessen on second Oh all right so put bench on first that the pitcher but here’s a company who can shut the
door on these people anybody I don’t know this like I said guys I don’t know
this team who do they have coming up players they
have coming up prefer to face left-handers so we’ll give him all right
here the Tom Hume looks like the candidate so we’ll put him in the eighth
spot in that bench ninth and put him in first something of a double switch the
stepchild of the double switch they’re not really
a rank-and-file typical double switch but out Bobby Cox has to consider someone other
than the skin and the inning continues for the pitcher
who is not talking about so we’ll see what they do here
Harper 260 hitter normal power against both even though he hit two homeruns this is this is what I’m talking about
when I say I think the computer cheats this is what I’m talking about right
here I don’t hold him on this do yeah alright guys so that happened yeah
goodbye 1981 and good riddance I’m just complying I don’t like this
team they’re off-putting they don’t give me any options they’re miserable I have
no idea how they won more games than anyone else in 1980 good riddance 1981 you’re done I’m going
to my next video is going to be I think I found my voice like I said to the
extent that I am going to I found it so I think what I’m gonna do next video is
I’m just gonna go ahead with the Reds team that I prefer to use it’s my
favorite strat-o-matic team of all time the computer tries to cheat when I use
that team and it doesn’t succeed because the team the team gives me enough
options that I can that I can do countermeasures against the computers
cheating pretty effectively so I’m yeah good riddance 1981 you’re done
thanks a lot for showing up again guys and I’ll see you in the next video with
an entirely different team

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  1. Does the computer give you the full MLB schedule as it should have been played, or do you have to generate a full schedule? I would think the game would give you the ACTUAL schedule of 1981…not the one that should have been played.

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