♪♪♪When I was a kid…there was a place.A dark place.They closed it down
and let it rot.
But the things that
lived there…
-Hello, Danny.they come back.♪♪♪Not many ride the bus
this far north.
You running away
from something? I’m running away
from myself, I guess.Hi.You can hear me.You’re magic… like me. I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining.The world is a hungry place.A dangerous place.These people… they hurt people like us.These empty devils…they’ll eat what shines.And they’ve noticed
that little girl. Well, hi there. Get out of my head!
Get out! I haven’t felt power
like that in so long. They’re coming. ♪♪♪Where are we going?There’s a place. You sure you want to do this? I’m ready. Yes, you run, dear… and then I will find you… and you will scream for years.Come and play with us…forever and ever.

100 thoughts on “STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]”

  1. I've just watched it and I really enjoyed it. Of course, it's nothing near the classic one (and I think it was never made to be so), but I could say it's worth watching

  2. Do you know how powerful it would be to hear Jack Torrence say "Danny boy" in this movie. or Danny walks by the bar and just shows his dad sitting on the bar stool. really quick scene. gives me chills just thinking of it

  3. The Shining was one of my childhood movies that spooked the Sheet outa me…but I may wanna watch this when it's out on the Firestick.

  4. "Hey Mr. Casting Director, we should pick a really good actor to play the part of Danny… it's such an important role"
    "Nah mate, I chose Ewan McWanker instead… He'll fit in well with the other nobodys"

  5. Fun fact!
    The term the Shining was stolen from a Beatles song. "And we all shine on! Like the moon, stars and the sun!"

  6. Just got out. Its to the point to where I have to spread the word even before i go to the bathroom after holding pee in for 2hrs+. Go see it.

  7. One of the better 🎥 you'll see this year.
    Most weren't today even conceived when
    THE SHINING came out(the book
    OR the movie).
    Interested to know what Stephen King thought of this one, as he had
    some issues with Kubrick's treatment of his novel.

  8. no talk about the film's music? it features some great music, 36 score tracks and 10 additional songs not included in the official album

  9. Just watched it and soo sooo hoping for a trilogy!! Loved every moment of it!! Thank you Steven King!! Love all your creations!!!

  10. Just came back from the cinemas. Mike Flanagan did so much justice to the source material and Kubrick’s The Shining, which must have been difficult. In ways, more satisfying than King’s Doctor Sleep and well-acted, beautifully shot, great writing and strong direction. One of my favourite films of 2019.

  11. Reconstructed Overlook looked amazing, attention to detail for every room and corridor was unnatural. One of the best visuals which made me jump and lasted for only about 2 seconds was a flashback scene which was recreated of the axe going though the bathroom door and Wendy screaming in the background holding the knife. Felt even more powerful when I wasnt expecting it, with no music score behind it, just silence and the natural sound of the axe, splintering wood from the door and Wendys frantic screaming – clever!

  12. I read the book. Although it's pretty good, it just doesn't go with the original shining very well. I can say I got the feeling oh yeah this is cool it's a continuation of.

  13. WB literally ripped the guts out of the story(Abra, and Danny are related in the novel)in order to shoehorn a black lead actress, and her mixed race parents into it. There is no escaping Frankfurt School degeneracy anymore.

  14. Actually I watched Today
    I didn't know that this Movie has a Chapter 1 of it
    But I didn't understand The if there any watched it here make me get The End ?

  15. OK thats it. Im skipping work for a couple of hours to go watch this. The book was amazing if you havent read it yet. King is the absolute undisputed master of his craft.

  16. This didn't work and I'm trying to figure out how it could have been an appropriate sequel to an epic like The Shining. 
    First, the ghost things were too visible, walking around as people for more of the movie than the protagonists. They should have only popped in and out of frames, with empty spaces taking their place. Are they ghost demons or trailer park hobos? Seriously? They were made into odd humans with most of the usual human constraints. That's not terrifying. And what's with the hat? If that was the girl magician's and then appeared ONCE on the ghost thing, then yeah, good effect. Otherwise, nope. Trying too hard…yet surprisingly, not hard enough. Their evil doings were also repetitive. Do each parlour trick once, then never again.
    Second, the girl was a little too cocky. The beauty of The Shining was that terrified tiny boy facing the horror pretty much alone. Take the girl down a notch. And make her younger or feebler. She ran like a track star. And why is that terrified boy-man now kind of robotically stoic? I think he should have a psyche more like the little boy when it comes to facing those things. After all, he's being jumped back into an episode from his past and will respond as though he was still that child. Why would he leave "murder" on his blackboard from one day to the next? Take it down. Watch it come back! And maybe lead into it with weird things which we don't get for a while. The new little boy stand-in didn't measure up to the original. The mothers, the same.
    The original did a lot of mood setting. The sequel copy didn't. You have to take time to set the mood to bring the tension. And when the sequel copied the original (hall bike ride), it failed miserably by comparison. If you're going to copy perfection, you'd better get it right. The original made a big job out of setting the cold isolation of the locale, whereas the sequel didn't bother to establish the hot isolation of the first part of the movie. Too bad, because you can establish terrified isolation in a desert storm with limited water and visibility. The move to the second location was a good one, but they could have taken more time in that location, not rushed through the mood-setting, and explored interesting new ways to expand on the original ideas. The duplication of the original jogged our memories, and was good, but they had to react in the setting a little more creatively. For a drunk (like his dad) he was still in control, which didn't serve the story of the Inn. He should have had big plans, then got sucked in and left the girl on her own. He knew this story. She didn't. Everything can't just function as planned. The building lit up and was intact. The car stayed on the entire time. The maze was perfect. What about if Danny had a plan based on his past and now everything was going against it, and the girl was left to improvise (but that's good because she wasn't stuck in a replay of the past like him)?

  17. Went to see this yesterday and it was a good sequel to The Shining. I suppose people who write bad reviews are just bullshit because they’re missing out!

  18. Can't believe this is tide to Kubrick's film… I'll be honest the trailers have done nothing for me but the director has done some great films. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  19. I love Steven King, but Kubrik took the Shining to another level. Without him, afraid this one is going to be a bit corny like some of the other King movies.

  20. I will pay 1,000 dollars every time, just to hear Rose saying to me
    " Oh, hi , there"
    Sexiest female villain i ever seen

    The movie was brilliant.
    Takes ideas from both books, from Kubrik's movie and from nowhere….
    At least it finally gives justice to the Shining book.

  21. Why was this film made? Oh yeah, for fanboy morons who need everything explained to them. Completely ruins the ambiguity Stanley Kubrick left us with at the end of The Shining. Definitely will not be seeing this.

    People need to come up with original stories not related to anything. I can't be the only one who is sick of cinematic universes and needless sequels.

  22. Ngl at first i only came to see if it was true that they reference rwby somewhere and they did but lol i may actually watch this movie it looks like it'll be good, i don't remember the shining well unfortunetly been to long. But nice way to put rwby in there somewhere XD love it. In case anyone missed where they put that it was when the little girl falls or whatever.

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