Spektacom “Power Bat”

>>Globally, franchise cricket
is taking a huge leap. You have a new fan following, and cricket has
certainly embraced a lot of technology over
the last few years. My early memories playing cricket was on the streets of Bangalore. For me, it was all about
commitment, about discipline. We’ve always heard experts
talk about batting, saying he is hitting it
from the sweet spot, he’s a powerful hitter, but what does that
mean in real data? There’s hardly any sport that can give you live data coming out of the equipment
off the player. This is Spektacom follow bat. Behind this sticker is
a small sensor sticker, the size of a credit card, less than five grams in weight. It captures data and
transfers it in real time. Using Microsoft’s
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, you
get the speed of the bat in kilometers per hour, also the quality and how close was it to the sweet spot
of that particular bat, and also how much of a twist
was there in the bat. All of this then
generates the power. We have brought out a new unit
of power called Specs. For self-improvement,
it’s a great tool. You don’t need anybody
looking over your shoulder. You can actually
improve on your own with the data that comes out. The form factor was critical. I felt the need for something
that can be non-intrusive and easily acceptable
by the player. You can attach it to any bat. The charging can happen
through any wireless charger. You need an app, which you can download, and then it starts
talking to the bat, and the sticker itself will store enough data for you to download that data
onto your computer. Spektacom’s mission is to create an ecosystem where
you engage the fan, the professional
athletes, the amateur, and we’re starting
off with cricket and it’ll also be available
for other sports. It could be baseball,
it could be tennis, even hockey, or for
that matter golf. What we’ve been able to achieve
in the last eight months, it’s thanks to Microsoft. It’s not easy to get
the data in real time and then pass it on
to the broadcaster, and that’s where Microsoft
AI Services has helped us. It’s wonderful to have the top global technology
company to be a part of that, and we’re hoping to ride
on that platform and then reach out to millions of
people across the world.

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  1. There was an allegation against Ricky ponting at the time of world cup finals facing off with india, ponting was using a bat that embedded with some technology.People used to call that as a 'Power Bat', all the balls launched straightaway to the boundary made as sixes and fours. Now this is real, by looking this ad, we can conclude that cricket gonna lose the' sportsmanship' and 'game of spirit' that will come naturally from the players. Indeed Al is revolutionising but the beauty of the game is based on 'players spirit'. Let this legendary spinners attempt get success.

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