SF State Gators baseball recap of first 22 games…

Everything is going pretty well. We have come
together as a team pretty good. We have had some good team bonding times. We work really
hard in practice. We strive to get better, work hard, and we are motivated. We want to
do well this season. I think we have done a good job of taking care of the teams that
we should beat. We had a tough weekend last weekend but we are going to bounce back this
week. We started this week real good. Good confidence within the team. We have a good
team chemistry which is what we are about really because we have had some guys stepping
up here and there/. We’ve won some late games and its been a good start to the season. The
feeling is different this year. The team is… we are grinders. We always grind it out. We
are not afraid to lose. We know that we can come back at any time. The past couple years
we have kinda had the feeling that, oh we are down 1 in the ninth and just kinda gave
up. But this years team is a little different. We got a lot of fight. A lot of heart. The
past couple games. Ithink that is why we’ve been able to win the last couple games. I
love it. I love the pressure of going out there on a 1 run game and go out there and
just throw it as hard as I can down the middle and see if they hit it. See how far they can
hit it pretty much. Compete. Go after them kind of a thing. Other than that I also have
to have faith in my defense behind me. Our outfield is spectacular our defense will make
the play so as long as I go after them they will get the job done. The pitching staff
is real strong this year. We really have some guys that have stepped up and some starters
that have started slow a little bit and have been able to catch themselves. We have been
able to get them going a little bit. We’ve been missing pete this year but we’ve had
some guys step up like Corey. They have been doing a great job at keeping the ball down
and not a lot of strikeouts. We get the job done and keep the ERA low. But the defense
I think is what gives them some motivation and some confidence behind them because we
dont really make errors. We probably have the best outfield in the league. So thats
another confidence thing they can have that they know the defense is behind them every
game. They are really good offensive teams as well. We really need to just keep grinding
like we do. Like he said we are grinders. We have to keep putting pressure on them.
Pitching wise we have to keep the ball down and we rely on our defense a lot because they
are going to hit the ball no matter what. Same thing with the pitching staff. Chico
has a good pitching staff Sonoma has a good pitching staff. We just have to go out there
and keep doing what we do. Produce runs get on any base they can and put pressure on the
other teams. This is going to be our toughest stretch of the year we have 10 of our next
12 games on the road so i mean that is a pretty tough stretch for us. I dont think a lot of
people realize how hard it is to play on the road. Especially when we play at Sonoma come
back here go to Chico then go back down south. They are all 3 good teams probably going to
be all top 5 teams this year. So we will have to grind out some games and be able to get
some wins out of there so we can stay where we are in the standings.

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