S. Korean pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun signs 2-year deal with St. Louis Cardinals

south korean pitcher kim dong-hyun will
get the chance to fulfill his major-league dream as he and the st.
Louis Cardinals have put pen to paper on a two-year contract letter park se-young
has the story pitcher kim kwang-hyun is joining the
st. Louis Cardinals in the 2020 season the Cardinals announced the signing of
the 31 year old left-hander on Tuesday and introduced him at a press conference
at Busch Stadium the two-year contract is reportedly worth eight million u.s.
dollars in 2019 his twelfth season with the SK wyverns in the KBO Kim was 17 six
was a 2.5 1e RA and 180 strikeouts he has a lifetime record of 136 77 with a
3.2 7 er a Kim was posted for major league baseball teams on December 5th
the second time he had been posted the Cardinals fell their need for a
left-hander in the rotation and make him just a second South Korean pitcher to
dawn their red and white uniform after a San Juan who played for them between
2016 and 2017 Kim also becomes a fourth South Korean player to sign a major
league deal via posting after dungeon in 2012 Kang jung-ho in 2015 and Papamoa in
2016 currently the only left-hander and the
Cardinals rotation Kim said during the press conference that the best scenario
would be to be a starting pitcher but stressed he’s ready to take on any role
for the team park se-young arirang news

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