Russia successfully test-launched its Zircon
also known as Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile from a military vessel for the first time
early early in January as reported by TASS. This is a major step when it comes to fielding
hypersonic weapons. As per source of TASS, “In accordance with
the Tsirkon’s state testing program, in early January this year, the Admiral Gorshkov
(ship) carried out the test launch of this missile from the Barents Sea to a ground target
in one of the military ranges in the northern Urals,”. Reports indicate that the flight exceeded
500 km or 310 miles. The next stage in the Zircon development after
tests from the Admiral Gorshkov would be a test launch from a nuclear submarine. In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
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bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. An object is said to be hypersonic once they
exceed speeds of Mach 5 or 5 times the speed of sound. This is about 1,715 meters per second or 3,836mph
or 6,174 kmh. There are currently 3 methods being applied
to make hypersonic weapons. The first is using HGV or Hypersonic Glide
Vehicle. In this method, the system is launched to
extremely high altitudes using Ballistic Missile or an aircraft where it skips across the Earth’s
upper atmosphere. The vehicle then separates from the carrier
and glides back to the earth towards its intended target attaining hypersonic speed. The second is through the use of ALBM or Air-Launched
Ballistic missile. As the name suggests, this kind of missile
is ballistic in nature but is launched from air, unlike traditional ballistic missiles
which are launched from land or sea-based platforms. The third is using a Scramjet engine. The scramjet is an innovation on the Ramjet. Ramjet engine can power flight to supersonic
speeds but scramjet can enable the missiles to reach hypersonic speeds. These engines have no moving parts, like the
compressors and turbines used in the turbofan engines found on conventional jet planes. They rely on the huge pressures created by
fast airflow into the engine to ignite the fuel and generate thrust. In this method, a rocket booster is used to
accelerate the missile to hypersonic speed, then the scramjet engine kicks in and enables
the missile to fly at sustained hypersonic speed. Zircon uses this method. It must be noted that traditional ballistic
like American Minuteman III, Russian Sarmat or Indian Agni missile all travel at hypersonic
speeds, but they follow a predictable ballistic trajectory and can’t maneuver mid-course. As per President Putin’s address in the
Russian Federal Assembly, the Zircon is capable of reaching speeds of Mach 9. So it is much faster than a bullet fired from
a sniper rifle, actually almost 3 times the speed of a sniper’s bullet. The kinetic energy alone will rip a ship apart
like a tin can. Mr. Putin stated that the missile has a range
of over 1000 km or 620 miles. The missile weighs 5 tons. President Putin mentioned that the missile
is able to destroy both sea-going and land targets. As per reports, the Zircon will have both
radar target seeker and an optical-electronic complex to detect and track targets. The missile could be equipped with a High
explosive warhead or even a tactical nuclear warhead. Mr. Putin had told the Zircon is mainly intended
to be deployed in seagoing platforms such as “serially made surface warships and submarines,
including those that are already operational and being built”. Admiral Gorshkov class also known as Project
22350 is the Russian Navy’s newest class of frigate. Russian Navy plans to manufacture as many
as 15 of the warships but the number could swell up to 30. The lead ship of the class Admiral Gorshkov
was commissioned on 28 July 2018. The Admiral Gorshkov class has a length of
120 m. To give viewers a perspective, it same as
the length of a football field. The warship has been designed with stealth
in mind and the external contours are laid out in such a way that they reflect the radar
signal away from the emitting source, thereby reducing the RCS (Radar Cross Section) The warships of the class displace around
5,400 tons when fully loaded. The Admiral Gorshkov warships will have a
speed of 29.5 knots or 54.6 km/h or 33.9 mph and a range of 4,850 nmi or 8,980 km or 5,580
mi. Admiral Gorshkov is equipped with state of
the art sensors that will provide excellent situational awareness. The Admiral Gorshkov Class is designed as
multirole warships capable of carrying out air defense, anti-surface warfare, and anti-submarine
warfare. It is actually the most heavily armed frigate
in the world as the design has accommodated a lot of option including 48 VLS or Vertical
Launch System cells. For the anti-surface role, 16 (2 × 8) UKSK
VLS cells are dedicated. They currently carry P-800 Oniks and/or Kalibr
missiles. P-800 has 600 km or around 370 miles engagement
range and can travel at speed of Mach 2.5. It has a 250 kg or 550 lbs High Explosive
warhead. The anti ship missile variant of Kalibr family
of missiles has a range of 300 km or around 185 miles and flies at a speed of Mach 3. It carries a 500 kg or 1100 lbs warhead. It is likely that these VLS has now been used
for for launching Zircon though not yet confirmed. The most important aspect of Zircon is its
speed. The speed would give air defenses very little
time to detect & fire interceptors. Current air defense systems can defend against
subsonic missiles reliably and are effective against supersonic missile to an extent, but
against hypersonic missiles, they will fail. It is to be noted that America’s Government
Accountability Office (GAO) report has stated that the U.S currently lacks the defenses
required to protect against the latest crop of hypersonic weapons being developed by China
and Russia. The report states,
“China and Russia are pursuing hypersonic weapons because their speed, altitude, and
maneuverability may defeat most missile defense systems, and they may be used to improve long-range
conventional and nuclear strike capabilities. There are no existing countermeasures.” Viewers can go through the report from the
link given in the ‘Description’ section below. In its response to the GAO, the Department
of Defense described the report as “an accurate although sobering macro picture of how the
US stands in the world against emerging threats.” Another important aspect of the missile is
its plasma cloud. As per multiple reports, the missile is completely
covered by a plasma cloud during the flight. The plasma cloud would absorb radio frequencies
emitted from radars and since the waves are not reflected back, it will essentially mean
that the missile will be invisible. It is highly likely that the missile will
be detected very late and this will make intercepting Zircon almost impossible to intercept with
the current crop of air defense systems. Admiral Gorshkov armed with Zircon will be
a credible threat to American assets especially the US Navy supercarrier and the carrier strike
group. Since Zircon is heavy and fast, it will have
lots of Kinetic Energy which will come into play along with the explosive warhead and
a single hit from it could be enough to cripple even a supercarrier.


  1. Another one of your repeat lessons of previous subjects. However at that speed and range. Aircraft carriers are pretty well obsolete

  2. As technology gets smaller………old ideas have new life. 5 ton rocket? Well……’s pretty big! Tracking launches…..intercepting launches…depend on some kinda internal and perhaps external correction of flight. Launching something..that goes 15,000mph….but has a range of only 1000 means. Quick Draw Defense! Don’t think there intended for AA or anti satilites. Maybe a weakness. Takes a solid fuel rocket to get up to speed……….how long? Well just thinking out loud again Sarge! You just keep thinking,…..I don’t mind. And turn up Zappa! 15,000mph VS 186 thousand miles a second. I’m think light weapon make short work of it………Sarge?

  3. Did any one besides the Russians witness the test? Russia and China claim to have weapons they do not have while the USA has weapons no one knows about. The F119 stealth fighter/bomber was around almost 10 years before any one knew about it. The SR71 "the worlds fasted airplane" has been in museums for over 20 years and does anyone think there has not been a replacement or maybe 2 generations of replacements? But in any case a megawatt laser will swat it out of the air! Yep they only admit to a 1/2 megawatt but you should know better.

  4. You can thank Obama and the dems…for 8 years the Russians and Chinese were developing this weapon…He and his staff had their heads up their ass

  5. The DoD analysts know all the info. coming of Russia is propaganda and bluff but they did nothing to rebut because it would serve as impetus for the US to obtain more defense spending—particularly for R/D/E/T…

  6. Seems the Russian trolls are out in full force today.
    I love to laugh at Russian propaganda though.
    The faster a missile the worse it's maneuverability. If a Ship fires missile defenses at !0,000-20,000 feet out the missile is literally moving so fast it will miss the ship. Hence why every nation still uses subsonic missiles. They are slow and can correct their course back on target without missing it, which all nations even have issues with supersonic missiles missing.
    For example anyone who drives understands, is it easier turn going slower or faster?
    This is why the US hasn't deployed their hypersonic ICBM/cruise missiles either. The technology isn't their yet.

  7. Gotta give it to Russia. They have missile technology down to a complete science. They have cheaper and more full efficient rocket engines. Known fact.

  8. This is all fine and dandy, but are you going to cover the mini war taking place between Syria and Turkey right now, which cause NATO to Invoke Article 4 again??

  9. I'm pretty sure sinking a $4 billion aircraft carrier and killing 3,000+ US sailors would escalate into an all-out nuclear war.

  10. All of this is well and good. Soon everyone will have these weapons. But no one is going to be stupid enough to use them. If they do we all are going to be dead. Huge waste of money to have the biggest dick.

  11. American arrogant Yankee imperialist want to rule the world. Yankee imperialist white nationalist want world domination . The problem is all empires have a expiration date.

  12. So keep thinking putting money on national defense is stupid. If you do,I suggest learning Russian. Support the Military!!!!

  13. Russian? Sort it out ffs "RUSSIA". I don't know maybe your emerika perezdant tramp shood spend euros fiksing dah headyukayshon sistum.

  14. China has already copied the technology if not from Russia then from US ongoing trials. You can put a hefty wager on that. The use of one of these weapons could lead to assured mutual destruction especially if fitted with a nuclear device. Hope the Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation Treaty becomes a reality.

  15. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Always love when a country Boasts at what they have as to where the US keeps it secret as they can, mainly because the stuff we make is Real !! Like we don't have super sonic missiles or something equivalent, the reports in this BS are misinformed or not informed at all !!!!

  16. Light weapons also have the advantage of multiple hits…….like a strobe light. Repeated,..from multiple ship lasers. That 1 minute .30 seconds? We will pop it like bag of microwave popcorn! Throw in satilites with light weapons. Well. I loved those old experiments……..they put a mirror on the moon……….then lined up some lasers! Good Idea! Takes about……………….3 seconds! 250,000 miles there……and back! Took a few shots. Nailed it! History! Nothing is faster then the speed of light! Except the speed of thought! It can travel through time…….and I’ve just been to andromeda and back…….in thought! Beat that……flashlight!

  17. America has gone to far with their Nato expansion after the fall of the soviet union as the result the cold war arms race is back on. And new proxy wars already started around Russia and Nato. US/ Nato will back down from the Russian border at some point.

  18. Yea I'll believe it when I actually see a real test from the Russians. Not a state propaganda TV station showing pieced together clips 😆 Kind of like Putins "invincible" nuclear cruise missile 😂😂😂😂

  19. Ha ha.. so Mr. ?

    Russan are true christian and hence what over you do cannot nd must not stand a chance fight them.. humble request to Accept true Path and only true God


  21. In actuality the fleet of Frigates and Corvettes currently being built by Russia are nothing but Oceanic Commandos. Small, fast, stealthy and very well armed ships operating in compact groups just like special operation teams; from brown to blue water. Note: According to the Russian Military of Defense plans are currently in place to increase the speed of the Khinzal and Zircon in order to exceed the current threshold of MACH 10. Again nothing is infallible, an object traveling at hyper sonic speed can only be neutralized by entering into a vacuum (or standardized "black" hole) of unstable pressurization. Either the pressure is way too high (deflects upon contact) or extremely low (crushed once engulfed). How to achieve that? So far only the Creator managed to put that in place in the center of the Milky Way. The so-called "Glide Breaker" CANNOT stop MACH 10 nor 30 (actual speed of the A-Vanguard) but instead put off balance from the trajectory in a predictable attempt. Very doubtful on the success; Simply because at such high speed, constantly going up and down. How to know when and where in order to detonate a Nuke (for sure) in Space in a preventive act? Even with a fleet of satellites and supercomputers involved in detecting and calculation. They can still hope and try. [Shaking my head]

    Defense Updates : Please forgive us for such a big mistake, the real information is

  23. Russia's defense budget is about 1/10 of the USA. Firing a missle and operating a vessel on the high sea will eat into their vodka budget. So at sea level a missile traveling at multiple mach will survive and not burn up? SR 71 traveling at mach 3 at 60000 thousand feet had skin temps over 2000 F. More vodka swilling russian hoaxes. And how do you guide it. A tennis ball could kill it at speed. Give me a break click bait bs artists.

  24. More Russian propaganda. They can barely feed the Russian people yet they are developing this. Only in their little minds.

  25. Expect an actual test in Idlib within a few days, we’ll see! This might be launched by the 2 frigates which arrived in Latakia Russian naval base less than week ago I’m preparing my popcorn and soda for this event!

  26. This is the reason we should be investing in stealthy submarines, not increasingly vulnerable aircraft carriers.

  27. How does this claim square with the statement by admiral Nikolai Yevmenov that was made precisely in January of this year to RIA Novosti that the Zircon was suffering from "childhood diseases" and wouldn't be ready for service for years? And after those excercises in january the Russian navy said that they tested an Oniks and Kalibr missile from that frigate, not a Zircon, which was interpreted by observers at the time as indicating the Zircon program was having trouble. Sounds like Russia trying to cover up the fact that their new missile is not working.

  28. It makes aircraft carrier a sitting duck. It makes sense why China scale down building aircraft carriers and improve on hypersonic weapons.

  29. Just to add, Mach number is not a constant value. Mach 5 in this case is 5 x the speed of sound, but where ? At sea level sound travels faster than at high altitudes due to a different air density.

  30. Hypersonic missiles producing by Russian technology messilie producing appears that new cold war starting from centuries starting are Russian authorities having sufficient economic ability to produce sufficient amounts of those hypersonic missile's?

  31. Stunning work. The missile shown as ‘zircon’ launching from a truck is actually a P-35 dating from the 70s and the display model on the bench had no radar seeker or EO seeker. In short nothing there offered any proof whatsoever that Zircon is real….but, according to our narrator, it can knock out a super carrier in one shot!. Must be nice to be able to promote and build weapons that you don’t have to even prove exist!

  32. How it navigates and how aims on target if plasma blocks radio frequences? It may navigate by inertial system but is it possible to use optical/thermal aiming on target at final? With that speed and plasma, i doubt. Or maybe it have to slow down to recognize target? If not, it may not find a moveing target like an aircraft carrier, it may only hit ground target. Am I wrong?

  33. Plasma can be detected from satellites, also anything that emits radar radiation can be detected from the ground as well as from space. Weapons systems will soon become absolutely worthless when AI is incorporated into defensive mechanisms.

  34. I'd be surprised if the U.S. millitsry doesn't have the equivalent weapon under testing or even production.

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