Record Toss – Shaun of the Dead (4/8) Movie CLIP (2004) HD

‘… the attackers can be stopped by removing
the head or destroying the brain. ‘I’ll repeat that, by removing the head
or destroying the brain.’ Hey! Aim for the head. – Now what?
– Get more stuff. – What’s in the shed?
– Dunno, it’s locked. – Why is it locked?
– It’s always been locked. No! That’s the second album I ever bought! Some of these are limited…
Ah! What was that? – Blue Monday.
– That was an original pressing. For fuck’s sake. – Erm… Purple Rain?
– No. – Sign O’ The Times?
– Definitely not. – The Batman soundtrack?
Throw it. – Dire Straits?
– Throw it. – Er… Ooh, Stone Roses?
– No. – Second Coming?
– I like it. Ah! Sade? – That’s Liz’s.
– She dumped you. – I’m going to the shed.
– You said it was locked. – Which one do you want? Girl or bloke?
– Er… the first one. ‘People receiving bites
have experienced headaches and nausea ‘and developed symptoms… ‘ You’ve got red on you. ‘Lf you know someone who has been bitten ‘it is absolutely essential
that you isolate them immediately.

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