Proper Bat Grip Video

In order to properly grip a baseball bat the
batter should lean the bat, with the knob up, against the back leg. Reach down with
your hands and grab the handle of the bat. Now lift the bat up so that barrel of the
bat is pointed straight up. When you do this you should notice that your middle knuckles,
or what we sometimes call the knocking knuckles, will be lined up with each other. It is okay
if your top hand turns slightly to have the middle knuckles line up with the bottom hands
top knuckles. However, you should never have both top knuckles lining up with one another.
If both top knuckles are lined up you will find that your wrists are unable to move freely
with each other and they fight against developing a quick compact swing. By lining up your middle knuckles you allow
both wrists to work together and move the bat freely so that you can adjust your bat
to the angle that the ball is traveling as it comes from the pitcher. Also note that
when you grip a bat you should have a relaxed grip. If you squeeze the bat too hard your
wrists will not be able to change the bat angle as you swing and your bat speed will
be slower. The more relaxed you are as a batter, the better chance you have to make solid contact
with the ball. The most important thing to remember with
your grip is to line up your middle knuckles and have a relaxed grip on the bat.

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