Production’s Blog – Episode 14 – Varnished or Unfinished Bats?

The question of whether not to paint your bat is often a personal one. Some players prefers a nice polish with their team’s colors. Others like the raw natural look of unvarnished wood. However, there are other factors that come into play when making decision to
paint your bat. The biggest factor for me is: “what’s the weather like where I play
baseball?” Things like rain or humidity can have an
adverse effect on an unpainted bat and without paint, humidity inside the
wood can add an ounce or two to the weight of your bat. That could have a dramatic
change to the feel of your bat and not to mention making the wood softer. So the
next time you’re purchasing your B45 think about what the weather is like in your area. And remember: whether your bat is painted or natural, always store your bat
in a dry comfortable place away from extreme heat or cold.

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