Production’s Blog – Episode 1 – The role of wood density in the bat’s pop

Every log B45 receives have
the same exact measurement: 37 inches in lenght and 2.75 inches in
circumference. However, each log can be different because of density
of the wood. Logs with low density are primarily used to make bats with bigger
barrels or high lenght-to-weight ratio. High density logs or heavier logs are
used for bats with small barrels or that are smaller in length. Because the wood used
to make big barreled bats are lighter, these bats tend to be less durable and
break easier. Bats made with high density wood are stronger and more resistant to
breakage. When deciding what model bat to buy, it’s important to know the type of wood
density used in the making of your bat. In general, bats made with high density
logs can give more pop, depending on the hitter. The force of the swing combined
with the strength of the wood determine how hard the ball is hit.

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