President Moon Jae-in speaks to N. Korean audience of 150,000

President Moon capped off the second day of
the summit by attending perhaps North Korea’s most famous cultural spectacle, the Mass Games. Not only did he attend, he became the first
South Korean leader to deliver a speech to a North Korean audience, in this case, numbering
some 150-thousand people. We’ll now listen to that in its entirety. .
Citizens of Pyeongyang, I am very glad to see you all here tonight. As the president of South Korea, I feel deeply
honored to speak to you. As you can see with your own eyes, we are
opening a new era together. My fellow Koreans, Chairman Kim Jong-un and
I had an encounter full of meaning at Panmunjeom on April 27th. We had a warm embrace. And today, we have agreed that there will
be no more war on the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, we have solemnly announced both
to our 80 million fellow Koreans and to the international community that a new era of
peace has dawned on the Peninsula. We have also affirmed the principle of national
self-determination, that we ourselves will determine the fate of our people. Also, we have firmly promised to advance a
future of common prosperity, to independently restore our blood-based ties, and to develop
inter-Korean relations in a thorough and dramatic way. This fall, I, President Moon Jae-in, decided
to make this trip to Pyeongyang. Dear citizens of Pyeongyang, Chairman Kim
Jong-un and I have agreed specifically to completely eliminate the threat and fear of
war on the Korean Peninsula. In addition, from Mt. Baekdusan to Mt. Hallasan, we promised to leave our
future generations this beautiful land, free of nuclear weapons and nuclear threats. And we will quickly take steps to fundamentally
end the suffering of separated families before it’s too late. I send generous applause and thanks to Chairman
Kim, who is walking along with me towards a new future. Dear citizens of Pyeongyang, on this visit,
I have witnessed the remarkable development of this city. I have seen the kind of nation you are trying
to build, how much you strive for peace and your bravery in hard times. Dear fellow citizens, we are great. We are strong. We love peace. And we should live together. We lived together for over 5,000 years and
have been separated for 70 years. I propose today to completely end this 70-year
separation and take a big step towards peace. Chairman Kim and I will firmly join hands
and work to build a new fatherland. Let us move into a new future together. I would like to thank the many Pyeongyang
citizens, young people, students and children who have warmly welcomed our
delegation. Thank you.

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