Poly vs North for 1st place, Coach Rice and Brown talk shop on Coach’s Perspective

good evening and welcome to the coach’s
perspective show here on Riverside TV is we’ve got a great game of this Friday
night it has all the implications of a championship game it’s between Riverside
Poly and John W North I have both head coaches on my left the great John rice
am i right the great Dennis Brown welcome to the show guys thanks for
having us yeah thank you it now you guys are
playing for all the marbles Friday night right now you guys sit atop the
leaderboard you’re just upset I should say you guys played a great game no
upset there you guys played a phenomenal game against orange vista and you guys
were playing great football as well you could be a giant killer and make it a
three-way tie for a league title well first of all I want to congratulate
coach Brown on their staff for doing such a great job they really dominated
orange just did a fantastic job so we need to be more than the sum of our
parts we have to have one of those games where everything comes together and we
improve and we’re planning on having a great week of practice and I think it’s
great for the community that we play we’re grateful to be in the spot that
we’re in and I worked looking forward to a great game on Friday now you’re both
having excellent seasons what do you think about the poly bears this year oh
I think that they’re much improved and you know I know they’re well coached and
you know I mail a lot of the players obviously my sons are both on the team
so it’s it’s it’s gonna be fun yeah now what’s home life look like then when
you when you talk to them do you guys you try to get me scattered reports or
oh yeah I give them a hard time every night it’s just fun and games but it’s
you know I don’t ask them questions about that but we you know poke at each
other a little bit and they do it back to me and so it’s all in fun now what’s
it like coaching the brown boys the browns boys are reflection of their
parents they have great work ethic the highest integrity and character they’re
athletic and I wish we could clone them and have 22 of them on the field just a
credit to coach Brown and it’s wife Michelle now now why didn’t you
have your son’s complete complete for you you know it was we were you know
when I coached at Poly they you know we’re going to school there so all their
friends are there and we live around the corner and so it was tough I mean those
conversations were had but you know I think it was best for them at that time
to you know stay with their friends and and their surroundings and you know
continue so you know I don’t think there would have been a bad choice either way
but it was just for them that there at that time it was best well my father was
a coaching at one of the other high schools that when I was in high school I
was at Ramona he was over at La Sierra and honestly I never went to transfer I
wanted to stay and play for Toni Macy but don’t ever tell my dad now now
talking about this game what does this mean for you guys I mean you guys are
friends you guys have worked together what’s this game mean to you guys a
Friday night for us it means it’s for our program to get to the next level
obviously it takes some time to get the program where you want it to be but it’s
a good measuring stick for us and especially be in the position to compete
the first year we’re just grateful to be in that position and anxious to see how
much we improved over the year and same question to you coach I think for us
it’s it’s rebuilding the program you know it’s a step in that direction I
know you know when I was an assistant coach at North years ago and coached
under mark Brady’s and Steve Haggerty and you know the program was always one
of the top programs in in the area and I think that was our goal when we took
over was to bring that back well I’ll tell you what it’s it’s really nice to
see both programs doing its flourishing so well you know you’re in your
sophomore season you’re in your freshman season and at Poly you guys kind of have
switch roles at one time you were the poly coach for a couple years and you
were the north head coach and somebody on your staff at North High School
reached out to me and said hey coach Brown is two-and-oh versus Coach rice
and when you were over at North now the tables are turned everybody wants to
know is there a friendly rivalry do you guys are you guys intense about this or
or they just won a game for you you know I mean I I think it’s because of the
game that we have or both of us are playing for first place it’s it’s a you
know a competitive environment obviously our kids want to win and I’m sure their
kids want to win and you know I think that it’s going to be a great game
Friday night and I think that both teams are gonna play hard and both teams are
gonna put everything they have out on the line and it’s not really about Coach
rice and I it’s about the kids and and you know what they do and I think that
you know it’ll it’ll be a fun game and I want to echo that it isn’t it’s not
about coach Brown and myself it never has been it’s I have the most respect
for Coach Brown on their staff but it is about the kids and we’re just gonna go
out there and play a great game and if we meet every year I think it’s good for
Riverside it’s great for the school’s the community’s love the reverie and the
kids get fired up for it yeah you guys played Ramona
earlier this year that’s always a big rivalry and playing North your other
great rivalry it’s really fun to see this kind of interaction between the
high schools and both when both teams are doing well it’s great yeah
absolutely now also let’s let’s talk a little bit
about your team we saw you guys earlier in the season against him it and the
team we saw on Friday night was not the team we saw against him what has changed
with the North Huskies you think you know I think they’re getting comfortable
with what we’re trying to do and I think probably more than that we’re getting
comfortable with what they can do on what you know what they’re willing to do
I guess you say but we have a great group of kids and we finally kind of put
it together a little bit last week and hopefully we can keep that going well
I’ll tell you what orange just really you had your hands full with the
defensive line two guys going to the pac-12
and your offensive line was amazing I’m gonna just tell you it was great you had
your running back to his phenomenal your quarterback was phenomenal is it is it
fun right now are the kids having a blast yeah absolutely that’s the key I
think they’re just you know they’re they’re coming ready to practice every
day you know get better and you know and they can see
the the results of the hard work you know now early in the area you kind of
are putting it all together and thinking okay this is what we think is gonna work
and you know this is what we need from you and they’re still not sure if their
body in or not but then as you have success and things start to happen then
you know that buy-in just kind of makes everything seem faster you know and so
you’re you’re playing faster you’re playing together you’re playing with
more confidence and when you do that you’re you know I mean we have a lot of
good athletes you know I mean so we’re explosive at times and I think last week
we saw signs of everybody kind of pitching in and doing their part and I
think you know we could be tough to stop if that continues
yeah the discipline I saw from your offense and defense not to me penalties
a lot like we saw in that hammock game you guys looked really ready and focused
about yeah and I think that’s the key they were they and they were all weak
you know they knew it was a big game and you know I did the fun thing was you
know we didn’t have to do a whole lot coaching wise it was they were ready and
they knew what was at stake and you know same thing this week you know and so I
know yeah after you come off of a big win the thing is is there gonna be a
letdown and so far the kids you know at school this morning when we had our
workout this morning they were into it and ready to go and they understand that
you know this is a rivalry this is a big game no matter if we were both oh and
nine right now it’s still a big game you know and the fact that we’re not nor
playing for first place just puts more on it now coach you’re really in your
sophomore season with the Bears as well last year you were under coach DeWitt
staff when you took over this year what were your thoughts did you think you
guys would be this good at this point we thought we might be a little a little
slower and getting to the point where coach Brown talked about kids buying in
so for us it was changing some culture and incorporating some core values like
accountability and work ethic and and those kinds of things so they take a
little bit of time and we’re very happy that when the kids have a little success
than they’re buying a little more and so it’s complete it’s a process to me it’s
not an event whether they buy in so we’re very happy with where we’re at but
they have to be willing to take the next step and this is one of those games
where the program could take the next step now you both have very good
dual-threat quarterback what are your thoughts on names
quarterback oh he’s a great athlete yeah very good basketball basketball he’s a
great kid – I think that’s the thing you know you don’t I mean I know him a
little bit so I know what type of character he has and the quality of the
kid he is and so you know and he’s he’s a phenomenal athlete and he’s a great
competitor and you know he’s gonna be ready to play Friday night there’s no
question about that and the same I’m gonna pose the same question to you what
do you guys plan to do he’s got two guys he’s got a very good quarterback and an
excellent running back what are you planning to stop how are you gonna stop
the Huskies you gotta take away with try to take away what somebody does best and
make him beat you with something else so the problem is when you have more than
one guy that does a good job but then it makes it difficult to defend but Cory is
Cory it’s Cory Cory was in my freshman English class and what struck me about
him at that time was this quiet humility in his confidence and so he’s a very
humble kid out of the great respect for him he’s gotten better over the year as
far as throwing the ball and he’s dangerous on the edge when he keeps it
so I’m happy to see him step up and succeed he’s just a great kid though
I’ve seen both of your quarterbacks really lead your team to victory this
year and I’ll be honestly it’s it’s just a game that I’m looking forward to more
so than I was last week and I thought that was gonna be in the game of the
year this is gonna be the game of the year I’m really excited I want to ask
you one more question let’s talk about some of the guys on your team but you’ve
been surprised with that maybe coming into the season you said boy this guy
really has shined for us well surprising players would the performance probably
of Jacob Westover Thor as a defensive lineman he’s like a three technique he’s
been really solid for us and Telemachus plan and we have a sophomore
named Michael Burke who’s started as a sophomore or most of our games who’s
shined we have Alex Amezcua who’s very solid at tackle but it’s to me when
we’re talking and is really really hard to single out kids when it’s a team
effort because it doesn’t matter how well one of them plays they need to play
as a team and we’ve had some kids step up and you never know who that’s gonna
be when the season starts you you hope there’ll be some kids but really when
they get on the field it’s up to them to shine and the same with you coach
anybody that’s really shined for you guys as well well I think you know I
mean it starts with the offensive line you know on offense you know and I think
that they were you know young and experienced you know group at the
beginning of the year and they got thrown into the fire early against
Servite and and since then have started to play well together and and come
together and you know Corey’s obviously a great competitor and very cool very
cool nothing rattles him and so I think his demeanor and the way he carries
himself has allowed for the offense to grow you know each week and so I’d say
they’re offensively and then defensively it’s you know it’s the defensive line
and it’s not really a surprise those are the guys that we thought would but you
know what the addition of the makayley and and you know on them you got CR I
mean we got the hak-seon name and he was great he’s playing really well all year
and then Eliott is done well and then Beauvais is
probably the unsung hero he’s the three technique and he’s a senior leader and
he’s just been consistent all year you know people don’t talk about him but
they don’t run out of me there and have much success so he’s he’s done a great
job all year we both really turned the programs around quite a bit I want to
say this what has been the when did you notice in the season in that you have
something special you know I mean you like to think at the beginning you know
in summer when we were working just because that was one of the things that
we had talked about last year was you know I mean we had made it to the
playoffs which hadn’t happened for a couple of years but we weren’t satisfied
or happy by any stretch you know we we knew we had to get stronger in the
weight room and the kids worked really hard all offseason and in the summer and
so by the end of the summer we kind of felt like we saw the the change in their
bodies you know they were definitely filled out more and they were more
physical and and then you know from from game zero on it’s showed you know even
in the survey game we didn’t get manhandled in that game we just made a
lot of mistakes you know and so I think physically we we felt like we had a
chance to be good all year and so it’s starting to kind of fall into place and
same thing for you guys was there a certain time of year was after a game
you you looked in go I think we got something special here we got a playoff
team I uh I think on defense probably when we played Orange Vista we did some
really good things at times and so that told us that our kids were going on the
right direction and they they didn’t have any quit in them and they were they
were to add some integrity and they fought hard and then offense the last
two weeks they’ve done well and scored some points and and so for us though we
need to put a complete game together what you’re still waiting to do and to
me that’s that’s when well I’ll be able to sit back and say okay we arrived we
put a game together and again it’s a good opponent well I can say this from
watching you know I’ve seen every Riverside team at least twice this year
both your teams better than any teams I’ve seen all year
by far so I think that’s attributed to your coaching staffs I think you guys do
a great job in that sense but before we go
but last thing I’m gonna say what do you think of Coach rice as a coach as a
friend give me your little your rundown of Coach oh I think he does a great job
you know and I think he you know he took over the program and like he said just
tried to bring back some of that integrity and the character of the kids
and you know the work and I think the kids play hard you know and they haven’t
always been in great situations you know and and but they’ve they’ve always you
know played with you know my son’s playing there I’ve got to go to a few
more games than I normally would probably and you know you saw that in
the kids all year long so and the same question to you about coach Brown coach
Brown is a winner people follow him they follow winners he’s a leader with
character and integrity and and and it’s only taken him a couple years and I love
a chance to coach at the coach Brent if we’re ever had a chance to do that just
fortunately it hasn’t worked out by rehabs all that most respect for coach
well you know if I can ever work on both of you I would come out of coaching
basketball to go to all of you I respect I appreciate everything you guys do for
the community for the kids and I’m looking forward to Friday night it’s
gonna be a good one it’s for the league championship and we’re gonna have that
Friday night on Riverside TV it’s the game of the week between Riverside Poly
and John W north we’ll see you at the game Friday night have a good one the
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the Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C and welcome back to the coach’s
perspective show here on Riverside TV is we’re going to talk about our second
game of our doubleheader between Notre Dame and Arlington we’re now joined by
the head coach of Notre Dame Aaron Burr – how you doing coach good thanks for
having us good to see you good to see you now you’ve been on TV with us for a
couple times this year tell us so far how the seasons gone for you is we’ve
had a good year we’re five and four right now I would fight some tough
opponents our elsinore last year was a great team last week was a great team
came up short 28 10 but we’ve had some ups and downs but I think we’re right
where we want to be yeah we’re ready for the playoffs I’ll tell you what you’ve
got a great freshman quarterback I see that people already offering him
scholarships he’s thrown for over 1,500 yards Dre Robles can you tell us a
little bit about the young man man he is not a freshman he is a great kid he
leads our office he’s a great leader is a great kid in the classroom he works
really hard I mean he just always wants to get better so I’m really excited to
see him just keep growing after this year – well we saw him against Aquinas
the first time we covered you guys and I’ll tell you what he’s one of those
guys he’s a Johnny Manziel type kid he said he’s fearless he throw the ball in
coverage he’s one of those guys that you got to have on your team are you excited
for his future for the next three more years with him you know the first time
we talked about it I mentioned Johnny Manziel and he was like coach I’m
Russell Wilson type so he’s that type of guy he’s a great kid he does he makes
the right decisions hit the sky’s the limit for this kid he surprises me every
week and I just love coaching him so now you guys are gonna play an Arlington
team that really hasn’t had the best of year so far but they are capable of
really putting up some points they run a ground game situation are you concerned
about the Lions I’m not concerned but but we have to show up and play I mean
this isn’t there they’re good football team they got a lot of talent and they
played in five games that they’ve lost less than five points so they can be in
ball games we just got to play our game and that’s what we got to get back to
you last week we kind of struggled so this week I just gotta get back to what
we do and and focus on the fundamentals now you guys are definitely gonna get a
playoff spot how do you feel like your team is playing at this time I think we
were right where we want to be I think last week was tough but it was we
learned a lot about ourselves and I think we’re gonna
learn a lot about ourselves watching film today on it so I’m really excited
about that and and I think we’re a team where you’re like oh they’re five and
four they’re gonna be six and four how are they hopefully how we end up but
we’re good we’re good I mean we play good defense we throw the
ball well we run the ball we’re well around a team that I’m excited for for
the playoffs now in during the season you ever find that if you do take a loss
that it kind of helps and propels you guys to make you better do you feel like
the last week could have been that week that was exactly it they they ran the
ball really well but we played really good run defense we held them to seven
points in the first half I mean they’re averaging like 40 points on most
opponents so I’m really excited about that like I said we’re gonna learn from
this game and we’re gonna get back on track and and we’re gonna be ready for
and we’ve we faced every offense we can imagine faced every defense we can
imagine so we’re ready for the playoffs now you guys have played like you said a
very tough schedule and we’ve seen you play the the holy war Aquinas Aquinas
has continued to do well can you tell us what what part of the season you thought
you guys were gonna be pretty good you know that’s a tough one I was probably
after that after the paloma game we really kind of did what we were told to
do and we kind of executed really well we 135 zero and after losing to Aquinas
that’s always a little worried we have a down week but we had a great bye week we
got healthy and we executed and then we went into Valley View and we did the
same thing so I’ve seen us grow I’ve seen us execute and I can see our
potential that we can really be good in the playoffs now what has surprised you
the most something during the season that you said you didn’t think he’d be
so good at but you guys have really improved or something somebody that
surprised you you know for us it was actually our leadership we’re really
worried about the beginning a year we lost a lot of seniors last year we lost
17 seniors last year so we were heavy on the seniors this year we had some
seniors coming in but not hadn’t play that role yet and you know Dre and some
of our other guys have really stepped up to become leaders held team meetings
things like that have really helped us become a better team so that’s what I’ve
been most proud of for the kids is we we have some leadership we’re you know
we’re just coaching now and that’s the best part now talking about some of the
kids is there certain guys you want to spotlight and and because there’s there
have been you know I always talk to coaches know they’ll say hey you know
what little you know didn’t expect him to be so good
but he came out and he just surprised everybody it’s like I can’t think of
anybody I mean we’re so well-rounded I love our team I really do
we’ve got good linemen we’ve got good running backs a Joseph green he runs the
ball hard our backers max Anderson you know Anthony Cunha the gergan twins
I mean they were just we’re good group you know and they they don’t they don’t
look at me they’re not look at me guys they they play together they love
playing together and that’s I think what we’re souls well that’s why I makes it
so great is we don’t have that star we have just a bunch of guys playing
football together now you’ve been at the in the Trinity League and now you’re
here in Riverside at Notre Dame High School what’s what’s the most rewarding
thing that you’ve been able to take away from your coaching experience and
brought to Notre Dame you know my best experience is just being able to go in
and try to enjoy every day you know it’s it’s a long season sometimes and it gets
tough but just try to enjoy it and see the growth we’ve since that Xavier loss
we are a completely different team and the kids have just worked harder and so
I always take that and I go wow we’re doing the right things and they want to
get better and so when you see that you’re just you’ve become real proud as
a coach now you’re in your second year with Notre Dame yeah and what are your
thoughts looking towards the future for your program what what what do you see
you know two three years down like is your two years in you guys yeah continue
to do well now there’s some expectations you know I told the boys that you know
last week in a couple weeks before that no we got to we got to set a bar now now
it’s not we want to it’s it’s we expect to you know we expect to be in a league
championship game every year we expect to compete against some of the best
schools in the IE and that’s what we’re gonna shoot for you know we’re gonna re
League in the next couple months and I expect us to probably move up and that’s
exciting that’s really exciting that we get to play some tough teams in the IE
like you know Rancho Verde or heritage so now it’s becoming you know we’re a
program and that’s that’s really exciting to see as a head coach now is
it confusing with this super conference you guys are in I mean do you guys are
you looking at the other leagues and trying to figure out where you guys
might be yeah yeah we have and you know we’ll see where it lands you know who
knows but I’m excited I think we could be in the top of division and that’d be
fun but if we’re in the middle one
just as good as for us as well so wherever we land we’re just we like
playing football so that’s that’s the best part and now going into the
playoffs what are your thoughts to me everybody healthy and you guys you were
a little banged up right now we you know that game was a tough game I was a
physical tough game I also no runs the Wing T and they do it better than
anybody I’ve seen in recent years so that was tough for us but we’re gonna
get healthy this week and we’re gonna get better and then you know we’re gonna
do what we do and that’s what we tell the guys do what we do don’t know what
about what everyone else does just focus on what we do and we’ll be just fine and
last thing let’s talk about Notre Dame High School in itself I mean you know I
was I grew up a Catholic school kid I went to ou lph on the street yeah tell
us what it’s like to be a part of the community and coaching at Notre Dame
it’s it’s crazy I get phone calls emails all the time from alumni and it’s so
good to hear you know great job coach the kids look great they’re working hard
we get donations and things like that I see alumni after the games it’s just
it’s a small community but it’s it’s actually bigger than people think you
know and there’s a lot of pride in it and that’s what I love being a part of
is there’s a great pride of being a Notre Dame Titan and I think the kids
are really starting to realize that too for for how many people come out to our
games and support us so it’s it’s fun I’m excited and I’m just very thankful
to be the the leader of the program well coach you’ve got a great young team
you’ve got a great young talented quarterback I congratulate you on your
almost your second you guys continue continue to raise the bar at Notre Dame
High School and we’re gonna have a great one on on Friday night is you’re gonna
finish out your regular season against Arlington High School and we hope that
you join us Friday night check out the game it’ll be replayed at 11 o’clock
it’ll be live on all the social media platforms between Notre Dame and
Arlington high school he’s Aaron Huerta I’m Jeff Gorham and this has been the
coaches perspective on Riverside TV thank you very much

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