Penn State New Kensington visits the Washington Wild Things

In this fast-paced cyber age, baseball is
still endearing; spending time outside on a warm summer evening watching a game
without a clock, allowing an escape from the world of strict deadlines and
instantaneous communication. In Washington County there’s an affordable
way to get your baseball fix on a college budget. I took a road trip from
campus to it’s About the Warrior Field, home of the Washington Wild Things, to see
what Frontier League Baseball is all about. All right Penn State we made it! We’re at It’s About the Warrior Field where the Lake
Erie Crushers are in town to play the Washington Wild Things. We’re going to check
out the game, get you some highlights, stay tuned and enjoy! The park, which
holds 3,200 people, is a great place for baseball featuring big-league guest
accommodations in a scaled-down package. The game itself has plenty of in between
inning fun, which is common to Minor League baseball “Go Iced Coffee! Go Iced Coffee” “If you need to stick your face in it , go for it!” This includes very unmotivating walk-up
music for the visiting team. But this is pro baseball played by dedicated
individuals who are looking to perfect their craft and advance their careers,
which gives the fans a first-rate on-field product.The Wild Things are in
first place in the East Division at the all-star break and they sent six players
to the Frontier League all-star game. This talented lineup is sure to please
any Pittsburgh area baseball fan. Here with Washington Wild Things
catcher Chase Simmons; and all of a sudden, in the middle of the game, you’re going to
work! Yeah you know just always ready to play, I know my role, backing up Kyle and
you know something happened, he got tossed and I was just ready to do my job tonight. But the good thing is you battled through two at-bats, drew two walks and
you were obviously on base when Mike Hill decides to put one way over the left
field fence, get you guys some runs on the board. Yeah you know Mike had a
good AB there, I had a good AB you know 0-2, and uh in a situation where
it’s tough to just kind of come right into the game and not start out and you
know just battled and got a walk and then Mike put one over the fence, so you
know trying to get something going there and trying to battle back and trying to
get the win there but you know it didn’t happen, fell short so we’ll come back
out tomorrow. Speaking of that, obviously coming off the all-star break
you guys are a first place team, I’ll have to check the standings after this
admittedly, but before the break you were a first place team and it’s just a matter
like just getting things lined back up and going back to work and doing what
you’ve been doing all season I would assume, just don’t panic do what you know
you guys do best. Yeah you know just we just gotta line some things up you know
kind of come back sloppy these past two games so you know I think we’ll we’ll
get our mind right tomorrow and try to come back out and get back on a winning
streak and try to take control of division and head into the playoff
with some momentum. Alright for Penn State New Kensington, along with catcher Chase
Simmons, I’m Scott Sinclair, you guys have a great night, thanks again!

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