PCC Vs Clackamas Community College – Womens Basketball

[MUSIC PLAYING] [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] SPEAKER 1: All right, fans. Let’s meet today’s starting lineups. First, from Clackamas Community
College, head guard, number 10, Emma Platner. And guard, number 22,
Nicole Hermosillo-Wright. And guard, number 24, Mary Hutchins. And guard, number 32, Johanna Paine. And forward, number
15, Lauren Lindley. Cougars Head Coach, Jim Martineau. And now from your Portland
Community College Panthers. Back guard, a freshman
from [INAUDIBLE],, number 2, Barbara Leon. And guard, a sophomore from
David Douglas, number 11, Cash- Shay Bynum. And guard, a sophomore from Park
Rose, number 23, Shyanne Akles. And guard, a sophomore from
Union High School, number 24, Angelique Williams. And finally, head guard,
a freshman from Grant High School, number 32, Mary Banks. by Head Coach John Slaughter. Assistant Coaches
[INAUDIBLE] and William Hill. Today’s Referees are Felicia
Wright, Manny [INAUDIBLE],, and Tory [INAUDIBLE]. All right SCOTT ARMSTRONG: All right. And welcome to another production
of Portland Community College Basketball here on PCC TV. Scott Armstrong with you
joined by our yellows on bringing women’s basketball
action in the [INAUDIBLE] this afternoon. Age as the PCC Panthers engage with
the Cougars of Clackamas Community College from nearby Oregon City. And we’re hoping to play to play
the season sweep of the Cougars. The last team they defeated
back on Dr. Martin Luther King Day on January 18th
behind a 40 point effort from the [INAUDIBLE] leading scorer. The Panthers point guard Angelique
Williams you and closed the tab. All right we’re left
red and black uniforms as you see it on your favorite
television screen or on YouTube. Thank you for. Joining us today. On the game’s opening possession
our lead official this afternoon, Felicia Wright, whistles a traveling
violation against show Johanna Paine, the Cougar’s leading scorer. And Clackamas will put a full
court pressure against the Panthers who take the ball for
the first time today. The Portland starters, Barbara
Leon, Cash Bynum, Shyanne Akles, Angelique Williams, and Mary Banks. Here’s a 3 from the
right side for Williams to get this scoring underway. Williams is just under
25 points a game. Leads the entire conference
in scoring averages. Back the other end a driving
layup for Nicole Hermosillo-Wright is missed. A rebound also missed out of
the hands of Lauren Lindley. In fact, this comes up cold on
in its opening two possessions. Portland into a 2-0 nothing lead. Williams shot from
the right wing at 2. She airballs here, it’s
saved by Bynum who ultimately picked up the Cougars here. We’ll take it for the third time. We’ve played a little over a minute
and Portland leading two nil. Johanna Paine is Paine and Jo Paine
knocks it home from the right side. She is the second leading
rebounder in the NWAC in addition to this team’s leading scorer. She scores over 12 a game
, and scores 23 a game. And we got a whistle. And Mary Banks is called
for a 10 second violation. She failed to dribble the
ball past the division line before the shot clock
hit the 20 mark. Now the starters for Jim Martineau
and the Clackamas Cougars, this afternoon. Emma Platner, the 5’5″
sophomore from Bend. Nicole Hermosillo-Wright, a 5’6″
freshmen from Salinas, California. Mary Hutchins, a 5’8″
sophomore from Forest Grove. Paine is a 6-foot sophomore
from Oregon City High School. Lauren Lindley, the 6’1″
sophomore from Westview High, here in here in the cordoned area. 2-2 our score, left corner in
front of us at 3, accepted by Paine and missed off the front iron, but
a nice rebound there for Hutchins. She dumps it into the hands
of Lindley, for the bucket, and Clackamas goes on
top by a 4-2 count. Driving in the lane here is
Williams, but missing badly. She’ll take a lot of shots to get
to her scoring average of nearly 25 a game, which leads the conference. 4-2 Clackamas lead,
2 minutes gone by, that jump shot from the freethrow
line no good for Hutchins. And the rebound goes out
of bounds, and over to PCC. Portland’s five starters, Leon,
the 5’4″ freshmen from Benson High. Bynum, the 5’7″ sophomore
from David Douglas, Akles, the 5’8″ sophomore
from Parkrose, Banks, a 5’5″ freshman from
Grant High, and Williams, the 5’8″ sophomore
from Union High School. Bynum, freethrow line, driving
against Paine, cut off. Picks it on top to Williams, jump
shot from the left side of the key is good. And Williams has all
4 Portland points, and we are knotted at 4, with 7:12
to play on our opening quarter. Portland won the battle between
these two teams a month ago, 87-72, and steal,
down low, by Banks. And off to Akles to
begin the fast break. Shyanne goes against two
defenders, is blocked. And it’s out of bounds,
to stay with Portland. John Slaughter thought
it might have been foul, instead it just goes out
of bounds to the Panthers. Here’s Banks, open for three. Left wing, it goes long. The rebound eventually
in the hands of Lindley. 4-4 our score, 6:48
to play in the first. Paine drives it, the lefthand
dribble, across the lane from right to left, misses the layup,
the rebound tapped out into the hands of Barb Leon. Portland on the go. And then Akles throws
it away, looking for Banks, down the right
sideline and out of bounds. The officials this afternoon, are
[? Felicia ?] [? Wright, ?] Maggie [? Spurling, ?] and [? Corin ?]
[? McConnell. ?] Give to Clackamas. Platner, Lindley, Paine,
Hutchins, and Hermosillo-Wright. Swung around on top. Paine, wants to drive on Akles,
but Shyanne stands her up. Now at three from the right side,
by Hermosillo-Wright, no good. Rebound Paine, Paine
is fouled by Akles. And Jo Paine, with
the charity stripe, for the first freethrows of
our content this afternoon. On the clock, at 6:18 to to go
in the first, and a 4-all tie. Paine is a 70% freethrow
shooter on the campaign, and she misses the first. Lindley sits down, and Lexi
Pittman goes into the contest, as Paine converts
her second freethrow to get Clackamas the 5-4 lead. You see, for the first time,
the 5’6″ freshman, Pittman, from North Valley
High in Grant’s Pass. There’s a steal for Hutchins. Clackamas into the front court,
dished off to Hermosillo-Wright, now back to Hutchins,
bounce pass down to Paine, who’s guarded by
Banks, she slides around Banks but misses the underhand layup. Rebound to Akles. Portland moving from left to right
in their home white uniforms today, Akles to the goal, but cannot find
the [INAUDIBLE] underhand layup. Clackamas, on the other end, has
fired out toward the baseline, saved by Platner, into play, it’s
grabbed by Hermosillo-Wright, over to Paine, she
scores, she’s fouled, and she’ll head right back
to the freethrow line. Clackamas has been trying
to out-race Portland, which has been one of the major
bugaboos for this Panthers team, getting back on defense
in an expedient manner. The foul is assessed
to Bynum, her first. [INAUDIBLE] second in the
quarter, so it’s now 7-4 Cougars, and Payne finishes
off the 3-point play. 6 of the 8 Clackamas points. 8-4 Cougars now, 5:30 remaining
in quarter number one, from Harold C. Williams
Court in at the Cascade gym on Killingsworth
in North Portland. Bynum, jump shot, long two
from the right side, no good. Rebound on the weak
side, picked up by Akles. Dribbles it out, surprised to
find Mariah Carpenter’s checked into the game, and
she and Mary Hutchins engage in a held ball battle,
inside the painted area. The arrow is pointing
in Portland’s direction. Bynum inbound. Carpenter’s into the game. Carpenter is the 5’8″
freshman from De La Salle High School here in Portland. Leon for three on the top, misses
wide to the right, off the rim. Rebound to Jo Paine. Takes it out to the left side. Pittman, who dumps
it down, low left, to Rachel Johnny, who’s
into the game for Clackamas, she’s rotated on top to Hutchins. She gives it off to Platner. Platner, handoff Paine, driving into
the right side of the painted area, and stores it in the right box. And Joe Paine has 3 of the
Clackamas 10, 10-4 Cougars, Cougars are on a 6-0 run, with
4:40 to go in the opening quarter. Akles off to Williams,
screen, a three from the left. It goes long, off the
[? backfield. ?] Pittman flags down the rebound ahead of Cash Bynum. Clackamas on the break. Paine, left wing,
picks it, left corner, Platner, three– it is no good. Rebound, Leon, over
to the other wing, in front of the Portland bench. And Panthers back in
possession, down by six. When these two teams met,
Portland won by 15, thanks to a 40-point effort from Williams. Williams gives to the
right corner for Carpenter, who misses a set shot, and
the rebound to the Cougars. Paine, leading the
break, plays catch with Platner, drives around
the goal from left to right, balls rotated on top
around the world, from left to right, for a
three by Platner in the corner. No goodl. Kicked all the way out on the tap. And secured by Bynum near the
center circle, where she is fouled. Platner, trying to commit to picking
up that long rebound, and Platner is called for the
Clackamas personal. And John Slaughter feels
this is a good time to give his club a breather. With 3:51 to go in
our opening quarter, he calls the Panthers’
first timeout of the day. So you see the power of
Jo Paine, the leading players in the conference,
one of the top two rebounders in the conference, and
she’s going to create a major-sized problem for the
undermanned Portland defense today. And on the other hand, if Angelique
Williams can get on a high streak– we’re not asking for 40
points, necessarily– but, if Williams can
contribute a major scoring day, they’ve got a good chance as anybody
to beat Clackamas for a second time this year. Right now, the Cougars
have a 6-point lead, with a little less than 4 minutes
to go in the first quarter. Rachel Johnny checked
in a while back, and she is the 5’7″
freshman from Wells, Nevada. And down low left,
it’s given to Akles. Akles, major contact with
Pittman, misses the shot, grabs her own rebound turns around,
the right-handed attempt no good. And Clackamas, on the break. Pittman fires the baseball
pass out to Hutchins, Hutchins drives through the
lane but kicks it back on top. Lot of ball movement
here from the Cougars. In the right corner, Johnny, over
to Tierrany Marshall-McBride, who’s in the game for the first time,
and a traveling violation committed by Paine, as she entered, penetrated
below the foul line extended. So Clackamas turnover. Marshall-McBride is a 5’7″ freshman
from Fort Irwin, California, that’s in the Barstow area. Portland takes it back. Portland, with Leon, Akles,
Williams, Carpenter, Bynum. Leon, driving the wing from the
left side, misses the layup. Rebound Paine. Paine down to Hutchins. Huthins turned around
by Portland’s defense. And then we get a
reaching foul by Leon. The ball was swung out on top. Leon’s first foul, third
of the quarter for PCC. Three minutes remaining,
Clackamas 10, and Portland 4. Marshall-McBride on the
inbound baseline right, she finds Pittman on
the left baseline, and Pittman dunks home a 6-footer. Pittman has two, Lindley has two,
Paine has all of the other points, though it’s been a while
since either team scored, as this shot is up and
no good for Williams. The out-of-bounds in
favor of Portland. Though it’s been a while
since either team scored, that last bucket from Pittman
extends the run by Clackamas to 8-0. Carpenter receives, shoots a long
two from the left side, no good, rebound Jo Paine. She’s gonna try to pick up a lot of
those today, won’t hurt her rebound average in the least. There’s a skip pass
to the right side. To Hutchins, back to Paine,
who [INAUDIBLE] from the left, scores, and is fouled. So a lot of the perimeter passing
to set up the penetration. When you’ve got someone with
the skill and size of Paine moving to the basket, you’ve got to
try and get a body in front of her. That foul is going to be charged
to Leon, that’s Barbara’s 2nd. Extneds the Clackamas lead to
10, extends the run to 10-0. Now we were at 4-4, as
Paine misses the freethrow, and it’s rebounded by Williams. We’re at 4-4 now, it’s 14-4. Williams, down the center, all the
way, heavy contact at the left box, and it’s going to be a blocking
foul against Clackamas, when Pittman gamely stepped
in to try to take the charge, but Felicia Wright she did
not quite have position. And Angelique Williams will
take her first Portland freethrows of the day. She has all 4 Portland points
from the field at this juncture. Foul on Pittman, it’s her 1st
and the team’s 2nd of the period. Williams misses the
1st and makes the 2nd. 73% shooter on the year. And that streak’s finally
snapped, the 10-0 run by Clackamas is broken, 14-5 at the [INAUDIBLE] Finds Pittman on the left box, for
an easy bucket, just like that. I beg your pardon, as Williams
made them both, it’s now 16-6, I was buried in my notes
during the 1st free throw. That shot no good for
Portland, rebounded by Pittman. Paine, straight down the middle. Misses the layup short though,
wants to do better with that, as Portland’s defense did
not provide any resistance. Back the other way, Banks misses
a jumper from the right side. And right back at
it are the Cougars. Paine, all the way, passed
Leon, passed Williams, bounced pass down low for the layup
attempt by Johnny, which is missed, and then Paine, coming to the
floor, secured the rebound, but then kept the basketball
as she hit the deck, and she’s called for traveling. Clackamas puts another sub
into the game, Ali Rojas, a 5’11” freshman
from Gresham High, is into the game for the first time. So right now, it’s Paine, Rojas,
Marshall-McBride, Hutchins, there’s a three over
Hutchins by Leon, no good. And secured again by Paine. 5th player on the floor is Johnny
for Clackamas, which leads 16-6. Angelique Williams has
all 6 Portland points, but that’s been it. 3-pointer, Marshall-McBride,
right wing, no good, ball’s bouncing toward us,
saved nicely by Johnny, right in front of our broadcasting
bench, but did not have a teammate to latch onto
it so it’s out of bounds. Hutchins checks out,
and Platner is back on. Portland’s only going to run
about six players out there today. So right now it’s Banks, Williams,
Leon, Carpenter, and Akles. Leon, another three. Left side, short. Paine, the rebound. I have a feeling I’ve said
that a lot this quarter already and I’m going to keep saying it. Paine, all the way down
the left, past Banks, disrupted, and stolen by
Akles but temporarily so. Finally, Williams
breaks away with it. And Portland wants to run. And we’re a minute
to go in the quarter. And from the right elbow,
Williams hoists up a shot, and she is fouled in the attempt. Not a foul that Jim
Martineau had in mind. Stops the clock with 47 and 4
tenths to go in the quarter. That foul is committed by Johnny. The team’s 3rd, and Williams on
the freethrow line for the 2nd time in the first quarter. So far, she is 3 for 3. And Williams, makes hay
from the freethrow line, makes them both, 16-8. Right corner, Marshall-McBride,
3-pointer, up and nothing but net, for the freshman out
of southern California. 19-8. Driving from D right wing is Akles,
with a lefthand shot, no good, from about 10. So Portland’s not really crashing
the offensive boards in the paint at all. They’re a one-and-done
philosophy here, or least in the
opening quarter, that’s the approach that they’ve taken. Shot clock is off, we’re at 15
seconds to go in the period. Banks has come all the way out
to guard her opposite number, Paine, who’s at the center circle. Timer under 10. Paine, stutter-step, double
move, starts to dribble and then Banks is called
for the hand check, that stops the block at 6.4, and it
puts Jo Paine on the freethrow line again. Makes the first of the two. Quick foul in the women’s game
in the quarter now means two. So no more one in the
women’s college game. Paine makes them both, 21-8. Paine is done for the quarter. And Hermosillo-Wright
checks in for her. Bynum receives it. Heading across with four, with
three, penetrates with two, pass off to Carpenter. Surprise layup is
good, as time expires. And Portland is able to pull
a couple points back there at the end of the period. After one, it’s Clackamas
21, Portland 10. Paine is responsible for 14
of those 21 Clackamas points in the 1st quarter. Her high in a game
this year is forty-six. She’s well on her way to challenging
that mark in this time period. Portland is gonna have to be a
better scoring team, [INAUDIBLE].. Williams, she has done just
about everything offensively. It wasn’t till Carpenter
scored that bucket at the very end of the
quarter, at the last second, before someone other
than Williams scored. Have not gotten production from
anyone other than Williams, primarily, and Akles, secondarily,
in this 2015-2016 season, and the second [INAUDIBLE]
coached by Slaughter. Back to [? sim ?]
possession for the arrow, to begin our 2nd
quarter, ahead 21-10, and they’ve got Paine with 14. Of course, I’ll check
those numbers at halftime. 3-pointer, Platner, she’s
not afraid to shoot there. She misses, and the rebound
grabbed on the weak side, by Rojas. But then, Rojas shuffled her
feet as she began her dribble. Maggie Spurling gives the
ball back to the Panthers. Carpenter, Banks,
Williams, Bynum, Akles. So it’s a 6-player rotation to
this point Slaughter and PCC. Long 3, Banks– got it! I think the philosophy
is, if they’re going to let us have
that shot, we need take them and see if they’ll go
down, the Panther thinking on this. So Banks is good for
a 3 now and then. Makes it an 8-point game at 21-13. Paine catches in the left
corner, picks on top to Hutchins, swung right for a
3, again by Platner. This one misses, but this one
tracked down by Hermosillo-Wright, in front of us, they’ll start over. Rojas, to the right side for Paine. Skipped past left, into the corner. Hutchins dishes to
Hermosillo-Wright, now back to Hutchins, along the
baseline, guarded by Carpenter, dribbling underneath the basket. On top, Platner hoists another
triple-head to the key, no good, rebound, finally pulled
down by Akles, for Portland. 4 minutes gone by, 2nd
quarter, Portland down by 8. Bakes around the Akles screen,
dribbling with the left hand. That’s a go. It’s up long. Mary Hutchins, the rebound,
firing off to Platner. Platner off to Paine,
along the right sideline, Paine, no-look pass, underneath,
attempting to find Rojas, but throws it away for a turnover. Portland ball, and Rojas sits down. And Lindley, the 6’1″
sophomore from Westview High, is back in the contest. So it’s Paine, Lindley,
Platner, Hutchins, and Hermosillo-Wright for Jim
Martineau and the 18 and 8 Clackamas Cougars. Shot timer 15, Akles
controls between the rings in the righthand dribble,
shakes and bakes her defender, turns, shoots, rejected. Akles keeps it alive,
bouncing it back to Banks for a 3-point attempt
which goes long on the right side. Bynum grabs the rebound
at the left block and is fouled by Lindley as
she went up for the shot. Lindley is charged with her
first personal of the day. Bynum, for her part, a 56%
freethrow shooter on the year. Portland pretty good from the
freethrow line, they’ve made all 5. Williams made the 1st 4. Bynum knocks them both down. How about that? Cash-Sha, who came in averaging
a little over 3 points a game, had not scored more than 7
in any contest this year, she makes it a 6-point contest,
so Portland hanging tough. Timer to 15, Paine, left corner,
3, Hermosillo-Wright, short, on a block by Carpenter on
Akles, takes the deflection, fires it out to Banks to start
in the Portland transition. Clackamas 21, PCC 15. Catch in the left corner for
Bynum, and Bynum, caught, thought about shooting, and
then started to dribble, because she was open. But Corin McConnell gets
her for a walking violation. That was the right call. Fall back over to Cougars. Cougars rattled off a
10-0 run, and 12-2 run, and they have led by as
many as 13 in this game. Platner triple-threats
against Williams, skips past the right
side, to Hutchins. Hutchins bounces it back to Platner. And then, steal by
Williams up front, as they’re looking for Paine. Angelique, down the right side,
uncontested, for the layup. Angelique Williams with 10
points in this first half, 21-17. 3-pointer, Platner,
right side, long. Rebound, tracked
Hermosillo-Wright in the corner, showing good wheels there, to
give Carpenter the basketball. Got it back in the corner. Bounces it to Paine, down low left. Turns on Akles, Carpenter comes
in to help, Carpenter fouls her, and Paine scores the
fadeaway, off the window, with a chance for a 3-point play. Carpenter’s first, and the
team’s first, of the quarter. Hermosillo-Wright sits
down, and Rachel Johnny goes back in for the red-clad
Clackamas Cougars from Oregon City. And now 23-17, or 24,
for the 3rd time today, Paine notches a 3-point
play In the lane, comes Akles, Akles, puts up
the right hand and scores over three defenders. None of them really step to her. And that’s Akles’ first
field goal of the day. 24-19. 6:42 to go, first half. Marsha McBride bounces into
the corner for Hutchins, guarded by Bynum and the
Portland player, Claire. Now it’s a triangle of passes,
that miss on a 3-point attempt on the right side for Hutchins. No good. Rebound Akles. Banks ahead to Williams. Williams step back, right over
Payne, right with it, goes long. High rebound pulled down
in the left box by Lindley. Marsha McBride at the right side
as the Cougars go right to left. Driving into the baseline is Johnny. She finds Lindley. Lindley goes up and is fouled. Portland bench thought that
might’ve been a clean block, but officials had other ideas. Felicia Wright, known
as the Carpenter, came in and hit
Lindley on the wrist. And so that’s Mariah’s second foul. 6:13 to go in the first half. [INAUDIBLE] first
free throw attempt. Lee averages five and
1/2 points a game. She has 76% from the line. Hasn’t shot a lot of
free throws this year. This is only her 23rd
attempt in the entire season. She pushes that one as well. 0 and 2 on her trips. Fortuitous for Portland and
Bynum grabs the rebound. Six minutes to go in
the second quarter. Portland down by only 5. Bynum with 3 on the left wing. Uncontested, no good. Run rebound to Payne. Jo down the center past half court,
and starting a Clackamas offense. Hutchins, left side. Back to Payne. Faces up on Banks. Returns to Hutchins,
drive against Leone, sealed off in the corner,
returned to Payne. Payne stops the
dribble in the corner and fires it out to [INAUDIBLE]. Marsha McBride, under the
right post for Lindley, the back of the basket. Handoff to Hutchins. Hutchins now switched
and guarded by Williams. Bynum takes away the Hutchins pass. Lying on the floor
with the basketball, waiting for someone to
come in and tie her up and eventually that happens. And it’s Portland’s arrow. Panthers able to hold serve there,
taking the ball back with 5:32 to go in the second quarter. And down 24-19. Banks, Bynum, Akles, Williams,
and Leone the Carpenter on the bench for
now, with two fouls. Williams catches back to the basket,
foul line, kicks it left, Bynum. Bynum travels again. Starting the dribble drive. We see Portland competing
despite being really under-sized against Clackamas. Clackamas has also thrown
the ball away at times. Missed a bunch of 3-pointers, mostly
by Clackamas in this first half. Lindley finds the
cutting Payne and she finishes with a wraparound reverse
layup on the right side, just a little Princeton back-door cut. And the two points
by Jo Payne, who is racking them up in this first half. Williams receives, double-teamed
at the head of the key. Manages to flip it away toward
Akles, but out of bounds, so Portland turns it over. If they’re going to
double Williams, she’s going to catch at the
foul line like that. Her teammates have to be ready
to cut for the back-door pass, just to keep the offense
moving and flowing. Clackamas by 7, and to Marsha
McBride in the corner for Johnny. Kick to Lindley. Now Payne on top 3, sinks it. Jo Payne is having a field day. These two teams met. She scored 24 points. Somehow Portland came away with
a 15-point victory nonetheless. But Jo Payne having a time
here in the first half. You see a triangle that Clackamas
is using on either side of the lane. They’ll use their other
big– in this case, it’s Lindley– to catch the pass. And then, they’ve got
a bevy of options. They can kick back to the perimeter
for a three-point jump shot. You could use the
cutter, usually Payne, to make a wing for the
baseline for the layup And Portland has just not
been able to rearrange the pieces in their man-to-man
scheme to account for that cutter. Now it’s really starting to rip
some gaping holes in the defense. However, as long as
Williams continues to facilitate, shoot well,
get to the free throw line, and somebody once in a
while dumps in a 3-pointer, it’s possible for
Portland to stick around. Portland gotten within
21-17 and 24-19. Payne has scored the last
five, maybe the last seven, Clackamas points. And her team leads by 10 with
4:39 remaining in the half. Payne, Lindley, Marsha
McBride, Hutchins, and Johnny are the five defenders
as the Panthers take the ball down the court. Leone all alone for 3 in
the corner airballs it, and then a foul on the rebound
called by Corey McDonald. It’s going to be charged to Payne. it’s her– I beg your pardon. That’s Akles. I misread McDonald’s signal. So it’s Cheyenne’s second. So that’s important. 13 fouls a quarter as well. Clackamas by 10, with the ball. Right baseline Hutchins. Now it’s over to Johnny. Skipped by Lindley over to
Marsha McBride for the triple and down it goes. Tyranny Marsha McBride’s second
three-pointer of the game. And Clackamas beginning
to gain distance. 32-19. Williams through the
lane to try to respond. Comes up short with
that lay-up attempt. Payne grabbed the rebound and
then started the fast break, but then Leone stuck a hand in
there and knocked the ball out of Payne’s grip. It rolled out of bounds,
back to the Panthers. So that’s a break. Good defense there
on the part of Leone. She doesn’t make
that steal, Portland loses numbers on the other end. Clackamas probably comes up
with the lead in baskets. So it was a gamble,
but one worth taking. And it’s obviously paid off. Portland down by 13. Got to start making some head. Driving the bank baseline is Akles. She it blocked, then Clackamas
comes away from with the basketball. Payne asking for a clear out. She’s got Lindley at the elbow,
finds Marsha McBride in the corner. A lob to Lindley. Portland doubles that. Williams almost steals
it, but it’s taken away by Hutchins at the top of the key. Rotate into the corner for Payne,
in front of the Portland bench, General Slaughter. Back to the left, Marsha
McBride comes inside Lindley. Turn around, hook shot to the middle
of the lane, scores it over Akles. Great ball movement by Clackamas. That’s what they do to you. 34-19. Lindley, much more the
facilitator than the shooter, gets her second field goal of
the day when Leone misses a 3 from the right corner. Hutchins peels the rebound and
flies into the front court. Clackamas, they put their stamp on
this game in a big way, up by 15. Three minutes to go
in the first half. Payne against Leone in the corner. Payne drives around Leone. Barbara fouls her,
the shot is no good. But Payne with a smile
as she hits the deck. And we’ll go back to
the free throw line. This has been her playground
here in the first half. It’s her third personal. Clackamas entering play at 9 and 4. Alone in third in the south region. And with a win, in pretty
good shape and make sure they get into the playoffs. Two teams below them at 8 and 5. They also are ranked seventh in the
women’s coaches poll entering play this week. Payne made her first. Payne made her second. What a half for Joanna Payne. 36-19 Clackamas. And that is some
stat sheet for Reed. [INAUDIBLE] Williams
trying to use Akles, throws the pass off Jo Payne’s
shin, but reclaims the ball. Now over to Akles. Back to the basket,
working out her man turns. Misses the shot from the
right side of the lane. And Emma Platner takes the
rebound for the Cougars. Platner up to Payne,
[INAUDIBLE] left wing. Terminates on top Hutchins. Swings it right, into
the corner, Platner has it couple feet from Johnny. Tries to skip past, it’s deflected. It’s stolen by the Panthers. Banks into the front court right. Waiting for things to settle,
now driving to the left elbow. Stopping, popping, missing. Payne grabbing that rebound. It’s effectively a rebound drill. After Portland takes the first shot,
they rush right back on defense. So they’ve got to make that
first shot [INAUDIBLE] happens. And Jim Martineau, also the
athletic director at Clackamas, takes a time-out. 1:58 to go, first half. And his team leading by 17. So this is [INAUDIBLE]
losing time-out women’s game. And not an immediate
time-out [INAUDIBLE] still exists women’s
side of college play. So, can’t argue with the
half that Jo Payne has had. One of the best players
in the conference. And Portland has done
everything they can to try to make someone else beat them. There has been good
supplementary scoring. As you look at this, there are
just a whole lot of 2’s, 3’s, and free throws by Miss Payne. First half this afternoon, and
her team with the bucket here. We’ll double up the
Panthers’ lead, 36-19. Payne even registering a
smile as she took the rebound. We’ll start this possession
out of the time-out. She’s having fun. Why not? Then a lob up to Payne over
Bynum, but Bynum disrupted it. And it’s taken away by the Panthers. Akles, behind the back
dribble, but then stripped at the free throw line. And a reaching foul is
called against Mary Hutchins that will give Courtney the ball
out of bounds at the baseline. Hutchins charged with her first,
team’s second of the [INAUDIBLE].. Akles to trigger baseline right. And it’s Denise Gulley who
sees action for the first time back today. Gully, the 5’7″ freshman from
across the street at Jefferson High. And that fast lob in
the direction of Akles an out-of-bounds
[INAUDIBLE] turnover. So Gulley, spilling Leone,
who also now has two fouls. Leone the Carpenter and
Akles always doing personals. So, Gulley the seventh player
to appear for Portland today. Clackamas leading by 17. Foul line picking,
looking for the cutter, Platner passes took, but
then taken back by Johnny. Johnny shoot from the left
side, no good from 10. And on the rebound, a foul
committed by Clackamas. That will be a Portland ball back. Now foul is charged again to
Hutchins, two quick fouls on her, team’s third. 1:18 to go, first half. Cougars 36, Panthers 19. So it’s Banks, Gulley,
Bynum, Akles, and Williams. [INAUDIBLE],, that side
guarded by Platner. Williams shoots over Payne, who is
standing at the head of the zone, and that shot no good. Rebound Hutchins. Out the pit and across
halfcourt, bounce pass. Payne, right side 3 in
front of the Portland bench. It goes long. And Akles the rebound,
up over Rachel Johnny. She’ll take it front side
with 46 seconds to play, 26 seconds to shoot. Gulley dribbling
around Payne, stopping, shooting from the left
baseline, 10 feet or so. No good. Rebound Hutchins, out to Payne,
almost didn’t see the pass. Payne ahead to Pittman
into the front court. Difference between the clocks
is about eight seconds. So Clackamas is going to
hang onto it for a minute. Payne on top of Hutchins. Right side Platner into
the corner for Johnny. Johnny stops back for
Platner, overhead pass on top caught by Hutchins, right side. Flips to Payne on the left
and in the corner, Platner 3. And finally, Emma Platner
makes a 3 with 12 seconds to go in the quarter. And they do indeed
double up the Panthers. It’s now 39-19. Six seconds to go. Williams across halfcourt with
four, the foul line with three, shooting with two, no good with one. Rebound Hutchins. And that’ll do it. They worked the entire
half to get Emma Platner open 3-point opportunities. She missed all of
them up until then. And Platner a 35% 3-point shooter
around the year finally downs one. She is the second leading
scorer on this team [INAUDIBLE].. And she capitalizes and
puts the dot on the i and the cross on the t to end a very
successful half for the Clackamas Cougars. Our halftime score is
Clackamas 39, Portland 19. Come on back for the second
half in a bit, here on PCC TV. We’re back for a
second half coverage of the Cougars and the Panthers. I always feel like saying welcome
back is a bit of a fallacy because you didn’t go anywhere. We did. It has been the Jo Payne
show, as Payne has scored 22 points along with 13 rebounds. West coast conference
freshmen of the year during her time at
Santa Clara University, has played every bit the former
Division I and likely future Division I player that she is. Clackamas takes the 39-19
lead into our second half. And Starting with the
basketball timer under 10. Payne has it, kicks
underneath to the cutter. And the layup is good there
for Hermosillo-Wright. Nicole Hermosillo-Wright did
not score in the first half, but they take care of that. And Clackamas now
out in front 41-19. Clackamas shot 42% the first
half, 14 of 33 Portland shot just 16% from the field,
six of 37, absolutely dismal. As they look downstairs for
Akles, but she’s doubled. She’s been completely bottled up. Cheyenne Akles had only two
points in the first half. Williams, who led the Panthers
with 10, parades the steal, then gives off to Akles
who drives down the center of the lane up against Payne. Misses. And the board is peeled off
there by Hermosillo-Wright. So Hutchins, Hermosillo-Wright,
Lindley, Payne, and Platner are the starting five for Jim
Martineau and the Cougars, now leading by 22. By the way, they ended the
first half on a 15-0 run. And a long free there from the
left corner, no good for Hutchins. But the rebound taken by Lindley. Lindley misses in the lane. Williams scrambles after it. Clackamas gets a third try,
jumping it down low to Jo Payne. And Payne is called for traveling
as she got around her defender and headed for the
basket on the reverse. Portland in there with Banks,
Williams, Akles, Leone, and Bynum. I misspoke. Leone had three fouls as we
closed down the first half. So that’s part of why she sat. Seven Portland players appear. Banks tries a 3 from out
high, about 25 feet long. And it does not go. Rebound to Mary Hutchins. Clackamas in the
midst of a 17-0 run, carried over from the first half. And another travel
call against Payne. The officials are not
giving her any breaks. Payne coming home after
her year at Santa Clara. And a 3 for Williams,
around, no good. At home, you hope you get
those sorts of bounces. But it has not been so for
the Portland offense today. good rebound by Leone. Back to Akles. Akles driving the right side. She’s disrupted and blocked
by Lindley, one of the leading blocked shot artists
in the conference. And heading to the basket
here is Hermosillo-Wright. A miss, but she is fouled. She tumbles to the floor. And she’ll head to
the free throw line. Fourth foul on Leone. I don’t think that changes John
Slaughter’s plans too much. He’s going to get
Carpenter into the game. First free throw for
Hermosillo-Wright no good. Hermosillo-Wright a
23% 3-point shooter. She’s only tried 23
of them this year. Does manage to hock down that one. So it only her sixth make in 24
tries from the line this year. Extends the Clackamas lead to 42-19. Carpenter has checked in for
Leone, all alone to try a long 2 from the right wing, no good. Hutchins grabs that
one for Clackamas. Throws it ahead of Platner,
so it’s taken back by Banks. Banks goes past Hutchins and scores. Banks with 5 points today. 42-21. So Portland sat on 19 points
for a long time in this game, and finally comes up with its first
field goal of the second half. Portland has 21, but Clackamas has
21 times 2, at 42-21 our score. Timer to 10, right side. Platner a 3, miss. She missed several in the
first half, five to be exact. But then the end of the first
half she made sixth attempt. So that’s our 3 points
on the board for her. And then Williams stops and pops
from the free throw line and hits. Williams has 12 of the Portland 23. So Portland has scored the
last 4, trailing now by 19. Payne backing down Akles. Triple team. Kick out left, Hutchins
hoping for a triple, no. Payne the easy rebound. Back on top to Platner. Shift left for Hermosillo-Wright,
dribble around Carpenter, but terminates and slings it out
on top to start the offense again. Platner trying to head off to Payne. Akles saw that and stripped it. Akles all alone for a layup,
and now it’s a 6-0 Portland run. And not surprisingly,
we’ve got to time-out. This time it’s actually
called by Slaughter. I would’ve thought maybe
Martineau would call it. But Slaughter sees a
6-0 run by his club and wants them to take a break. This is more of a strategic
break than anything else. Four minutes gone by
in the third quarter. And playing about a 6
and 1/2 player rotation, Gulley’s really only there
to spot people a little bit. And with one of his other
main six in foul trouble, he wanted to make sure
his players got a break. Not the media time-outs,
conditioning becomes a factor. And it has been an issue
for Portland all season, playing with a short deck. So Bynum is going to harass
Payne in the back court. Platner will bring it
across without any trouble. 42-25, Clackamas in the lead. 5:47 to go in the third. Stuck in the corner against
Carpenter was Hermosillo-Wright. She throws it away. Portland back in possession. Williams through
traffic in transition. Over to Akles, beats one, beats two. Akles was bumped on her
way to the hoop and scores. I’m surprised they
let that one play on. But Akles, with her first
field goal of the second half. She has 4 now, 42-27. 8-0 Portland run. Steal, Williams,
but bumped by Payne. And they do get that one. That was one of those you had
to get through the official. Cory McDonald with the whistle. As Williams was being assailed
by Payne to score and make it a 10-0 run. So Portland has rattled
off the last 8 points, showing off the kind
of life that led them to a 15-point win against
this Cougar ball club when these teams man on Martin
Luther King Day a month ago. No more than five minutes to go. Bynum might’ve walked
as she cut that pass. They don’t call it. Bynum kicks it down into Akles. Akles defended by Marsha
McBride, who has just checked back in at Akles,
dribbles the ball off her own foot and out of bounds. So it’s Payne, Hutchins, Rachel
Johnny, Lindley, and Marsha McBride, the five for Jim Martineau
and the Cougars, who lead by 15. Halfway through the third. Dunk down low left toward Payne. It comes off the hand of
Akles and out of play. Portland keeps it. Portland right now on the floor with
Carpenter, Banks, Akles, Williams, and Bynum. So they’re going to have two
or three players who go all 40 minutes today, by hook or by crook. Hutchins tries an
entry pass into Payne, but it comes off the leg of
Williams and, again, out of bounds. So they’ll come down from
the deep corner, 15 to shoot. Hutchins asking for
Payne to come here. Payne catches along the left side
line in front of her head coach, in front of her bench. Timer to 10. And they play the two-man
game in the corner, with Lindley the third
part of the triangle. Timer to seven. Bounce pass on top, Marsha McBride. Finds Lindley, who steps
back at the foul lines. Kicks left, Payne, 3-pointer
in the corner, short. Rebound, though, on the
weak side for Rachel Johnny. And then Johnny is held
in foul [INAUDIBLE].. So Clackamas earns a new timer
and then they earn a foul. It’s Williams, her first,
team’s second of the period. Clackamas gets to start
over with the 15-point lead, but then catching the inbounds pass. Hutchins gives it away. So ton of Clackamas
turnovers in this game. That’s why this game is as
close as it is, frankly. I don’t believe this number here. We’ve got how many
turnovers in the first half? You had 12 for Clackamas. That sounds about right, actually. Driving is Bynum. And Bynum misses the free
throw, or the layup– I beg your pardon– and
then grabs the rebound. And then down on the floor. She’s tied up. Jim Martineau wanted a travel. And I think he had
an argument for one, because Bynum caught that ball
before she went to ground. But by virtue of the arrow,
Portland gets to keep the ball. Down 42-27. Banks pops for 3, way off. And Marshall McBride
peels that board. So they’re having
Payne run the offense sort of Magic Johnson-style here. And she dribbles
down the right side. Carpenter hand checks her. They’d been calling
that all year in women’s basketball across the
country, that two-hands foul. Carpenter’s third. Remember, Leone is on
the bench with four. So four minutes four seconds
to go, third quarter. Clackamas ahead 42-27. And then back in possession. Payne all alone for 3, left side. Comes up long, high rebound. Skips into the corner, where Tyranny
Marsha McBride flags it down. Back into Payne. Payne draws a crowd. Carpenter strips. Williams takes it away. Angelique all the
way for the finish. And Portland has scored
the last 10 points, 42-29. And they sense that they feel they
have a legitimate chance, more than a puncher’s
chance, of returning to relevance in this game. 10-0 run. Dumped down by Lindley to Payne. Payne defended by
Akles, and a score. Payne’s first two points of this
second half, she now has 24. 3-pointer Banks, around and out. That would have been crucial. And the rebound to Clackamas. Hutchins quickly up ahead to Johnny. Back to Hutchins on the wing. Marsha McBride will try a 3
right at the head of the key. No. Payne another rebound. And a loose ball finally
taken on the right baseline by Rachel Johnny, defended
by Bynum in the corner. John Slaughter imploring his team
to stick with it defensively. Payne, turnaround jump
shot against Banks, fouled. Banks called for pushing. Banks can’t believe it. Banks didn’t think that
whatever she was doing to Payne merited a whistle. Right there you’ve got a player
listed at 5’5″ going against 6-foot Payne. I’m a little surprised Payne is
settling for the turnaround shot there, when driving might
make the most sense. But perhaps she wants
to work on that shot. She misses her first free
throw of the second half. Score remains 44-29 Clackamas. Clackamas scored 18 points in a row. And then Portland scored 10 in
a row, but Payne goes 1 of 2 there at the line. 45-29. Bynum left alone. So is Banks and Akles. They triple her, kick left. Carpenter, foot on the line. That 3 is no good, but it
would not have mattered. A 2-point attempt is no
good, but it does not matter because Carpenter traveled. Platner and Bynum both
seem to step into that shot with an illegal use of the feet. Clackamas back to it. Handoff Payne on the
curl from Marsha McBride. And Alexi Pittman for the layup. Pittman scored 4 in the first half. She’s got 6 now. And Clackamas extends back out. Last 5 points belong to them. They now lead again by 18. Carpenter in the corner, to Banks . Slaughter wants them to swing it. They find Bynum in the corner for 3. Got it. Cash-Sha Bynum’s first field goal. 47-32. Well, Portland’s bench is
not giving up the fight, despite the double-digit
lead that Clackamas has had for most of the game now. Portland still feels
they’ve got a chance. Payne in against Akles. Williams comes over to help. Payne terminates, kicks
right side to Johnny. Now over to Marsha McBride. Marsha McBride kicks left. Payne, the 3-ball, corner. No. Carpenter the rebound. Out to Akles. Portland on the run Akles down
the center against Platner. Stops, shoots, off
the window, short. Rebound to Tyranny Marsha McBride. Clackamas got back
there and defended. Now Payne will run the
break, through the center. On the left side of the
lane, up against Carpenter. And Carpenter called
for a hand check, and that’s bad news Mariah carpenter
as Maggie Sperling gets her for another hold. Fourth foul on Carpenter. So both she and Leone
have four, and that means Denise Gulley’s going
to get up off the bench and spell Carpenter here for
the end of the third quarter. 100 seconds left. But it also is the fifth
Portland foul of the period. So Payne goes back to
the free throw line. She sinks her first one there. Gulley returns for
Portland for Carpenter. Hutchins is back in
favor of Marsha McBride. Oh, I have that the
other way around. Marsha McBride goes out
in favor of Hutchins. Got to work on that. Payne, 2 of 2 at the line
there, 3 of 4 in the half. And now 10 of 13 for the game. Williams a 3 on high. No. And another rebound for
Joanna Payne of Oregon City. 49-32. We move toward the one-minute
mark in the third quarter. And Payne is stripped by– Portland would have had
the fast break opportunity, but Maggie Sperling says, nope. The travel happened. I’ve got to call the travel. John Slaughters, like,
yeah, I understand. If it happened, you got to call it. They share a laugh, there, along
the bench as Portland is back in possession with 1.19 to go. Paine, Pittman,
Hutchins, Johnny, Platner to defend Banks, Bynum,
Akles, Williams, and Gulley. Gulley feeds down low right to– Akles, who scores
against two defenders. 49-34. It doesn’t seem close, but Portland
is playing as though it is. Akles with six points
now in the ballgame. Under a minute to play. Platner for three from
the left of the key. No good. Rebound underneath. A fight between Hutchins
and Banks and a held ball. And this time the arrow
belongs to Clackamas. New shot clock off the miss. 51 and 4/10 to go. Paine bounces in to Platner. She’ll dribble it back out
with the new shot clock. Johnny on top. Stolen by Williams. They telegraphed that pass. Angelique all the
way for the lay up. 49-36. Not over yet. Difference between the
timers now is 10 seconds. Both of them down by 13. Fast pass by Hutchins to Pittman. Returns to Hutchins in the corner. Mary for three. No. Long. Pittman flies in for the
rebound against Gulley and succeeds in grabbing the ball,
but she was standing on the line, and it’s out of bounds
to the Panthers. Allie Rojas returns for Pittman. 23 seconds left and
Banks will bring it up crossing the mid-court
stretch with 20. Portland get down to 11
or 10 to end the quarter. Williams holds near the
center circle against Platner. [INAUDIBLE] Akles
at the right elbow. Akles loses the ball, picks
it back up in the corner, drives on Rojas met by a
couple other defenders. Akles fires it out towards
Banks and out of bounds. So, the pressure work there is they
just converge on Williams or Banks with usually three
defenders rather than get the ball around the foul line. Three seconds left
in the third quarter. Platner to Paine. Paine hoisted from half court. Nope. That’s it. Well, Portland fought. And our are halftime score
was 39-19, so they closed the gap from 20 points to 13. There’s still a lot of
fight in the Panthers, here. Remember they beat this
Clackamas club by 15 when the teams met a month ago. So, I bet they feel like
if they get on a run, they can get right
back in this game, despite the big numbers that Jo
Paine is putting up this afternoon. She was held to five points in the
third quarter and three of those were from the line. So, Jo Paine scored only one
field goal in the third quarter. That could also be Martineau
wanting to make sure there is a distribution of shot attempts. And that’s all well and good
when you’ve got a big lead, you want to get everybody involved. It’s not like anybody’s
playing selfishly from Clackamas’ standpoint. But nonetheless, they have hung
around and their sort of one and done offensive strategy
means that Portland needs to get a lot more points in
transition and on the fast break. And they were able to do
that in the third quarter. So they inch closer,
but of course they’ve not only got to win this quarter. They’ve got to win it big
if they want to make it a season sweep against the Cougars. As we turn the page and
move toward the fourth. So Portland trailing
Clackamas 49-36. Portland scored the first
basket of the game and Clackamas has led ever since. We did have one tie at 4-4. A bunch of big runs by
the Cougars in this game. So, Cougars did have the last
held ball the third quarter. So it does belong to Portland and
the teams adjust to that fact. And Banks shoots the 3 over Rojas. And knocks it down. Second triple of the
game for Mary Banks. Again, this Portland team
shot 16% in the first half. Just miserable. And yet they trail now by only 10. Platner, doubled on the right wing. In to Paine. Doubled at the right box. Return to Platner. Around to Hutchins. Left side three for Rachel Johnny. No good. Payne tries to tip the
rebound over Akles. Portland wanted a foul, but
Clackamas does come away with it. Being able to do that
so deftly, so skillfully without committing the foul. She goes in and she
is bumped by Akles. Akles going to get called for this. Akles thought that Paine should have
been called for an offensive foul, but that’s not how
the officials saw it. As Felicia Wright says, it was Akles
who committed the illegal contact. So, let’s see. Star of the show. Paine to the free throw line
where she knocks down another one. 50-39. The foul’s is actually
charged to Gulley, so I was remiss in saying the
foul is charged to Gulley. Akles was complaining
about Paine’s move in post. Might have been saying that
either the shoulder or the elbow got moved illegally to
displace the defender. So Payne converts them both. Very tough to ref a player who’s
bigger than everybody else. Anybody watch Shaquille
O’Neal for a number of years, and problem that’s not easily
solved by the on-court officials night after night. Portland takes it out of bounds. Gulley shoots at the left hand
and scores from the baseline. Bench loves that. Elise Gulley makes it 51-41. Payne right now, by the way,
with 29 points by my hand. Foul line, Rojas feeds to
Payne And an easy layup there, as neither Akles Nor
banks could stop it. So, Payne took it easy in the third. But now, to make sure this
double-digit lead remains safe, you can see that Clackamas is
going to go right back to her as often as necessary. Williams guarded by Platner. Stops, shoots in the corner. Fouled on the 2-point attempt. That’s not a good
foul by Emma Platner. If you do not want to give
Portland a chance to score at the clock stop,
then you do not want to give one of their few good free
throw shooters a chance for money to be made at the line. Williams knows how critical
those free throws are. And she knocks down her first. She was perfect at the
line in the first half. And she remains perfect
from there today. 5 of 5 now. Portland, in fact, hasn’t missed
a free throw in this game. They still haven’t. Bynum made two earlier, and Bynum’s
not a good free throw shooter by reputation. So Portland helps itself out. Two of two for Williams,
still a 10-point game now. Payne through the lane, heavy
contact and an offensive foul. Jim Martineau now incredulous
as they get Jo Payne for that. It was Angelique Williams
who took the charge. Portland is praising
their point guard for absorbing the heavy contact. And the Clackamas bench is
saying, no, that was a flop. In any case, Portland back
with the ball, down 10. Banks to Gulley, to Bynum
in the right corner. Back to Gulley on top. Gulley trying to find Akles, but
Marsha McBride takes it away. Williams almost steals it from her. Clackamas wanted a foul
called against Williams there, but Cougars keep the ball. Payne is stripped by Akles. And then Akles is
called for the foul. And the Portland bench
now gets to do the dance. And Maggie Sperling says that it’s
a two hands call against Akles. And the ball will be taken down
on the baseline by Clackamas. Oh, no, they’re going to
take it out on the sidelines. So the foul on Akles is her
third, but that would’ve been a huge momentum swing. Akles was on her way to a layup
to cut it to single digits. But Clackamas gets the call. The whistle giveth and
the whistle taketh away. Clackamas was unhappy with
the offensive foul earlier. 3-pointer from the corner. Got it. For Nicole Hermosillo-Wright, her
second field goal of the game. 56-43. So that’s a huge swing right
there, the foul on Akles, and then the 3 by Hermosillo-Wright. Cheyenne tries to respond
and gets the finger roll to go with a nice move
off the back of the iron. 56-45. And then Clackamas throws it away. Really no reason for
Clackamas to pull back on the throttle with
this sort of a lead. You do not want Portland to keep
feeling like they’ve got a chance. 7 and 1/2 minutes to
go, 56-45 Cougars. Akles gets around one,
but then loses the ball in doing so, down into the corner. She swings it back on
top to Banks for the 3. No good. Akles rebound, though. Akles back up. Miss. Thought she was fouled. Maggie Sperling says no way. And Cougars take the rebound. [WHISTLE] And we got a whistle off the ball. Technical foul has been
called on Cheyenne Akles. Akles immediate verbal reply to the
calling official Maggie Sperling, was, I didn’t say anything. So, Akles is assessed the technical. And not only that, but
it’s her fourth personal. Now, Akles did complain down
at this end about the no call. Fans, of course, aren’t happy. Jo Payne was sent to the free
throw line to cash these in, and she does. Makes them both. It’s been nails from the line today. Been there are a lot. So now 58-45. Whether Akles’ stray words were
down here during live action or heard at mid-court
at the moment Sperling called the technical,
that’s another big swing. Clackamas now in possession. And ahead by 13 with
seven minutes to go. Platner almost trapped. They get out of it. It’s over to Payne. She’s guarded by Akles,
remember now has four. Not sure this is the
match-up you want. Payne going to back down
Akles slowly, kick right. 3-pointer on the way
from Hutchins and down. And that is a dagger. Hutchins’ first 3 of
the game, and by my count her first score of the game. 61-45. In the lane comes Banks. She is blocked by Rojas. And Portland with the backdoor
pressure, takes it away. Into Akles. Akles fouled from behind by Rojas. And Rojas thought she’d
come up with that claim. So neither team happy with
Maggie Sperling at the moment. But Sperling, unphased,
calls the foul and puts Akles, the player she just
teed up, on the free throw line. I can tell you this, as a
long-time official, I can tell you that the officials are not
trying to play, make up calls, or any vendettas against the player. That is not how
officials’ minds work. Clearly, whatever Akles said
went too far in the mind of the officiating crew. So, she misses her first free throw. And this is her second. And it’s tough for
Portland there, after Rojas was called for that foul. So the score stays 61-45. Akles Has not been a good
free throw shooter this year, and unable to help herself
out on that occasion. Over to Payne. Jump shot from 13, makes
those in her sleep. And Jo Payne continues
to rack them up. That’s just her second field
goal of the quarter, however– of the half. 63-45. Banks for 3. They’ve got to have this. They don’t get it. Rebound, though, to Akles. Over Marsha McBride,
turn, shot, miss. And this is when Portland
starts missing shots on account of fatigue, if you ask me. Down by 18, now 5:45 remaining. Clackamas happy to finally
take some air out of the ball. Goes in to Rojas, feed
to Payne, triple team. Stolen by Akles, taken by Williams. Angelique straight down the center. And fouled by Marsha
McBride on the way up. And Angelique, who does
shoot the free throw well, will return to the line. Akles’ two misses there were
the first two misses of the game for an important player. Portland has not done
a good enough job of getting themselves to the
free throw line in this game. Except for Williams, who
has been there a lot. [INAUDIBLE] 63-46. So every time Portland has been able
to come up with a bit of a spurt, Clackamas has returned
with a big run. This one also good. 63-47. 5:30 to go. Just had not had any
contribution from anyone other than Williams, this season and
in this game this afternoon. There’s a 3 from the right
side again for Hutchins, a 32% 3-point shooter on the ear. She’s now made 23 of
those on the campaign. 66-47. And you see Portland getting
worn out now, defensively. And then it also creates some
sluggishness on the offensive end. Holding foul there against
Clackamas will put Denise Gulley on the free throw line. Gulley, who chipped in a field
goal earlier in this quarter, taking her first free throws
of the season after she makes her first field
goal of the season. And the dual enrollee at PCC
and Portland State University knocks it home. 66-48. The lefty, one of two on that trip. So she has a free throw on the
year and she has a field goal. 3 points for Gulley here. 66-48 as we hit the five-minute
mark of our final period. Marsha McBride on top of
Rojas, over to Platner. Fast pass down low right. Payne catches, assesses, skips it
into the corner left for Hutchins. Off to Marsha McBride. Gets around the leaping
Gulley, dribbles, terminates. Timer under 10. Over to Hutchins, back to Payne. Wide open 3, corner, no. Rebound Marsha McBride,
though, over Gulley. Rojas hits the deck, but Clackamas
takes the basketball back. Hutchins [INAUDIBLE]
check 3 from the top. No good. Rebound Williams. Portland down 18
with 4:30 remaining. Williams into the front court,
gets past two defenders. Beats Platner, but misses the layup. Rebound to Rojas. And we get a time-out by Jim
Martineau and the Cougars with 4:23 on the game clock. I will say this, and I think
I say it in almost every one of our telecasts, but it
bears repeating, reiterating that there’s no question
that John Slaughter’s squad plays very hard for him. But if you don’t have the firepower,
you don’t have the firepower. And It is very difficult to ask
a college player at any level to go 36, 38, 40 minutes out of
the 40, and still have anything close to what they had
when the game began. And that has been aired in
so many of Portland’s losses here in the back
half of the campaign. They have not won a game in a month. The last time they beat a team,
it was this Clackamas team over in Oregon City, a game
that saw Williams pour in 40. But she also got a free
contribution in that game from Cheyenne Akles, who
scored 19, and was 6 of 10 at the line on the road. And [INAUDIBLE] Jackson,
who is not with the club currently, in that
game, Jackson 12 points, including 6 of 6 from the line. So, just a different set
of circumstances here. And then Jo Payne
has taken over, who has also been willing to share
the ball here in the second half. She could have 40 or 45
points if she wanted, but that is not the way
Jim Martineau has run it. Payne is not trying to go
for the personal glory. Clackamas wants their 10th
conference, one of the year to stay in playoff position. And right now they’re
in good shape to get it. We have a touch foul out high. And that’s the fourth foul of the
quarter called by Maggie Sperling. It is called against Gulley. Her second, team’s fourth. So 4:13 to go. Clackamas leading by 18. Marsha McBride, Hutchins,
Rojas, Payne, Platner. Pass to Payne, left of the lane. Kick left to Rojas, over to
Platner, wing 3-point attempt. And it doesn’t go. Platner’s had a tough day
from the 3-point line. Great hustle there by Clackamas
to get on top of the basketball. And Felicia Wright
calls a held ball. And the arrow points in the
direction of the Cougars this time, with 3:54 to go. Portland, meantime, on the floor
with Gulley, Akles, Williams, Banks, and Bynum. Bynum, who is in very good
shape, has gone the distance in many games this year. Same can be said for Williams. And Clackamas going to run it
down to the very last with Payne ready to take the ball toward
the goal against Akles. She stops, she kicks left,
3-pointer Tyranny Marsha McBride. No good. Hangs in the air, rebound taken by
Hutchins, who dumps it back home. And Hutchins with a broad
smile to her teammates as she heads back on defense. 68-48. Clackamas now, again, into
a 20-point or more lead. Gulley set shot from the right side. No good. And we move toward the three-minute
mark of quarter number four. Clackamas 68, Portland 48. So again, the Panthers are
giving it all they’ve got today. Leon with four fouls. Carpenter with four
fouls on the bench. Just not quite enough
for a Clackamas team that has gotten even better
as the season’s gone on. And they’ve got a
former WCC freshman of the year as their leading light. Into the corner, Hutchins
will hoist another 3 ball. This one misses. And then a foul on the rebound. And it’s going to send Jo Payne
back to the free throw line. And it’s Akles, and
Cheyenne’s fifth. Remember, the technical
was her fourth. Oh. Well, I beg your pardon. I must have the
college rule mixed up. I was under the
impression Akles would be out of the game with another foul. So she’s going to stay. In any case, Payne back
on the free throw line, and missing the first of two. Leone will check in for Gulley. 2:40 to go. Very interesting to see where
this Clackamas team lands, and if they should
wind up playing Lane at some point along the
line in NWAC playoffs. Assuming they stay afloat, this
will help them a great deal today. Payne takes a seat, and
that might do it for her. And what a game she
had, sinking one of two there to make the score 69-48. She scored 22 in the first half, and
I have her for 12 additional points in the second half. So my score sheet has the
Oregon City High graduate for 34 points in this game. And all but 4 of those
points in the second half came from the free throw line. Lauren Lindley replaces her. 2:30 remaining. Williams, the 3 over everything,
over the rim, and even over the backboard
and out of bounds. Very tough to ask these young
ladies to play 40 minutes, but John Slaughter’s hand has been
tried with injuries and eligibility issues. In to Lindley, right side. Rojas will try a 3. She misses. Marsha McBride skyed
in for the rebound, but it’s ultimately
taken by Williams. Only now in two minutes to go. Williams through the lane,
beats four defenders. But layup comes up short off
the under heel of the iron. And thank the height of 6’1″
Lauren Lindley for that. Rojas to Platner, trying
to get a rhythm from 3. No. I’m surprised they’re still
shooting 3s at this point, but que sera sera. And that rebound can’t
be taken by Lindley. She misses her tap and Carpenter
beats her for the second. 70-48. Minute and a half to go. Banks a triple from on top. Nope. And that rebound will take
down on the corner by Hutchins. Look at the standings
in the NWAC South. That shot is up and
good for 3 for Platner. It’s her second 3 of the day. Platner came in shooting 35% from 3. She had a very tough day
from there, but it hardly mattered in the final outcome. Williams around a Banks
screen to the goal. Block there by Rojas. And the officials say play on. They say Rojas was straight up. Slaughter doesn’t believe it. Carpenter at the other end
takes away an errant pass and Portland gets the ball
back with a minute to go. Leone dribbles it ahead to Williams. Williams past one. And Rojas gets her for sure. As she goes to the basket,
Williams will head to the line. And both Rojas and
Platner, sportsmanlike act, help Williams to her
feet as Angelique prepares for two more free throws. 51.5 to go. 73-48 Clackamas. This Clackamas team seventh
in the coaches’ poll entering play this week. Portland came in at 3
and 10, 4 and 19 overall. They’re going to fall to 3 and 11. And 4 and 20 on the campaign. Clackamas, as Angelique misses
the first, makes second, 73-49. Clackamas is going to move to 19
and 8 on the year, and 10 and 4 in conference. They’re looking up at Umpqua,
which started the day at 10 and 4. We’ve got a foul at mid-court. That means free throws
for Mary Hutchins. Foul on Williams, her second. Now Umpqua’s 10 and 4. Lane finally lost. They begin the season,
like, 23 or 24 and 0. And they finally dropped one. They’ve already
clinched a playoff spot. So the two teams looking up at
Clackamas are getting play today. Needing help were Clark
and Chemeketa at 8 and 5. And then the bottom half of the
table well out of contention. Hutchins one of two
at the line there. Banks driving for a layup. Banks with 10 points today. And we have Another foul on the
back court with 38 seconds left. Williams’ foul. It’s her third. Hutchins, 7 points on the
ledger this afternoon. But it was all about Jo Payne. No Clackamas Cougar in
double figures besides her. Hutchins on the line again,
and missing the first shot for the second straight time. Portland with contests against Mt. Hood here on Wednesday to
conclude their home slate. One more road tilt and
that’ll do it for the year. Driving the lane is Banks again. Misses this time. We’re under 30 seconds to go. Rebound to Hutchins. And again, it was one of
two to make the score 75-51. And another Portland foul. I’m not quite sure why
this is taking place. I appreciate playing hard, but
the outcome is very much decided. And it’s going to be Platner at the
free throw line this time for two. Platner, the sophomore from Bend. Very good 3-point shooter, but
did not have that kind of day from the arc. 74% from the line this year for her. The only really poor free
throw shooter on this team is Hermosillo- Wright. She doesn’t shoot that many of them. And then a make, and then a miss. But then the rebound can’t
be controlled by Bynum. And with 25 seconds left,
Clackamas retains possession. Go in to Rojas. Clackamas keeping the
foot on the gas pedal. Now they’re going to turn it out. Let’s see if they shoot again. Seems unlikely at this point. 13 seconds left. Keep away in full effect here. Williams goes ahead and
grabs Platner to put her on the line with 10.5 remaining. Fourth foul on Angelique. Platner gets to go back to the free
throw line for a second helping. As long as Clackamas wins
out, they’re in the playoffs. And they do themselves
a lot of good today by taking a team to beat
them by 15 on their floor and returning the favor. Angelique Williams, another
strong game, but it’s hard to ask a player to come up with
a 40-point night twice in a row. This time Platner
knocks them both down. 78-51. Game that only felt like it
was close in some brief moments in the second half. Carpenter tries a jumper from 14. No good. And that will finish the ball game. 78-51 your final. Game effort from Portland team
that had a rotation of seven, chiefly played six. Jo Payne, previous
Division I experience, one of the stars of
the NWAC this year, and she showed it again today
with a 30-plus point performance. And this Clackamas team seems ready,
fit and fiddle, for playoff action. Portland unable to play
spoiler again here today. Once again, our final,
Clackamas 78, Portland 51. For Daniela Trujillo, Conner Ward,
and Derek Skeen on our PCC TV crew, I’m Scott Armstrong saying
thanks for watching. Good day from north Portland. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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