Past Bitcoin Mayhem, Litecoin & MimbleWimble? Libra or China? Steemit SMT’s, SafePal, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 22nd 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin value your
wealth in bitcoin offended by selling uncomplicated ball be a unique beast
all right you relentless people out there personal responsibility is new
counterculture hello my elite friends check out friday show saturday show all
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or you can do the super chat alright we talked about the event i want to say
that hang on it’s hard to read oh yeah fridays this coming this week in bitcoin
it will probably be on friday neil would find will be the guest he
works for the mysterious block stream so all the people that thought about block
stream neil will be clearing up everything the block stream satellites
all of those whatever the block street does he will talk about that plus a lot
of interesting topics that he knows about he’s got a great twitter feed you
should follow him and alright first tweet of the day to talk about he’s from
booty back in israel he he’s talking about litecoin oh the food he’s talking
about litecoin what the heck’s going on with the world is it all in
sideout no interesting proposal from a currency holder and David Burkett and
Satoshi light which is Charlie of course to admin bull Wimble to light coin may
be relevant for Bitcoin someday alright we’ve heard about these rumors
beforehand looks like they’re taking another step there and aoudi is
commenting on it you can read what you can click on that link you can see the
technicals that are down there and everything you know
litecoin is a test net for Bitcoin that’s what some people are gonna say
this is but that uh good luck put put nimble Wimble and litecoin people have
some respect for member Wimble out there obviously and that it’s it’s very
private how can it be incorporated into Bitcoin
in the future is up for grabs up for debate so let’s see him do it with light
coin first I don’t know how close they are to doing this with light point
anyway but doodies tweeting about it that it seems like they made more
progress since it was it was more so theoretical when I mentioned it a few
months ago on here too so interesting to see you do bring it up there and that’s
yeah that’s how you tie it in the Bitcoin they’re like coin in Bitcoin uh
see ya – Val depressed just sent five Canadian dollars and he said I’m
watching the Toronto Raptors game I’m wondering how many people in the crowd
of 15,000 are more concerned about how many points a player has over BTC well I
would say of those 15,000 people yeah like probably 14 thousand 999 I care
more about I mean they’re at a basketball game so that’s already one
step toward it 80 percent ISM but yeah I doubt many people there know what the
heck of Bitcoin is yeah they’d be better off watching the World Series right now
anyway if they’re talking about sports pound that like bun know my tying in
sports to this so but no best off is yeah you’re learning about Bitcoin right
here on the bitcoinmeister channel that that’s really what you should be doing
right now and you’re doing that so huh very good it seemed at least
care about your long-term there’s always there’s always a fun it’s always fun to
go on you know watch basketball games or baseball games sometimes I guess with a
value or wealth in Bitcoin not in standings pound that like button
now here is an awesome I just stumbled upon this Twitter feed and they’re
working on it it’s a Satoshi history that you can find it there
it’s called exploring the mayhem of bitcoins earliest years that’s what this
Twitter feed is going to do they’re gonna bring up old stories talk about
the history the wild times a Bitcoin so we can learn lessons from it so I like
this is a Twitter feed I instead of bringing up news bring up the past talk
about go back to stories that people forgot so because people forget so fast
in this space my lord it happened 2017 it’s all most most
people forgotten about it already they didn’t learn their lesson they’re doomed
to repeat their lessons so repeat their mistakes they’re doing the repeat their
mistakes so they don’t learn their lesson so this this I like this what
this guy is trying to do Satoshi history at Twitter it is linked below everything
I talk about in this video is linked to below you should check out all of those
links below exploring the mayhem of bitcoins earliest years yeah and there’s
gonna be mayhem in the future too that’s what you learn from the past so go okay
it’s a roller coaster people those you Fiat freaks who keep on crying oh why
you go down why does it like why can’t I time it right don’t try to time it
that’s why you have a strong hand you think long term it’s a savings account
you don’t time your savings account alright so many of you know that I I
post this show on the bitcoinmeister steam it every day you could maybe
you’re watching it live over there now maybe you’re watching it take two knows
I’m bitcoinmeister on steam it I bid on steam it since 2016 now one thing you
can learn from the past is that you don’t buy something you get for free
steam is the altcoin that power steam it that you get for free that you turning
the Bitcoin but there were people who bought it and lost a lot on
it whoo but this tweet this this mention of steamin is not about that
for they are they have something called these smart media token now and you can
it’s linked to below you can check out SMT steam comm it explains what this
thing is all about now I bring it up because I am a firm believer that one
day cryptocurrency is going to be able to be incorporated into social media and
people aren’t going to be addicted to the YouTube and all the other places and
cryptocurrency is really gonna be right now you can you shouldn’t you can earn
through Bitcoin just linking that beneath your YouTube channel so you’re
not the holding to YouTube and all their rules but steamin is trying to be a
platform up with their own currency okay we don’t need to get into that but
they’ve got the smart media token thing out there now which means they’re still
alive there’s a lot of people who under a steam it actually doing anything well
they’ve come out with a new so I guess confusing for people they have steam
back dollars they have steam over there they’ve only now they’ve got SMT or
digital assets on the steam blockchain that can be launched by anyone to help
monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user
behavior okay so you’re printing your own token and you’re gonna pay people to
play around on your steam it page alright that’s good unlike aetherium zrc
tokyo ERC 20 tokens s MTS have built in proof of brain properties and a token
distribution reward system designed specifically for digital content
businesses ok that last sentence was like total mumbo-jumbo bs they’re just
they made up their own proof of something they’re proof a brain yeah
that means nothing big but it’s it’s interesting this line is very
interesting publishers can also use tokens to fundraise via an initial coin
offering I see oh whoa whoa dudes you want people to ICO through your
token through steaming well this could get people interested in steam it this
could get people to earn more steam and terminating the Bitcoin I another reason
I’m interested in cryptocurrencies being tied into social media is that non
cryptocurrency people non Bitcoin people will will get onto these sites and then
find out about Bitcoin they’ll just be social media people looking for an
alternative to YouTube and they will find out about Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency through sites like steam it that has always been my what I
thought was possible most people are addicted to YouTube they
haven’t tried out alternatives if there’s some financial incentive to try
out these alternatives maybe they will and then they will find out about
Bitcoin so there you go there’s the latest about steam it I M I wish them
good luck and I really hope I really hope they get new bees into
cryptocurrency and then into Bitcoin again you’ll be able to talk to me at
6:15 p.m. Sydney time which is what is that in
about 7 hours less than 7 hours I will be at the the bar that’s linked to below
the event here in Sydney it’s been great alright so Facebook Libre the hearing
Mark Zuckerberg it’s tomorrow but link to below he’s already shared what he is
going to say maybe he’ll probably go a little bit off script I guess and I
asked him some questions they he’s got his people out there
already trying to frame the situation already okay and I like how they’re
trying to frame this by the way if you do have questions like that about send
the super check or you can type in bitcoin meister over there alright but
going back to the the main story here the facebook he’s got these people out
there framing the situation like libra is going to save us from china i think
that is a good idea to put pressure on Congress spin it your own way dude
that’s the way because everyone’s China crazy these days well
you know what China dominating the world so use Libra now again that’s people can
argue about that but it is good framing good persuasion Facebook’s Marcus says
China wins with digital rim renminbi if US mixes Libra so again if you don’t
approve era our all coin if you don’t approve our stable coin the China is
going to win hey that’s that’s good you’ve got to get some leverage there
that’s I think a lot of people can jump on that train and feel it was a lot of
right now Facebook has vilified in so many ways but hey if they’re battling
China is supposedly for the good of mankind
they said the Senate and the Congress will have a harder time ripping on it
and making it harder for this to become a reality and I think it should become a
reality we should be comfortable with companies printing their own
cryptocurrency compete don’t complain they will compete
with countries companies will but here again here’s another quote Mark
Zuckerberg will tell Congress that Libra can bring financial services to the
world’s 1.7 billion unbanked and if Libra doesn’t do it he said China’s new
central bank crypto will again this is linked to below you can read the entire
thing his written testimony what he plans to say be ready for the turbulence
people I think we’ve already started to see the turbulence people are getting a
hold of this they will they will say well if Libra is looking bad in the eyes
of Congress that’s bad for Bitcoin no it’s not but people they confuse the two
that’s that’s their personal business but that yeah you should be ready for
tomorrow Wednesday being a wild day in terms of the Bitcoin price because of
Libra and if it doesn’t happen who cares you got us you got a strong hand so you
you’re happy now he also has said that Libra will not
launch unless the regulators are happy so Zuckerberg gives them a little bit of
leverage there too I wish he would not have said something I wish something
like that he’s really trying to play their game try to be good good little
guy but at the same time of all the all the leaders in social media he’s
been willing to push hardest against the government so I give him credit for that
but he does take away some leverage by saying no I want your approval with only
with your approval and I going to do this but at least he’s put some pressure
on in terms of framing it like you should approve this or else you’re doing
China a favor so town that like okay I wanted to
mention short-term measurements and the short-term charts they are so
meaningless people so what if you you can predict the price of Bitcoin in 12
hours what does the because people are always bringing this up to me what do
you think about this chart what do you think about what’s gonna happen in 12
hours like what do you think which one would Zuckerberg speaks Oh what what
about the price then who cares why didn’t that doesn’t have any do with
Bitcoin being your savings account I mean all right are you planning the time
it to buy it and sell it and buy it and sell it short short term capital gains
taxes you’re gonna you’re gonna be recording all of that I mean you’re
gonna get on the government that’s worth it to get on the government radar
because you’re worried about what what the price is going to be in 12 hours
over the long run it does it does not matter at all and some people who come
to this out still do not get this this very simple concept of long term the
making a deferral gratification and the best savings account ever known to man
that is Bitcoin if you’re worrying them out price changes in the next 24 hours
in the next 48 hours you are gonna get rat dude you cannot time this market and
why even gamble that’s not what this is for this is not about gambling but still
we’ve got people just like talking about desk crosses and ridiculous ridiculous
things and you’re free to talk about that kind of stuff dudes but it’s it’s
nothing to worry about it is nothing to worry about you got it you get into this
game because you want to be able to buy a house with your Bitcoin one day yeah
so what’s what’s the point what’s the point to worry about what’s gonna be
worth in six hours and finally Bitcoin magazine they have a
new episode of their podcast out there the latest episode episode of Bitcoin oh
and I skipped something here – by accident I’m glad I just got a good
memory here Bitcoin magazine podcast is now live for this episode
writers aaron von weird um Vlad who’s been on the show before and Aaron’s been
on it and Collin Harper converge on the Lightning Network conference in Berlin
and they talk about the Lightning Network conference and they talk about a
lot of topics I haven’t gotten a chance to listen yet but I know we’ve got
hardcore Bitcoin fans out there that want to hear about Lightning Network
that love Aaron and Vlad so I’ll link to them check it out all right so the
litecoin foundation I get an email for them from them for some reason or
another and they are promoting this or have a partnership of some sort with and
they’ve got a cop litecoin foundation has a conference coming up soon also the
steam it people have a conference coming up soon so say what you want about all
coins if they are able to have their own conferences they’re getting top tierisch
we know a white point is top tier obviously steam but what’s the safe
panel I have never heard of this Hardware while it before safe pal
that lightning uh that the litecoin fine foundation has introduced me to and it’s
$40 or less I link to it below they call themselves uh whatsit the safe
pal s1 your best crypto wallet and yeah obviously if litecoins promoting it you
can you can store your Bitcoin on it you can store your litecoin on it and a
bunch of other alt coins on it yeah I just something I learned there’s your
insider information I’ve never heard of the safe POW while at before it’s kind
of got a big screen on it it’s it’s a hearty it’s like this big I’d say okay
so that was something new and we got people okay there are some questions
over here one two three no scope said there is no turbulence because one
Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin that’s a good attitude to have
but the Fiat freaks out there and there are a lot of them out there they’re
seeing a lot of turbulence FF 2k how you doing that bit piggies in the house baby
everybody check out bit piggies hey that that’s a that’s a great that’s a great
little thing to get kids into into Bitcoin but he says convert to Bitcoin
yeah man if you’re if you’re some for some reason getting something for free
an altcoin for free like steam turn that baby into Bitcoin and of course Val your
wealth and bitcoin so if you’ve got fiat you don’t and you didn’t don’t have a
pressing need for that fiat turning it it turn it into your new ax your
newfound savings account bitcoin all right dudes that is it i am adam meister
the bitcoinmeister oh yeah I’m gonna show you can get shirts like this link
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  1. I heard Scammie Lee say they implement code on Ltc after it's been put on BTC, like BTC is the test net for Ltc. A few weeks ago when people were saying there's been no work on ltc the last year.

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