Nike Vapor Clutch Bat Baseball Backpack SKU: 8948456

Hey everybody, my name is Richard from and this here is the Vapor Clutch Baseball Backpack, it’s from Nike Now this guy is awesome, you’re gonna have plenty of space on the inside for all your gear It’s really sturdy to keep everything protected Of course you got the Nike logo right there across the front Starting here on the front of the bag, we’re gonna have this little zipper pocket It comes undone like so It’s got a nice little bit of space in there with these perforations on bottom So if you want to store your cleats in there, you can keep them airing out too Stink up your bag No one wants that, right? You got these stretchy holders on each side here It looks like they may be for water bottles, but they’re not You got those little loops here on top, so you can slide your bat head in here Feed the handle up through there Keep, not just one but two bats in place always ready to go for game time You got this compartment behind all of that, even more space Got a little mesh pocket up here, so you put in your smaller accessories sunflower seeds anything that you need always at the ready A little divider back there Nice good amount of space there in the middle, more gear, glove And you got your shoulder straps back here with contour, heavily padded and check it out You got that little hook up there, so you hook it on to the dugout fence So you can carry around all your baseball gear with ease in this awesome looking backpack from Nike

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