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Hello everyone, welcome back to Keep Productive YouTube channel it is Francesco here and in today’s video we’re doing a 100k Sort of like a small stone video. We’re gonna be talking that about the journey that’s happened so far and also sharing with you What’s next which I’m very excited to announce to you today? and we will be doing a giveaway because that’s what we traditionally do with the milestones is we do like we did a 10k 25k and 50k giveaway, which will hopefully Reward you for all of your support, but this first part of the video the journey I just want to take time to thank you guys and tell you how we’ve come to where we are today And then second part is like where we’re going next, which is going to be pretty exciting but yeah the first part so let’s start with the first part the journey, so For those who don’t know the YouTube channel was started five years ago. I started my first into the first new University and it was really based on I had a weird interest in productivity tools and Decided that it would be cool to share it with Online in general in tutorials. We did things like evident predictions to do its tutorials Trello, you know, it was literally like touching on so many different tools and then as the years went on like interest became more current and I think we grew this amazing community of what we have today like with so many people talk in the comments people email and We generally just gotten to chat about apps and how we used them So the community was born from a weird interest of mine that I just had to share online But it was just a cool opportunity So it’s been going for five years now and we haven’t had the key productive name for that long two years November 2017 We released the branding very early days branding then we released a new version of branding We’re very lucky today to have new branding which I’m very excited to share with you guys. But it really I Honestly, I’m shocked at how we got to this number I am blown away because still feels like a small community the way that you guys are and the way that we share and React in comments and things like that Just feel so small still which like in a good way like it doesn’t feel like wow we we have reached hundred thousand subscribers, but at the same time we’re like small and And it feels like nice. It feels like a cozy community so, I think that’s a good opportunity to take take a time to thank you guys you Guys haven’t just helped me like with obviously support in the community but like last year the start of last year was really like it was just a very hard time for me personally and I think in a weird way work helped me to get through it. This channel helped me to get through in terms of like not distracting me, but at the same time like making Things a lot easier to get back into the routine of life. So You know when I saw of your comments and questions and that really got me sped back into this You And And the great thing is I really do love this Like this is the best thing I am honestly the luckiest man in the world to be doing This is my job because I have wanted to do it since an early age Like I remember having a mad interest in productivity tools and thinking that I should apply for productivity tool companies I remember applying forever. No mer applying todoist and Weirdly like when I look back I’m like I’m glad those things didn’t work out because this is where we are today and I get to be Like exactly the person and the thing I wanted to do since I was a kid, so it’s all up to it It’s all thankful for you guys and this is a good opportunity to thank the Who I call mentors? those people who have supported me in not just a channel, but the the marketing sign of staff the Trajectory side of stuff like there are a lot of people who’ve been who have been in my path that have been amazing Mike Vardy Steve dotto tiago forte alex icon my good friend, Dan Underwood They’re just a Scott frees and Carl Pauline. I honestly could be here all day listening the names because they’ve been so amazing and I lot of the time I couldn’t my internet uncle’s because they’ve helped me to learn about business, but also about how I should And what can be helpful. So a big thank you to those guys like wouldnt be able to do that without you so that’s amazing and also like a big thank you to the brands like although Here on the channel like we do cover a range of tools and we try to be as impartial as possible Although I have my favorites The brands have been really instrumental in supporting the channel like brands like Trello notion todoist Mark Monday ever know like so many brands same box Woven, like they’ve all been instrumental in supporting the community through sponsoring videos has made More of a sustainable project and now I’m doing this full-time Which is amazing because I can put all my time and attention to it and hopefully give you the best experience Because that’s really really important all round. So I think it’s amazing Thank you to you all you’ve been an amazing part the community and I can’t wait for the next chapter speaking of the next chapter is Exciting today because I get to share with you guys the new logo The new logo is not just a loon logo. It’s a new brand We worked really hard. Well I said we really hard we worked With Roy Rivera have really did all the hard work. He’s a designer Based in Barcelona. I’ll include his link in description if you enjoyed the logo, obviously, you can reach out to him for work But he put together this sort of brand guidelines which we’ve never had for KI productive then logo is fresh, it’s minimal and it’s simple and I really like that and I think moving forward as we Update everything which should be happening today. I should be sitting going crazy and pressing buttons as we release this video But yeah, it’s it’s a simple logo that I think reflects the brand really Well, the logo is very simple. And as you can see around the edges, you’ve got the calendar which we had on the last Logo, we have the little squiggle at the top which is notes more information and the middle tick is for Tasks, so we’ve kept that similar sort of style and the great thing is Roy paid real attention to the symmetry the Typography so we’ve got two new typography For those who are interested in the typography side staff We’ve got a monster wrap bold, which is lovely and a Massena serif font in italicized Which is beautiful as well So you’ll be seeing that start to roll out in videos Which I think you’ll fairly enjoy to see a few variations to the logo here. We’re also working to Get a video done as well to sort of introduce each new video We do here on key productive But I think this branding steps forward into a new chapter it Take a little bit of time for me if I’m honest to sort of warm to it But now I love it. Like it just made sense. Like I think it’s because we’ve gone from such colorful Complex logo to a very simplistic one that I think will stand the test of time which is good So a big thank you to Roy you may also notice in this video that we’ve Had new music which has been put together and composed by Connor. Connor has a fantastic YouTube channel I’ll included a link in description and also his website. He this one as a Thank you To the key productive. Well, he just produced it for keep productive, which was absolutely amazing So him having his artistic talent there both Roy and Connor. I think his sort of push keep productive a bit more forward So you probably wondering what else is next We’re just going to be continuing this content flow. Like we’re going to be making sure we review lots of different apps Apart from this video. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the quality of the content in terms of developing more better quality videos More concise a bit more round and I hope you’ve seen that in the last at least since the Evernote filing cabinet video That we produced and we’re just producing more In December, I will be launching a brand new course. Well, it’s gonna be a much more improved Detailed course called the art of choosing the best to do list Application and its really an insight into how do you can choose the best one? So I’m really excited with that and I’ve that’s my first ever solo course I’m work with anybody else on which I’m really excited for and will be pricing it based on your feedback of everything else Really reasonably, I think so. I’ll include and probably due to launch videos for that. But I’m really excited for the new branding I’m excited for the new chapter. This is obviously gonna point us in to More videos and more creative stuff. So I look forward to next year doing some more documentaries. Hopefully we’ll get some lined up But I just think you guys have been thoroughly awesome. So, you know, thank you for such a long journey like five years It’s gone mad, and I’m finally like actually getting into this I suffered with a lot of impostor syndrome throughout this and a lot of like Doubt about whether I should be crying videos on productivity tools and it’s literally taken me like five years to actually be comfortable with what I’m talking about And actually making sure that I’m backing everything up so You know, I wouldn’t be able to do that without you guys, you know Like critiquing me presenting me feedback and also praising me where praise was relevant But thank you guys. Like I don’t want this video just be continually like need to go Thank thank you. But honestly, it’s been amazing to you know, get to know you and I’m really grateful. So thank you guys look forward to next chapter and Let’s get the new logo rolled out and new branding and let’s get the course out too because that’s gonna be exciting but guys Thank you very much. And I’ll talk to you guys in our regular uploads Cheers ever. Am I? You

28 thoughts on “New Brand Look & 100K Milestone”

  1. Congratulations! Truly exciting 😉 Malcolm Gladwell’s writing about 10,000 hours to achieve mastery comes to mind. You’ve dived deep into the subject, you’re very sincere, and you have a curious mind. The result is a series of videos with depth and value. I took your Notion course. It was very high quality as well. The best is yet to come for you.

  2. I'm so tempted to unsubscribe, just briefly, to see what happens! Haha, kidding of course! That would be akin to shooting myself in my more productive foot! Or cutting my nose off to spite my interface! I'll stop it there and simply say well done and congratulations! Long live the king of channels!

  3. Oh man, I commented before viewing the most significant section of the video! I am so very sorry for your loss! I know laughter is a good medicine etc… but I would have likely refrained from the jokes during such poignant video. My apologies and kudos to you for being such a trooper throughout!

  4. Congrats man. Looks good and will be happy to see more reviews on unified tools of modern email with todos and notes (all-in-one) instead of so many silo apps…200k is the next station. Good luck.

  5. Sorry to bang on but considering your last section on feedback; I can sincerely say that your channel has played a significant role in helping thus far with my MSc and my Promotion at work, within the Fire & Rescue service. So be confident that your place is truly where you are right now! Thank you! It has inspired me to want to start my own channel but I am not so sure about appearing online. If I were to do it, I'd likely copy the Paperless Student methodology of voice only. My idea is a different subject but complimentary of your channel, I am motivated by helping others in a similar predicament that I found myself in, not fame or finance etc. Therefore, I am not precious about my idea and happy to share if ever there was a requirement to.

  6. Congrats! I don't like the new logo though, it follows this barbaric trend of design oversimplification that make all brands look like the same.
    Why do people hate colors nowadays?
    Especially with increasingly realistic displays!

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