New Balance DC Range — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

New Balance DC 1080 Player Edition. These are some very special bats. So, as you can see, Players Edition, so they’re going to be nice and big. The DC range has a low profile, as you can see, nice low profile there, nice big swell. Swoops down to that sort of duckbill toe, as a lot of players like, just helps with the pick up on that. Phenomenal bats. Great grains on these, Premium Grade 1 English willow, of course. More of a traditional sort of face, so it’s more of that slightly rounded face, rather than the TC, which is obviously that completely flat face. Feels brilliant in the hands, great pickups on these. You’ll get a good weight range in these, even though they are Players bats, which can sometimes tend to be a little bit heavier in a dead weight. You’re still looking at 2.8 – 2.10 up the top. But these are a fantastic bat to come in and check out. So that’s the Players Edition in that, we’re carrying a lot of DC bats, as you can see. Obviously Steve Smith is using them, Aaron Finch uses the DC model as well. So we can go down, we’ve got an 880. Again, you still get the same sort of characteristics in these, it’s the same sort of traditional shape, so that lower middle in the DC range. These will come with a toe guard, as well. So we’ve got an 880. We’ve got a 680 as well. Super value on these as we drop down the grades. But as you can see, you get some nice, big swells in these. These are fantastic. So again, that nice lower middle, the 680. We’ve got a 480 down in a senior model, giving you that starter point, lower grade bat, but super value in these from New Balance, which is good. Again, as you can see, still keeps that low middle, keeps that nice shape, which is fantastic. And then, in the juniors, we’ll do a couple of junior models. So we go down to a 480 in a junior model, these ones come sleeved and ready to go, which is great. You can take them same day, straight off the shelf. And then, for the youngsters, the guys starting out, we even go down into a Kashmir willow in the DC 380. So, if you’re a Steve Smith fan, if you’re an Aaron Finch fan, come in and check out the DC range here at Kingsgrove Sports, at one of our 5 stores, and of course, online at

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