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hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Cait Straight Up today we’re going to learn how to make an entire picture full of mojitos I have another mojito recipe from last summer I was by the pool it was so much fun but that was for one mojito I found that when you’re by the pool with your friends you’re not just trying to make one and it’s great to make an entire picture at one time that you and your friends can share so we’re starting today with a very large picture and about a couple of handfuls of mint so depending on how much mint you want in your mojito that’s how you’re going to decide how much to go in there I had one large bushel from the store and about half of it is in this pitcher now we’re going to take our muddler and really kind of jam up our mint so the smells and the flavors begin to come out once you start doing that you should begin smelling that delicious mint when we’re muddling it up here it should be coming out it smells fantastic after that we are going to add 1/2 cup of simple syrup if you don’t know what a simple syrup is I have a video explaining how to do that but it’s equal parts water and sugar that we melt stove top there’s a couple more ingredients here that we obviously need for this super fun mojito pitcher we have three limes cut up in half like so we’re going to squeeze the juices in nice and hard and then drop them in so we’re actually just putting the whole lime in after we squeeze out those juices so you don’t have to like worry about getting it all out but just kind of give them a good squeeze get them and their juices going into your mojito pitcher and then drop them in easy enough easy breezy perfect to make in your bikini when you’re by the pool next up we have one cup or if you’re trying to make em strong about a cup and a half of your favorite clear rum or you could also make this with your clear vodka now obviously all vodka is clear I don’t even know why I said that however a typical mojito is made with rum so try and stick with rum a nice clear one Bacardi whatever it will work right into your pitcher we have two remaining ingredients for this delicious pitcher here of fun mojitos so we’re going to add some ice however much you think that you need for your fun next to the pool and an entire liter of club soda again this is for a whole pitcher it’s not just for one drink this is for like party time chillin in the summer so just pour in your club soda and we’re going to give it a nice big stir let our lime and our mint and our rum and our simple syrup and sugar mix together can you see that swirling in there that looks so yummy and there you have it guys grab this picture head on back out side and enjoy your nice hot day subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more fun recipes like this one every Tuesday and Thursday if you have any questions about this full picture of mojito recipe please make sure to do that below or tweet at me @caitstraightup we have so much fun summer stuff coming up in the next few weeks so make sure to come back and check it out and make your requests and other than that guys I can’t wait to see you next time I can’t wait to drink this pitcher of mojito and I’ll see you then bye bye

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