MLB’s Nyjer Morgan Chats With PETA

Hi, this is Nyjer Morgan for PETA. Me and
Slick Willy, we came together in August of 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I wanted to
bring somebody into my home who was in need of a home, and I figured why not go to the
pound and go get myself a little kitten. He’s one of my best friends. We just like hanging
out, toss the ball around a little bit and he chases it back and forth. Definitely, he’s
a cool dude to have around. Yeah, it was basically a “cat-mance.” It was just one of those
things where as soon as I saw the guy, he looked at me and I looked at him, and basically
I kind of melted. Even though I am, you know, all male, but you know the cat kind of stole
my heart there. And I’m glad I definitely grabbed Slick Willy. Anybody looking into
getting a dog or a cat, I encourage you definitely to go into your local shelter, and definitely
go out there and try to find the best mate for you. The reason why it is good to help
fight animal abuse is just the fact of there are animals in need of a loving home and being
able to just get cared for. It’s very neat just to be able to give back and help somebody
else out that needs the opportunity to live a beautiful life. What my fans can definitely
do is just doing research on it. Basically go to the PETA website, and that’s where
you can find it all. I didn’t understand just the magnitude of just having a cat. Just
understanding what they bring; it’s an emotional attachment. I always called myself the alpha-male,
silver bad gorilla but now I just have a little soft side now. So, you know, I didn’t say
that too loud and I didn’t let nobody know. [laughs]

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