MLB – Whose Deserving?

one of the show everybody that night
with rich from producing the show haitians going is directing it so
earlier in the week i was talking about the possibility of
baseball realigning going to fifteen teams in each league which would require
either the houston astros or the arizona
diamondbacks moving from the nationally to the american league and i
pointed out that the arizona diabetics nor the houston astros should even be
consulted on the matter they don’t matter and their opinion
should not carry any weight at all in baseball headed little conversation about which teams should matter whose opinion
matters in baseball in his opinion doesn’t matter in baseball and we thought it was relevant to bring
you apportioned of that conversation which teams matter and which caved that strips you don’t get to tell anybody anything contributes to decide what happens in
baseball the yankees the red sox the cubs they get to decide to do yeah the
cardinals get to the side the phillies get to decide the dodgers and giants get
the decide that is get to the site because they form the second-most world
series and because i am to win the segment and uh… that’s largely at but the nationals no futrex checking your bonus noticed
all out but in any asian that these are getting
sad for these matter baseball uh… and mattered more before but i
mean that’s it that’s essentially and i’m sure i’m leavin somebody i think it
said that you know what the pirates and the tigers they had to say been a long time they
have some decision the rockies ninety no decision padres now not
involved in the process yes i’m going to consult the rents i’m
curious with the reds think about this the mets now not interested don’t care
irrelevant ordeals now redoing their check yeah so real i’m just make it up or else i
used to be infinitely had to say i’m no longer should watch it to give me one of the team gargi
recovery teams are seeing i think the marlins please gap while it’s al please
tell me what you have to say now you’re out of the row devil rays raise whatever
now there dot hey o you’re kidding right dot indians dot on column and reactor sector carrots royals now if the idea original teams
and uh… to maybe a couple hours warming up that’s it what other teamed
up with that we’ve got the brewers if they don’t matter either
there toronto direct him on the plane canada that
religious no matter neither the experts that’s right you can throw that had
pleaded for you know what does a good point at the thought the tigers matter workable white sox white sox math that a color you know
you’re calling the cops so you had a stroke all the white in some cases the toys the rangers and methods making trips at know that there’s no matter they almost left and for our current email hasn’t been
there long of the old unseated the uh… the uh… for expansion team instrument and i can
tell you their carter’s the shocking development their marriage
matter yes why do the mariners matter i don’t
know because it’s a great ball park in a good baseball player and i don’t know
why did they matter you know they do so american outbreaks melba bridge don’t matter atlanta asthmatic himself now they don’t
they should but they don’t

87 thoughts on “MLB – Whose Deserving?”

  1. @TMNTPIZZA They're starting to look like the early 2000's senators, Great regular seasons but questionable playoff runs.. I really hope they make it next year again and get another chance.

  2. @chenalos I'm a Phillies fan and I think the Mets should definitely be there even with all of their financial problems.

  3. I love the comments on this video! So many butthurt fans xD Maybe I'm not bothered because I'm from Boston and of course my team matters, but I took this as comedy for the most part and was laughing so hard I cried throughout. People need to get over themselves. It's people who get mad over sports who start riots and kill their fellow man because their team lost *cough cough fuck you canucks*

  4. the jays, sox, rays, and yankees matter. They are all playoff teams but half of them don't make it because their division is stacked.

  5. FYI Ben, the Braves are the longest and oldest continuously running franchise in the MLB. They didn't move to Atlanta until 1966, but they have existed as a franchise since 1876.

  6. C'mon Ben, Braves don't matter? They have been in existence since the 1871.
    3 Titles, 17 Pennants, 5 in the last 20 years, 16 Division Championships, Braves definitely matter.

  7. yeah 50 years of history great pitching a 3,000 hit pitcher. and had he not gotten hurt Bagwell would of been the 4th member of the 500 hr 3,000 hit club. They're relavent. especially considering they had the 8th wonder of the world to claim as there home great rivalries with the Cards Dodgers and BRave. as for arizona yeah they should be the first to move

  8. this video is so so so so funny im from boston so every team up here matter but look at all these sad butthurt fans lol u guys should shut the fuck up

  9. Man you don't know about baseball. Don't do this fucking segment if you don't know about baseball. Just watched the NFL and NBA segments, this is your most ignorant yet. It's bizarre how little you guys know about this if you're making such strong opinions.

  10. A's matter. They're a low income team that more times than not make the playoffs. The Pirates certainly don't fucking matter are you serious???? Also fuck oath the oriels matter they're always up there.

  11. Blue Jays twins a's Mets Padres Rockies Braves and brewers matter you fucking idiot also a Pittsburgh Pirates fan

  12. The blue jays matter because all of Canada supports the team and I live in Canada and one time the blue jays made it to the playoffs we could see the games in our class room

  13. I'm a Canadian, I understand the raptors, but why not the jays? Do you see the crazy fans we have up here. Oh they just play canada, GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  14. Just because there from Canada it doesn't mean there not important. FYI that's a bit rude to us Canadians. How would you like it if we put all the America teams under don't Matter and all the Canadian teams under matter.

  15. As a guy from Atlanta I am glad you said that the braves should matter but we don't. Cause that is essentially the attitude of all of the citizens of this city.

  16. Disagree with him putting Seattle in the relevant category and the Mets and Orioles in the irrelevant category. Other then that, No issues!

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