MLB The Show 19 Review – Free PS Plus Games October 1/2

Hello Today we’re going to reveal the two games of this months in PS Plus. First game we’re going to review is MLB The Show This is the latest installment of one of the Sony’s biggest franchises. I’m going to review it in three categories Graphics Presentation and Gameplay But first let’s see some footages that I captured on my Playstation 4 Now let’s start with the review. For gameplay I’m giving four stars Why Im giving it four stars? Because the gameplay isn’t fully immersive and doesn’t make you feel like you’re into the game. For presentation. I give it five stars. It has the full license of MLB and Yeah, it’s like a TV And in the end graphics Graphics in this game are outstanding and they are better than any other sports game. For example FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) So that was all I hope you enjoyed Well, I think you didn’t enjoy it Anyway, if you enjoyed like if you enjoy very much subscribe. See you next time. Peace out

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