MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Mondays: Diamond Dynasty | PS4

Hello, everyone. Ramone Russell here
with another MLB The Show Mondays, powered by GameStop. We’re talking about
the freshest content and rewards coming
to MLB The Show 19. Diamond Dynasty
in MLB The Show 19 is focused on letting you
play the game how you want to while earning the rewards
you want as well. Let’s start with the new
XP Reward Path. Here’s how easy it is. Earn XP by playing
anywhere in the game and earn big-time rewards, everything from
Diamond Players to special unlockable items. In the all-new
Team Affinity section, earn rewards as you’re
racking up innings with players from
your favorite team. The more innings,
the more team-specific rewards you’ll earn. Diamond Dynasty’s
next reveal is a big one. The Signature Series. Rare and powerful. Get ready to hunt down
these autographs. All-time greats
such as Willie Mays. Conquest sees
a major overhaul. Upgrades with new maps, scenarios attacking strongholds
and stealing fans, and new challenges
needing your sharpest skills and strategies. We’ve added more
customizable options. Baseball bats with flames,
diamonds, and dozens of creative designs. Swing away in style. For the most
competitive players, the new Choice Packs
are now a part of Rank Seasons
and Battle Royale rewards at the highest levels
of Diamond Dynasty. Make sure to join us next week for another GameStop Monday and pre-order MLB The Show 19 to receive 10 Standard Packs
and 1 Gold Player Choice Pack. Pre-order at GameStop
and receive their exclusive Gear Up Choice Pack.

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