MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Monday Road To The Show | PS4

Hi, everyone, and welcome
to another GameStop Monday with MLB The Show 19. My name is Steve and I’m here
with fellow designers Chris, Ross,
and Jared to talk about what’s new this year
for Road To The Show. This year, Road To The Show
challenges you to define who you are
as a player. A big part of this
is your archetype which is the physical blueprint
of your created player. These archetypes have names
like Pure Power, Small Ball, Mr. Utility, Rock Steady, and The Anomaly. These influence how fast you
improve your attributes on the field
and through training. We’ve also pushed
all max attribute caps to 99. This year, we have
created mini-games. Training choices with a
mini-game associated with them will allow you to earn even more
attributes points for extra games. These mini-games range from strength training to memorization to even learning how to use
the batting PCI better. While you’re not required
to play these mini-games, we think you are
going to enjoy them. One of the more
requested features is more impactful
dialogue choices. This year, our dialogue choices
have more resonance than before. Throughout the year, you’ll have
opportunities to speak with teammates in the clubhouse and text rivals
ahead of the game. These interactions define
both your player’s personality as well as his relationships
with others around the league. There are four possible
clubhouse personalities to embody: the Captain,
the Heart And Soul, the Lightning Rod,
and the Maverick. The more you develop
a personality type, the more perks you unlock
throughout your career. And the stronger
your relationships, the more powerful
those perks will become. Another new addition
that we’re excited about this year is Challenges. Challenges come in two flavors: Dynamic Challenges
can occur during an at bat and are a great way
to gain extra points towards your
player’s attributes. Cap Challenges
provide an extra gain toward your player’s cap. The cool part is that
you decide the goal. The harder the goal, the bigger the reward
for your player. Please make sure
to join us next week for another GameStop Monday. If you pre-order from GameStop, you’ll receive their exclusive
Gear Up Choice Pack. From everybody here
at MLB The Show, thank you.

60 thoughts on “MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Monday Road To The Show | PS4”

  1. Why do all sports game character model look like they have a zombie stare?
    All these physics, specs, attributes options for the characters and the studios for these games can't figure out how to make a human face react normally.

  2. I’m boycotting sports games. 70$ for the same game we got last year.
    The games that should be 70$ are the ones that developers work for 3-5 years!!

  3. The hoodie cover is the best cover please let this be the cover of the game even though it something be because he signed with the Phillies.

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