MLB Player Caught Crawling Through Home’s Doggie Door: Cops

he ended up living the dream pitching for a major league baseball team now cops say he was caught trying to squeeze through a homeowner’s doggie door he’s a pitcher for the San Diego Padres now Jacob Nix is in a mound of trouble and I get your name Dipper Jacob Nexus January 9th 1996 the 23 year old big leaguer was arrested after he allegedly crawled through a doggie door at a stranger’s house in suburban Phoenix the homeowner who turned out to be a cop kicked Nix in the face then deployed his taser police say Nick’s appear to be under the influence you’re not to return to the scene of the crime no contact with any victim no physical contact with any victim no contact with any complaint or witness no contact with the rest in officers no contact with your co-defendant good luck to you sir thank you next hole police he thought it was his own home even though his house does not have a doggie door he was charged with criminal trespassing [Music] you [Music]

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